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  1. I never really liked him but it sucks that he may never reach his potential. Good qbs just make the league more fun.
  2. I agree. Watson is great. Theyve been winning with him. Im happy that theres another exciting qb in the league to watch.
  3. Trade for Martellus Bennett & Aaron Ripkowski

    We get it you want two tight end sets. Send an email to [email protected] Just please quit bringing it up here.
  4. Weve matured as a fanbase and Football team.

    We expect to win every week. This is a recent development.
  5. Most exciting game in over a year?

    Me too man! I feel we're the most well rounded team theyve faced. Any primetime game I get the jitters though.
  6. Most exciting game in over a year?

    I hear ya Im not sellin em short theyre a good team.
  7. Most exciting game in over a year?

    Its huge because of how the media always crushes on nfc east teams. Them being 4-1, having obnoxious fans, and because everyone thinks theyre better (those giants and cards win really put the league on notice) make it big. Yes what folks think doesnt matter but some of the fun of being a panthers fan is always being looked over and then shwacking a media/fan favorite.
  8. Id rather play with 10 guys on defense than have jones out there.
  9. Cam apologizes

    Learned this morning that "route" is a slang term for loose women. Hmm.
  10. Cam apologizes

    Ahhh that was cool. He wasn't reading from a cue card and it wasnt memorized. I believe Cam is a genuine guy he does a heck of alot more good than bad.
  11. What type of Wr's is Shepard?

    If I remember correctly he came up with a clutch first down against the pats where he kinda squirmed around a few guys. I thought it was pretty impressive. Seems like he's got good hands and the clutch gene but it's hard to tell until he gets more looks.
  12. WR Depth Chart

    Id be all for bringing philly back. Hed be a perfect 5th option.
  13. Belichick... rhymes with dick

    Cant even look at him. Oh well 2-0.
  14. Good for H-butt. It was cool to see him so excited.