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  1. Buying a Car for the first time from a dealership

    Join a credit union. I got .74% on a used car from mine. 
  2. I met a stripper on Friday ...

    Tell us more of this forehead kissing move
  3. Stopping Newton - The Word is Out

    Shula could not have called a worse game in the second half.
  4. Backing the Line

    Defensive line was outstanding, but Beason missed more open field tackles than I'd care to see consistently.
  5. Also, who still uses the term Oriental?
  6. I'm stunned you're an advocate of homogeneous societies.
  7. 5 out of 3 people have a problem with fractions.
  8. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Or you could get HBO GO for free right now and watch them whenever you want.
  9. Not as funny as some of the latest I hate the nflpa threads.

  10. I'm as shocked as you are

  11. "I don't throw in with Vietnam vets."

  12. "As a gay man and a gay journalist!!!!"

  13.'s all good!!!