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  1. Selling a house

    I guess compared to Mint Hill, Ballantyne is an upgrade. But Ballantyne is still just an awful place.
  2. Restaurants not to miss

    I forbid you from thinking this.
  3. Oklahoma University + Racist Frat Boys =

    Aww, somebody didn't get into ECU.
  4. Oklahoma University + Racist Frat Boys =

    Aww, somebody didn't get a bid.
  5. i heard the police in ferguson are racists or something

    We really have to do something about these white people they're ruining everything
  6. All-time worst Panther starters?

    Clausen was the worst QB I've ever seen at the NFL level.
  7. Jordanian pilot burned alive by Isil

    Thank Gosh we got this thread back on course and are discussing the real evil in this world (1900s white people).
  8. Google Fiber is a go in Charlotte

    It's not going to be in Mint Hill anytime soon. Likely going to be pockets around the most populated areas of Charlotte proper. My guess would be downtown, South Park, Ballantyne, South End etc.
  10. It's gone snow.

    Mecklenburg county?
  11. Stopping Newton - The Word is Out

    Shula could not have called a worse game in the second half.
  12. Carolina Panthers Backing the Line

    Defensive line was outstanding, but Beason missed more open field tackles than I'd care to see consistently.
  13. Also, who still uses the term Oriental?
  14. I'm stunned you're an advocate of homogeneous societies.