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  1. Who to pull for Sunday

    Freeman is a beast too when healthy and Peterson is a chronic fumbler in the big moments. A tiny misnomer-since Minnesota has an awful OL, our front 7 would absolutely destroy them.  Matthew may be a pu$$y but facing him for the 3rd time or Theodore Bridgewater for the 1st?  I'd rather face a young toothpick Teddy.  JMO.  Go Panthers.
  2. Who to pull for Sunday

    I hear ya-but food for thought-Minnesota's schedule is tough, take a look.  Hard to imagine they don't lose more and we're not dropping 3 anyway.  Not to mention I would much rather have them in the playoffs than the falcons(on general principle) or seahawks(more dangerous team). I hope Minnesota comes to BOA in January and gets steamrolled on the revenge tour and for that to happen they need to win.
  3. Who to pull for Sunday

    If NE does lose, then they may not even get a bye.  They have not played well the last two weeks and still have to go to Houston and NYJ who both have something to play for, hate their guts, won't have the Foxboro shenanigans, and won't have the tiebreakers over Denver or Cincy.
  4. Who to pull for Sunday

    Sorry, but I literally go postal when a Panther fan says we want Seattle to win.  Again, SOS and SOV mean NOTHING to us because we swept the AFC and Minnesota and Arizona did not so our conference records will be different and we would lose the tiebreakers if it comes to that. FUG SEATTLE!!!!!  I'd rather a division rival with a rookie QB gain experience and momentum by making the playoffs than those TURDS, so it's at least a little tempting to "cheer" for the Bucs for that reason alone.  Choosing between the Seahawks and Falcons to get in the playoffs is like choosing between AIDS and syphilis but even then, the Seahawks are a more dangerous team and need to kick the bucket.
  5. That and/or served in the military which I did and were told from the start-we don't want a fair fight.
  6. Star and Addison have low ankle sprains

    Exactly.  And THIS is why you build cushion just in case we do drop one.
  7. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    Not only that, but a perfect end to their dynasty and a start to an even more superior dynasty.
  8. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    We were two TDs better than them in the preseason if COREY (NOT Philly) at WR could catch, and that's with Cam in shackles and not running because it was the preseason.    Sure both teams were without players and it was preseason, but it obviously meant enough to them to keep Blount in for the entire game to come from behind against our 3's. We will beat their ass if it comes to that.
  9. Come get your warm Thanksgiving apple PIE!!!

    Hot DIGGITY DAM!!!!!!  Hello world!!!!!!! Fug the haters!!!!!!!
  10. Lions Hire Ernie Accorsi

    And find the greatest MLB of a generation after that.
  11. Week 11 - Who to Root For

    Conference record is the 2nd tiebreaker after head to head, so there's no scenario where schedule strength it makes a hill of beans at this point since other teams have AFC losses and we won't.
  12. Week 11 - Who to Root For

    Also, FYI schedule strength is going to be a non factor for us.  We already swept the AFC while MN and AZ didn't, so if we're somehow tied, they will get the nod due to conference record.
  13. Week 11 - Who to Root For

    The Seahawks need to DIE.  Until they are completely eliminated they could be a threat.  We want them to implode!!!  No Panther fan should root for those turds!!!
  14. Week 11 - Who to Root For

    Agree.  One game at a time, but I dream very realistically of walking out of BOA after whipping the Falcons @$$ on Dec 13 with home field wrapped up.