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  1. Bonnet and McGee gone

    I was rooting for Mcgee. He was so good at UVA.
  2. A tremendous Kevin Norwood profile/analysis

    In Norwood's defense, that ball was tipped by a defender which offset it's trajectory before he got his hands on it. I don't fault him for missing it.
  3. Current Panther Roster

    TE Jake Mcgee was so good at UVA. He transferred to Florida because UVA sucked so bad at qb then broke his leg. I just remember him pulling down Olsenesque one handed grabs every game at UVA. He might surprise.
  4. Draft thought

    You can trade comp picks starting next year.
  5. B/R ranking of best 4-3 DEs for 2015.

    Delaire witch project
  6. Pro Football Focus free agent grades

    Didn't we lose Harper also? Or does he not count as a key loss?
  7. The best rock song of all time

    I'll go with Sultans of Swing. I love Knopflers playing and the lyrics are cool as hell.
  8. Pre Free-Agency NFL News

    Not at all man your effort is appreciated.
  9. Cleavagegate

    I mean, it was the SAG awards..
  10. Pro Bowl replacements

    Bortles got snubbed bigtime.
  11. Scott Stapp wants to Creedbomb our players

    Their first album was pretty badass.
  12. Huddle Podcast: An Hour with Shaq Thompson

    He doesn't like the niners, not a fan of the hawks, and doesn't respect kanye. I'll be the first mofugger to say aight den to that.
  13. Confidence Level for the 2015 Season

    18-0-1. In an unprecedented instance we tie the Bengals in the Owl.
  14. Hillary is a go, chances she wins the GE?

    I don't have cable so no. Why is not being in a scandal irrelevant to you? I think it's pretty obvious you'll just toe your party's line regardless. Your incendiary style of banter really does nothing to help your argument.