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  1. My bad. After that first day, I just associated you with the sky is falling crowd.
  2. This needs to be its own stickied thread. Mods, please make it happen and also please direct all of the following to it upon them logging in: @Shocker @Proudiddy @carolina-chuck2 @GoobyPls @reactionaryhuddlers
  3. Lest he get toxic shock syndrome.
  4. You know, I'd really like to know @Shocker 's opinion about this pick and overall draft...
  5. Even PU had some people who stick up for him. Gooby has been a terrible poster from post #1.
  6. It's cool man, if we can understand Cam's tweets, we can decode your fat thumbs.
  7. Gooby, pls stop posting. You didn't expose anything or anyone except for your own ineptitude.
  8. I'm just trying to be diplomatic. For no real reason really.
  9. George, you're a good poster. However, you gotta call it quits on this one.
  10. It's the typical tards that freak out that the 1st round pick wasn't a WR or that we didn't trade up to the top of the 2nd to draft a WR. The panthers usually don't draft the sexy pick. We draft the smart pick. I don't get how some veteran posters can still be shocked year after year after year. The rookie posters, I get. But damn it some of the Huddle usual are actin' a fool.
  11. With our nasty line, there won't be any goal line situations. Ever.
  12. Forget predictions. Who do you want?

    Hunter Henrey. Olsen insurance and two TE sets.
  13. Draft Day Menu

    Gonna get home from work and: Smoke a bunch of green stuffs and enjoy a couple Double IPAs (Watermelon Dorado from Ballast) to calm me down then drink a bunch of coffee to pick me up. For food I'm gonna whip up a pesto penne with sundried tomatoes and asparagus. And chicken. And a fancy Malbec. Gonna wash it all down with some fine scotch and night cap it with an easy Indica. Tomorrow morning I'll rely on the Huddle reactionary threads to remember the pick.
  14. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    Igo, do you have any intel on if NFLN and ESPN will still cut to commercial during our picks? We went 15-1 and the world fell in love with us... but do you feel that's enough to save us from a fuging Arby's commercial during our pick?
  15. A 1 bedroom apt out here is minimum 1400 per month. And that's in the ghetto.