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  1. Good lord....

    People, including myself, pooh pooh the Cowboys for many reasons, but the fact is that a gimp Cowboys lead by Matt Cassel nearly beat a healthy, capable Seahawks team with 10 days rest last year, and gobsmacked the Seahawks in Seattle in 2014.
  2. Good lord....

    Proves what YOU know, given that Clark was moved to LB.. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/04/20/frank-clark-now-listed-as-a-linebacker-after-dropping-15-pounds/ Reed was drafted to replace Mebane as a run stuffing DT after we drafted their target Butler.
  3. Good lord....

    I said we were entering the greatest dynasty of the salary cap era and that I wouldn't trade Cam for anyone in the history of football after the 2013 Cardinals game and 1-3 start. I was also in BOA when DeAngelo fumbled in 2013, giving those guys (although we didn't know it at the time) HFA and the Super Bowl. THAT team had a bad OL, and it almost cost them games against the bottom of the barrel Texans, Bucs, and Rams. But as bad as THAT OL was (Carpenter, Giacomini, McQuistan, Sweezy, Okung, and Unger), it was LIGHT YEARS better than this year's on paper. That team also had not gone five years without a first round pick that contributed, and had lesser known key contributors (ex. Tony McDaniel (recovered the fumble)) that are long gone, and other guys that were in their prime (Clemons, Browner) who, in an act of living in the past desperation, they've resigned this offseason. For the love of Pete (pun intended or not) man, I've said they're a fringe playoff team, due to their strengths. But their MAJOR weaknesses will have them fighting again for a spot in January. Do not be surprised if their QB has been carted off the field or if they're on the outside looking in at the turn of the New Year.
  4. Good lord....

    If we can't base the future on the past, what can we base it on? We knew that our OL was SIGNIFICANTLY better at the end of 2014 than the beginning/middle of that year. The guys they're counting on have either showed NOTHING or are proven bums. GMan himself says it's not pixie dust or magic, big men allow you to compete, don't need to be Nostradamus.
  5. Good lord....

    Minnesota isn't a division rival and missed a chip shot for the win. We were 17-2, they were 11-7. You are what your record says you are, and they're a fringe playoff team who is decending based on blowing five years worth of first round picks, losing multiple key contributors, and having an all time bad OL on paper-which is what I said to start with.
  6. Good lord....

    Again, watch Case Kenum and the Rams IN Seattle, know they've lost their two best OL from THAT, and tell me if I'm wrong. I also don't know if there's even one other team that will have no first round pick from 2011-2015 that'll contribute in 2016.
  7. Good lord....

    Big men win games. They went 5 years without having a first round pick that'll contribute. They're yesterday's news.
  8. Good lord....

    Sounds good. Chances are FAR better that dangeRUSS spends time either inactive or on IR than those guys finishing higher than us in the conference standings.
  9. Good lord....

    Maybe they don't need a good OL but their OL, right now, on paper, is all time bad. Every unit on a playoff team has to at least be functional. Watch Case Keenum and the Rams destroy them at home if you don't believe me. A blown call in the Lions game and playing Jimmy Clausen twice kept them from a possible losing season, and they've gotten worse. The Seattle love is insane.
  10. Good lord....

    Seattle will be lucky to make the playoffs. Perhaps they're a 6 seed like last year but I wouldn't bet on it. They have NO OL.
  11. Good lord....

    You forgot Okung and Sweezy. They have the worst OL on paper right now in memory.
  12. Previously with Jets and Bears. Mediocre stats but played in cold weather and interestingly enough a year younger than Nortman and three years younger than Waters while having real NFL experience. 10 years younger than Scifres. From Myrtle Beach. Would be cheap. Fwiw.
  13. Minnesota also lost an NFCCG because a first team All-Pro kicker missed a kick he hadn't missed all year. Cursed franchise. We also lost TO Minnesota over a kicker (Mare). What did we do? Got another one-without using a high draft asset. The difference between the top kickers in the world simply isn't as great as other positions, and therefore not worth a draft pick, much less a high draft pick. It's that simple.
  14. Who has a better resume and skill set in NFL history (first five years) and why? It's not even remotely close.
  15. At age 27, again, resume AND "skill set". High School, 3 national championships in 3 years in college, the greatest single season in CFB history, and greatest first five years in NFL history playing THE premium position in sports. Remember it took MJ 7 years to get #1.