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  1. So about the end of game kneel downs

    Its straight up babyback BS. Seattle should be ashamed of themselves but theyre incapable of shame because theyre so entitled. Jax coulda kept running it up the gut but then the hawks woulda cried about them not having class tryin to run the score up.
  2. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    ...nevermind. Heck twitter.
  3. Devin Hester calling is quits

    Yeah our special teams unit can be...special at times.
  4. They just got absolutely destroyed by the bears.
  5. Prepare yourself for a good laugh

    Rodgers is so competitive you can bet he wants to come back against us. His teams still in the hunt why wouldnt he?
  6. Devin Hester calling is quits

    Yeah youre in the minority. They turned the most exciting play in football into the least exciting. Guys can bring it out but they never do.
  7. So all 6 of these men sexually harrassed one former nfl network employee. On one hand its possible, on another hand I'm worried we will eventually have a to kill a mockingbird situation here.
  8. Baldy Breaks down panthers

    "You know how they did it? They blocked em." Lol that was good stuff, I'm likin these baldy breakdowns.
  9. It seems political to me. Cant have the hawks, who are media darlings, have their man of the year suspended a day after the announcement.
  10. They look like a complete team. Even bortles looks good.
  11. Short had 2 sacks today, star was disruptive as well. We got close to 200 yds rushing today.
  12. Cameron Artis-Payne

    Stews hard to stop on those goalline leaps. Id like to see CAP as the guy between the 20s though. CMC should be our back on passing downs and in the slot on all other plays when applicable.
  13. I wouldnt call atlanta red hot after that 9 point performce sunday. I foresee our week 17 game to be a win or go home game for both teams. I went ahead and bought tickets to it. My first panther road game!