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  1. Other than saying ain't happening you've given no reason. We're thin both in the short and long term at OT. One injury and it's threat level midnight. We traded for Kevin Norwood and Jared Allen, and, again, claimed Jonathan Martin. All last year, without NEAR the cap space. This makes worlds more sense than that.
  2. But Barnwell is no hack like so many others.
  3. Which is why the 24 year old former #2 overall pick is more intriguing, to me at least.
  4. The main reason is the astronomical cost, over $11 million since he was #2 overall.
  5. http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/15451181/resetting-nfl-trade-market-sam-bradford-philadelphia-eagles-colin-kaepernick-san-francisco-49ers-likely-staying-put
  6. 2016 NFL MVP Odds

    The team odds of 8:1-14:1 or thereabouts to win it all is a better play. We will not be denied as a team this year. Cam is/will be the GOAT, but this year they'll find a reason to give MVP to someone else if even remotely possible and KB is going to be such a freak they'll grade on a curve. We will also play winning, not necessarily stat padding football, and while our schedule IS easier than last year due to opponent QBs, we will play tougher defenses.
  7. ^ I like the logic but Joeckel is only 24 so that must be considered as well. Someday we'd hope to find at least a somewhat long term solution at LT I would imagine.
  8. Claimed in March, quit in July. We will be looking for AT LEAST one more OT, and Anthony Munoz isn't walking through the door.
  9. It's not an either/or. Again Jonathan Martin was acquired and subsequently quit in addition to what we already had.
  10. The Chiefs exercised Fisher's option btw. I'm just not sure what people are expecting to happen at OT without a move like this (and I also wouldn't give more than a 4th). Yes there will be many other options but no slam dunks to say the least. Remember GMan was THE only GM to put a claim in for Jonathan Martin.
  11. Bad comparison with DJ. Joeckel is not only a superior prospect with fewer red flags, but actually has a lot of game experience. And it's not as if he's been completely terrible, just not worth his draft position, a spot that the Panthers may never pick again in our lifetimes.
  12. The "price" should be a day 3 pick next year. GMan didn't want to trade future picks last weekend but for this guy's immediate depth and potential upside I hope he does consider. We don't have a 7th and there's a big difference between a 4th and 6th, but no prospect outside of the top 100 next year at OT would have this guy's upside, little doubt about that.
  13. To clarify, he is under contract through this year. NEXT offseason he will be a free agent. To get him this year and see if we want to keep him going forward and have him as depth immediately, we'd have to give up something, although the cost shouldn't be high. Them signing Beachum made this likely and this pretty much seals his fate there. He can be had, period. PS-his listed cap hit is just over $6 million but I read that another team would likely take on $3+ million in a hypothetical trade. Not sure how accurate.
  14. The Titans didn't want Oher. Buy low, sell high. Can't say it's not at least a little intriguing considering he's only 24. If he was a turdburger and/or had a known vice then no way, but I see no such thing on the surface. It will be a long time before we're picking high enough to take a guy at OT, ironically, like him.