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  1. gakonline added a post in a topic The offense is worse than I thought   

    I think the offense looked pretty good for the game out.  The Jags Def looked fast and hungry out there. I think they will be one of the better defenses we face this year. So yea, I am pretty happy how we moved the ball. 
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  2. gakonline added a post in a topic To the poster who mentioned Dan Morgan in the same breath as Luke   

    I think it was a neck stinger. But had to hold him out for concussion protocol. 
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  3. gakonline added a post in a topic our starting WR's for Jax   

    Funchess has not had anytime with the offense, Cothery still hurting and Norwood just signed last week. Who else do you think is going to start?  
    I do feel Funchess will be splitting time but will not get the start. I am hoping to see a few snaps for Norwood. 
    If the the oline plays like they did in the preseason I think all of WRs will have a good game. But who knows. We may also get to see a ample dose of our run game like we saw against Pittsburg. Truthfully I am hoping to see the latter. Nothing like pounding the football down the other teams throat. 
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  4. gakonline added a post in a topic Contract Status and Cut Players   

    "Worth noting that, had Seattle cut him, Norwood would've likely signed a one-year minimum deal in hopes of signing long-term next year after proving himself. By trading for him, we secure his low-cost rookie-scale deal for another 3 years."
    This was a smart move by Gettleman.  Needed help at WR receiver and got a guy they liked in the previous draft anyway. Kudos to him for grabbing him while still on his rookie contract. Gettleman proved this past draft he does not value 7th round picks anyway. He wants players that can make an immediate impact on the team.  Giving up a conditional 7th rounder is a win win. 
    Awesome work GMan!
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  5. gakonline added a post in a topic Rakim Cox?   

    Rakhim has been in the backfield every play. Tough to keep of the roster. He will most likely be a practice squad player. 
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  6. gakonline added a post in a topic Offensive line performance....   

    I am not too worried about the run game just yet. I think we will run more out of the shotgun or pistol and defensives will have to spy Cam as a runner.  Even when running under center the Defensive ends will have to stay at home in case it is a fake bootleg. This will open up running lanes for stew and allow him to get his game on.
    In the videos the def ends are crashing hard inside. They are not going to be able to do that once the bullets start flying week 1.  Even if Cam only runs a couple times a game the defense has to respect it or expect to get burned.  
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  7. gakonline added a post in a topic Gettlemagic Teeth pulling : Sticking to Youth Movement.   

    I don't think trading for Norwood is exactly a youth movement. They liked him out of college and he will fit our scheme. He had a private workout with Proehl prior to last years draft and is a big strong wide receiver.  They obviously think he can just as good as Boykin and willing to take a chance on the kid. He has more upside and could be another DG gem. We will see Thursday night. 
    Brown dropping passes and Funchess with the lingering hamstring issues helped their decision as well. 
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  8. gakonline added a post in a topic So which team picks up Wegher?   

    Yep Wegher is gone. Fozzy balled out and deserves his spot. Toddman looked good as well. You cannot cut neither because you know what they bring to the table. They are both great 3rd down backs. 
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  9. gakonline added a post in a topic How accurate is pre season game 3 in determing the season?! Very   

    Good thread and I and totally agree that preseason game 3 ultimately shows how a team will perform in the regular season.  2013 and 2014 are good indicators although we started both seasons totally opposite of the 3rd preseason game. 
    If the OLine continues to impress and Cam can gain their trust he will not get nano blitzed every time he drops back, he will have his best season yet. The defense will continue to do what the do. I do not see them get gashed like they did last year the first half of the season. 
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  10. gakonline added a post in a topic Schein weighs in on Panther chances sans KB   

    Losing KB was bad, but we still have a better WR core going into this season than last year. Matter of fact we have upgraded every position group during the offseason. Cam is healthy, Jstew actually practice the entire TC, the OLine is better and have more player makers on defense. The media is going to be eating a lot crow. Can't wait for week 1. 
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  11. gakonline added a post in a topic Madden 16   

    Worth a watch. I got a good chuckle. 
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  12. gakonline added a post in a topic Madden 16 Panthers - Live Streaming   

    Good stuff!  Looks like the defensive AI has improved.  Gang tackling looks good.  Running the ball looks more fluid.  Commentary remains the same and still sucks.  I see a lot users online will be using teams that have big receivers with spectacular catch.  Throw deep every down. 
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  13. gakonline added a post in a topic Madden 16 Panthers - Live Streaming   

    Watching your feed now!  Too bad your on XBOX1, I have PS4.
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