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  1. Stewart was washed up a year ago

    Stewart still has the power but is slow off the ball. Seems too hestitate finding a hole and gets swallowed up in the backfield. I do blame the oline for not creating any running lanes, so it is not all on Stew. I would like to see McCaffery get more carries than he does now. Not saying he is going to 4-5 yards every time but has the potential to break one. Plus he seems to find a small hole seem pretty quick and at least gets a yard or two. Stewart either gains two or loses 4.
  2. Roma is Roma is actually one of the better commentators
  3. What Eagles Fans Are Saying...

    Well all the eatin snatch fukity, fukity, funk. He is not too confident about the Eagles on Thursday.
  4. I feel good about Thursday night. The offense is getting in a rhythm and the short week does not allow Luke enough time to forget the bad plays he had against Detroit. Luke will take over this game as he always does in the color rush uni’s
  5. Funchess not practicing today (knee)

    The only time there is wiggle room is if you have a confirmed spot in the playoffs or out the playoffs and tanking the rest of the season.
  6. Cam does appear to read the defense and taking what is given. But... Cam had plenty of time in the pocket yesterday. Offensive line looked good except when Larsen got bull rushed.
  7. Frustrating play call

    Yep stupid play design in the red zone. If Funchess ran a slant it could have given Cam a couple of options. The play essentially forced a double team. This play was out of a timeout if I recall because Shula took too long to get the play in. I believe it was 13 seconds left when Cam got the play and took it to the huddle. Shula draws this shizz up after the timeout.
  8. Injury report

    What happened to Peppers? At first I thought it was his shoulder or back but they were checking his leg. Guess it did not affect his play because he got two sacks when he came back in. He does not have the speed he once has but still just as strong. Tough for the RT to handle his bull rush.
  9. Cam's throws today

    On the int. If Byrd did not hesitate and kept running his route I don't think it would have been picked. I don't think he could have caught it in double coverage but would have had the chance himself to break up the int. Regardless, that was a bad ball thrown by Cam. Thank goodness that was the only one. Cam looked sharp today.
  10. cmc still doing nothing lol

    Whenever CMC moved outside the pats shuffled players to prevent the mismatch. They keyed on him way to much and give Shula credit for designing the TD pass to fozzy. Cam could have just as easily tossed it to Dickson because the whole pats d followed mccaffrey. Dare to say Belichek got Shula’ed on that play. Nice play design!
  11. Everyone is saying Cam will no longer be the running QB. That is true only by play design. Cam generally only ran the ball from run option and QB power plays. To me he has always been a pocket passer or tried forcing himself to be one. He rarely takes off and run when passing. He is not a one read and run QB like Vick, Wilson and Kaepernick. At times I wish he would take off and run to prevent the big hits he has endured the past couple of years.
  12. Russell Shepard has disappeared ...

    Anyone ever notice Cam is a statue in the pocket? He never side steps, moves around and sees the pressure until way too late. Watch Brees, stafford, Rodgers and they immediately move around the pocket depending on where the pressure is coming from. Watching this play Cam knows pressure is coming from the left but decides to launch it to Funchess with someone draping all over him. Could have moved to the right to give more time. Not sure why he likes to lock in on his vertical routes and rarely looks underneath. You would think once pressure is coming you should look to your shorther routes first. Could have easily hit Shepard and Mccaffrey was coming free as well across the middle.