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  1. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Ha,  ha,  so true. 
  2. Tony Romo is 3-0

    Just wait until we beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl. It will be,  'the NFL was really down this year,  there were just no good teams to oppose the Panthers'.

    Pie please. 
  4. 10-OHHHHH so SWEET PIE!

    Yum yum,  gimme some! 
  5. Gameday Menu

    I recommend the BBQ Nachos with lots of Jallies and beer. 
  6. Gameday Menu

    This is the one my dad made,  just about every Sunday.    Steaks,  corn and garlic toast on the grill and a little pasta salad. 
  7. Sweet Caroline- A new Perspective

    Really cool story.  Thank you for your service. 
  8. Someone used to make this thread weekly. I hope this makes sense because it is 2:00 a.m. and I have had a lot of Vodka.    Dallas vs Miami Dolphins -  AFC over NFC &  pretty much eliminate the Cowboys from the playoffs,  removing incentive for them to beat us next week  Denver vs Chicago Broncos, AFC over NFC Indianapolis vs Atlanta Colts,  AFC over NFC plus handing our division rivals another loss,  giving us a four game division lead,  assuming we beat the Redskins  New York Jets vs Houston Texans,  increases our strength of schedule,  in case of tie breaker Oakland vs Detroit Raiders,  AFC over NFC St. Louis vs Baltimore Ravens,  AFC over NFC Tampa Bay vs Philadelphia Eagles,  loss for division rival and increase strength of schedule  Washington vs Carolina Panthers,  duh Kansas City vs San Diego Pick em Green Bay vs Minnesota Packers,  strength of schedule & increase lead over Vikings for home field advantage San Francisco vs Seattle 49ers, clinch home field vs Seattle in playoffs,  assuming we beat Redskins Cincinnati vs Arizona Bengals, AFC over NFC and increase lead over Arizona for home field in playoffs  Buffalo vs New England Bills,  because Patriots 
  9. Stand With Cam

    Awesome. Make sure to like,  favorite and share the video. 
  10. Yes,  I get more nervous but that is better than being depressed from losing. If we had to lose one game,  I would prefer the Giants. 
  11. Which is going to make you happier.... ?

    How is this even a question? 
  12. WE ARE 9-0!!!!! Come Get Your PIE!!!!

    Pie Pie Me oh my Nothing tastes better sweet, wet, salty and dry all at once o well it's pie Apple! Pumpkin! Minced an' wet bottom. Come to your place everyday if you've got em' Pie Me o my I love pie
  13. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Haven't you learned,  we don't run screens.  Don't worry,  eventually one of those deep rohtes will probably come open.