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  1. If viewing on your phone or iPad, turn to view in landscape and it looks fine.
  2. Byrd's role?

    Considering how no WRs caught a pass last week minus Funchess, Byrd will be the number 2. I like Clay but needs to work on his hands. Shepard had his shot and blew it. I think Bersin will be in the game on short down and distance. Bersin had a nice out route last week and Cam threw it too late. I wish Cam would anticipate the break and make the throw.
  3. You are right, phones do have a rotate device called “Rotate Hand Counter Clockwise”. Had to to do it.
  4. Alex Armah

    Lets don’t even go there. Tolbert whiffs were laughable last year. Armah is going to be a beast.
  5. Alex Armah

    Armah should have been keying on the linebacker from the get go. He has to learn to trust the online to do their job and who to pick up. I like what I see from him so far and want to see more snaps. We are a running team and with Armah in at fullback I think it will open up playaction.
  6. They have never given Mccaffrey enough carries in a game to know where he is at from the running back position. He mentioned in the postgame interview on Monday you need touches to get in a rhythm. He has never had the opportunity to get on a rhythm and the online run blocking has been horrendous prior to the last couple of weeks. I say he has warranted the 8th spot. He has not put up the big yards that everyone is wanting but he does a lot of other key things as a football player you would not get from someone else. He is in the game the majority of snaps from all our RBs and the defense keys on him every play. He is a hell of a blocker and just a smart football player. He reminds me of Luke with his game knowledge. I think yards will come once other teams realize Funchess is the real deal and when Olsen returns to the field.
  7. Can we lose to Jay Cutler?

    No... our defense is number one for a reason and finally forcing turnovers. I think the run game sparked the offense last week and the so called evolution has begun. Looking forward to a Panther blowout.
  8. I really liked like Funchess’ fire when yelling with Cam to go for it on 4 and 1. Looks like he is already taken a leadership role with the WRs.
  9. Jackson like, “Somebody get some hand sanitizer, I aint shaking this fools hand”.
  10. Who starts at WR2 now?

    Does the Tampa game have anything to do with the trade? I think so... The Olline kept Cam clean the whole game and the receivers could not get get any separation against Tampa’s backup CBs. Yes, Cam should have used check downs but there were not any chunk plays due to Funchess and Kelvin not getting any separation. Kelvin has had plenty of opportunities to use his size as an advantage but never used it consistently. He played soft at times letting tiny CBs get leverage. He never seemed to fight for the ball. He has made some great plays but just too inconsistent for a #1 WR.
  11. Cam plays better without KB. I am ready for Sunday. I am thinking Shepard shows his potential. Hopefully, Samual gets more involved as well. More opportunities for guys to step up and I believe they will.
  12. This was Shula’s idea thinking it will confuse the defense.
  13. Did the panthers pick KBs fifth year option in the offseason? Was he due to be a FA next year? Maybe wanted to get something for him while they could. A three and a five would have been fair. Don’t like a 7th rounder which rarely makes the final roster anyway. I am excited to see what the offense does this weekend. Cam plays better without relying on KB. I like the speed of Russell and hopefully get samual more involved. Definitely a faster team now.
  14. Is it me?

    I see what you are saying. You are making a statement, not asking a question and I absolutely agree. The entire defense plays on another level with Kuechly on the field.