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  1. did they even mention little russ?
  2. X-Men Apocalypse

    If we're grading it I'd give it a D+. The story had potential, but it was just too incoherent and lazy. It's like a live action cartoon, logic be damned. The 12 year old me would probably love it. Too many unintentional laugh out loud moments, like Magneto after killing some dudes looking up at the sky on his knees screaming "IS THIS ALL I AM?!?!?". For a 2.5 hour film, It's about an hour too long and not much really even happens. It goes from Point A to Point B to Point C in an absolute straight line. There were some moments that gave me chills in a good way. I liked the Weapon X scene, maybe because I used to have that toy. The Phoenix scene. Quicksilver's scene was cool, but it was horribly misplaced in the film and probably went on too long. Anyway, the movie is worth seeing at the $2.50 theater or redbox.
  3. Panthers win Twitter again

    I think the dab has just about run its course, but it's awesome to see little kids embracing it.
  4. Coleman

    that's it u sold me im buying madden asap
  5. Coleman

    let's not pretend 'we need answers' was trolling
  6. Coleman

    r u serious?
  7. Wednesday OTAs

    Stupido is strong
  8. I don't recall seeing Norman doing the dab on his own. Probably just being honest : /
  9. Should Dex be banned?

    we should ban the other Dex for guilt by association edit: Dexterity was permabanned long ago..,,,..,
  10. Should Dex be banned?

  11. Cromartie in Charlotte....

  12. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I was going to get Mexican but it's Bo-time now damn it.
  13. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    I say he went two piece dark with dirty rice.
  14. holy poo, look out for gators and crocs if you go to Florida yes there are nile crocs in florida now