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  1. LOL. New line dance originated in New Orleans.
  2. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    I think McCaffery puts on extra muscle in the offseason. He wants to be RB and will do whatever necessary to make himself better. Plus, he did not get enough carries throughout any game to really see what he can do. Everyone was expecting him to break the big one every play and was disappointed when he only got a couple of yards. Hard to do anything with only 5 or so carries a game. I am on board with a proven WR as top priority this offseason. Funchess is not quite there yet as the number one. A good WR opposite of Funchess will only make him better.
  3. Pie For ALL

    Thanks Hurney! So far you get an A+ offseason grade.
  4. Wow, I just posted on another thread on how on Shula has hurt the team and should be gone. Back to the main topics and BOOM, he has been fired. I think replacing Shula was the top priority in the offseason.
  5. I give him an A for receiving. B for running. I think he needs more runs to get in a groove. I am certain he will put on more muscle weight in the offseason. If he can gain close to 10 pounds it will really help his run game. More than anything and like everyone else, I would mostly like Shula replaced. He has really hurt the team.
  6. DeAngelo made some valid points at first but it went down hill fast. He basically disrespected Kay right after she asked about the Steelers Patriots matchup and immediately started picking on everyone but Nate because he was the only one that played in the NFL. I had to quit watching and no, DeAngelo will not be invited on the show again and was a complete ass.
  7. If viewing on your phone or iPad, turn to view in landscape and it looks fine.
  8. Byrd's role?

    Considering how no WRs caught a pass last week minus Funchess, Byrd will be the number 2. I like Clay but needs to work on his hands. Shepard had his shot and blew it. I think Bersin will be in the game on short down and distance. Bersin had a nice out route last week and Cam threw it too late. I wish Cam would anticipate the break and make the throw.
  9. You are right, phones do have a rotate device called “Rotate Hand Counter Clockwise”. Had to to do it.
  10. Alex Armah

    Lets don’t even go there. Tolbert whiffs were laughable last year. Armah is going to be a beast.
  11. Alex Armah

    Armah should have been keying on the linebacker from the get go. He has to learn to trust the online to do their job and who to pick up. I like what I see from him so far and want to see more snaps. We are a running team and with Armah in at fullback I think it will open up playaction.
  12. They have never given Mccaffrey enough carries in a game to know where he is at from the running back position. He mentioned in the postgame interview on Monday you need touches to get in a rhythm. He has never had the opportunity to get on a rhythm and the online run blocking has been horrendous prior to the last couple of weeks. I say he has warranted the 8th spot. He has not put up the big yards that everyone is wanting but he does a lot of other key things as a football player you would not get from someone else. He is in the game the majority of snaps from all our RBs and the defense keys on him every play. He is a hell of a blocker and just a smart football player. He reminds me of Luke with his game knowledge. I think yards will come once other teams realize Funchess is the real deal and when Olsen returns to the field.
  13. Can we lose to Jay Cutler?

    No... our defense is number one for a reason and finally forcing turnovers. I think the run game sparked the offense last week and the so called evolution has begun. Looking forward to a Panther blowout.
  14. I really liked like Funchess’ fire when yelling with Cam to go for it on 4 and 1. Looks like he is already taken a leadership role with the WRs.