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  1. I was thinking the same thing in regards to limited targets. Listen to McCaffery’s presser. He mentions Cincy was trying to take all the underneath routes away and making him a focal point in the passing game. Guess it back fired, Cam had several longer throws down field and Christian gashed them In the run game. On a side note: I think Moore contributed as a decoy for Christian on those motion plays in the backfield. Moore only got one screen pass thrown his way but If you look at the long run by Christian, Moore motioned left and McCaffery took the hand off to the right. Moore had a couple players following his direction that were taken out of the play. Good design by Norv.
  2. gakonline

    McCaffery's pace

    I see what you are saying but Norv did a great job scheming those easy touchdowns when the bengals were keying on McCaffery.
  3. gakonline

    Nice stat

    I think Cam was looking downfield on several plays but there was obviously nothing there. Atlanta’s DBs manhandled our WRs. I would like to see more drag routes. Atlanta ran them all game long for big gains. Safe pass & let your receivers go to work. This would be perfect for D.J. but he has to get on the field first.
  4. gakonline

    Starting O-line announced

    Minus turner this could be the starting online for the rest of the year. Hoping Clark performs well.
  5. Perfect form tackle. Led with the shoulder and wrapped up. Could have gotten flagged for taunting.
  6. My wife believes in the motto!
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing. The Cowboys were really focused on CMC the first half of the game. That is what allowed Cam to have all those big runs. Don’t forget to mention all they talked in the preseason was how Cam would not get as many designed run plays. I think Ron & Turner are definitely playing chess. What about the screen passes they talked about & ran in the preseason. I remember only seeing one screen against the Cowboys. I think Norv opens up the offense this week in Atlanta.
  8. gakonline

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Jourdan needs to stick with football. No more Rock N Roll references. My 6 yr old knows GNR sings Welcome to the Jungle. Maybe she got confused when Axle finished the AC/DC tour.
  9. It will be a relief to finally see a shot of the owner actually enjoying the game.
  10. Yea I call bs. How does Rogers get a 99 overall coming off an injury? Olsen balled out in the playoff game against the Saints. The so called rating guru for Madden consistently hates on the Panthers.
  11. Made up for the missed PI on Davis