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  1. What about Charles?

    I have thought all season, this was his last with us. He never did anything to change my mind.
  2. We'll be in the playoffs, beyond that will depend on injuries. Yes, KB will be back but you have some injuries every year.
  3. I was complaining about that the whole game. Didn't seem to make any adjustments at halftime either.
  4. NFL Rigged?

    I try really hard to avoid blaming refs but last night was bad. Aren't all turnovers supposed to be reviewed? What about the last fumble, they didn't seem to stop to review if his arm was going forward. And the Cotchery call was unfathomable.
  5. Panthers plan to Tag Josh Norman

    Franchise tag for this year,  for CB"s was $13 million. 
  6. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Everyone is coming between 5:30 and 6:00. You familiar with SW Virginia? 
  7. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    I love cooking for the Super Bowl. I have a turkey fryer and buy oil in November and use it for Thanksgiving,  Christmas and Super Bowl. I'm having three flavors of wings (smoked first,  then finished in the fryer)  sausage and cream cheese wontons,  bacon wrapped lil smokies,  sriracha grilled shrimp,  spinach dip,  chocolate chip cookie cheesecake brownie squares and Panthers Punch. 
  8. At what point do I give up on sleep?

  9. Cam's middle name is taken after his Kryptonian father. Cameron 'Jerrell'  Newton  Jor-El imrs.php
  10. Ron wins coach of the year!

    Don't fug with Riverboat!  Toot toot motherfuggers! 
  11. Eric Berry was awsome.

    Yes,  he was.