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  1. Ron on Golic and Wingo

    He's right and you're wrong. That's two against one thus, the ruling observation. Stop exciting people.
  2. JNo not happy could he come back?

    Au contraire, with Norman's contract.. was he not expected to be a/the team leader? Perhaps, one could argue their unit's ineptness as a result of his resolve..? I'm just throwing poo against the wall, here.
  3. So do you want Kenny Britt?

    https://scout.com/nfl/browns/Board/105323/Contents/Kenny-Britt-didnt-play--109661488 " The Browns' own radio announcers, Donovan and replacement Zegura, both said they would be very surprised if Britt is on the roster after the bye week. I think this was more a message to Britt by making him take the overseas flight and trip he constantly complained about last week, made him suit up instead of wearing comfortable street clothes, and made him sit and watch players who give a damn even though they aren't very good. Britt will leave, laughing, with his 10 million, but other teams are seeing his attitude and will be very reluctant to give him a look."
  4. Neutral Zone Infraction

    What happens if one of our OL walked away from the LOS when the saints jumped? What if they never hike the ball? Is it auto delay or can they override themselves in that obvious of a call?
  5. Giants bench Eli for Geno

    Got damn. Ice up?
  6. Electro Pride. Electro lives matter. Right? @electro's horse Just calling a spade a spade, pumpkin.
  7. Is losing Wilks a foregone conclusion?

    Actually, that's a hell of an idea. For both parties. 1st rounder and we're even. Both teams are better off. Profit??
  8. If you have Dak in Fantasy...

    ya'll hear about the Kennedy assassination? That'll teach the next person who tries to change the world.
  9. If you have Dak in Fantasy...

    cool. this thread, again
  10. Holy fug is blame the world for my useless ass poo is getting really out of hand.
  11. Not this poo again.. @Jeremy Igo does this seem Panther related?
  12. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    Ps: I had no opinion of this.
  13. Fire Shula Banner.....the reason why

    You also don't get very far by sitting by and waiting for things to change on their own when history has shown it won't. How long has your business been around? You don't sound very proactive.
  14. CAP

    They did.