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  1. Star vs. Poe, comparison.

    We dont play him and probably wont re-sign him. Jesus.
  2. Star vs. Poe, comparison.

    I wonder if we trade Butler. A first rd pick in his 3rd year should be starting. He seems to have talent but I suppose the staff thinks hes only suitable for Short's position. A 1st round pick on his rookie contract should draw interest.
  3. I really hope they dont curtail Moton in favor of Amini because "Moton is a tackle..."
  4. Sammy watkins is the new hakeem nicks.
  5. We got a real receiver for 5 mil who is under 30 years old. I cant believe people have a problem with this.
  6. Funchess and ridley across from eachother. Hurney IRs the other two for sneezing once.
  7. I mean I understand the logic but what other holes do they have (besides remmers)? Did keenum become good all of the sudden or do they just have a great system with good supporting pieces? The latter is more likely.
  8. The vikings arent dumb for this. They were a game away from the superbowl, the guy they want hit the market, the cap went up 10 mil, and it looks like theyre making a move. Some of you guys think its smart to be frugal for frugals sake. Spend the money and get your guy. Keenum aint winning any superbowls.
  9. Late/mid round deep threat

    Dude sure can fly. He was goin against the best teams in the country in most of those clips too. May seem redundant to add him but I'd rather have a couple blazing playmakers over a couple jumpball posession guys.
  10. Would you draft Shaquem Griffin?

    I could see TD and Luke really taking to the kid. I wouldnt be mad at it but another team will overdraft him.
  11. Luke just had surgery

    When he got shook by matt ryan in week 17 i threw up a little bit.
  12. Carolina Panthers are now extinct

    This is what they do with mountain lions here in VA. There is a sighting every other year or so but state officials deny their existence to avoid allocating resources to them.
  13. Theres no more football in two weeks. I'll watch it.
  14. His pressers are just a waste of time and i doubt the players put stock in or even watch them.