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  1. Garrett > Rico Wallace?

    Uncle Rico > Keyarris Garrett > Rico Wallace
  2. 2016 NFL MVP Odds

    4,983:1, don't undervalue yourself.
  3. Kind of what I was thinking too. How much benefit will you really get, physically, in three days. Spend that time making sure they understand the concepts in your schemes, terminology, etc., making it easier for them to study the playbook.
  4. Dave Gettleman...Thug Life...Enjoy

    That pie deserves whipped cream.
  5. First-year players will not participate in on-field drills and will put all of their focus on mental preparation during the three-day camp that runs May 6-8. Interesting. What do you guys think? I'd especially be interested in Jeremy's take, since he has seen the rookie camps in the past.
  6. I have only watched a few highlights so far. What is amazing, is how did he amass over 1,500 yards, while being easy to tackle?
  7. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    Kind of what I was thinking, goes for the RB too. I'd say Bradberry, Worley, Sandland, McGee.
  8. Gettleman eating

    And I hope he is teaching Brandon Beane, how to evaluate players.
  9. Tryout Invitations

    Agree. I've been a little surprised they don't keep one on the practice squad all the time, just to develop and have someone who knows your system.
  10. Darkness? Is he just leaving out the bad stuff? His older brothers stole his bologna? He didn't get picked on the playground? Welcome to the world that about 75% of all children live in. You had to play football at a small college? That is still better than 98% of the population. I like Josh and wish he was still a Panther but unless he is leaving out the really bad stuff, he's being a little dramatic. Good read though.
  11. Panthers bringing in a QB

    Getty just wants a team of mutants. Sandland, McGee & Lobato are all 6'6". Garrett & Butler 6'4", Bradberry & Worley 6'1", even the RB is 6'0".
  12. So... Cowherd Bayless Tirico Nessler Olberman (again) Dilfer Keyshawn Johnson Flores
  13. Yes, a good bit of discussion on it in the 'It's up to Steve' thread, last night.
  14. Offensive Line

    Who is suggesting that?
  15. Offensive Line

    Norwell and Turner are young. This will be Oher's 2nd year back under Matsko. . It will also be this groups 2nd year together. Maybe Williams becomes an upgrade at RT. Should we expect better overall play, from the group?