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  1. Cam & Kia pregnant again

    Inb4 he hasn't been the same since the first one.
  2. Reality check. Edition 1

    uncreative / 10
  3. Cam and Pizza Hut are not new: Cam gives the tip to Pizza Hut
  4. Hi there

    Keep your head up
  5. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    Aren't you the same who claims to be a wordsmith?
  6. Updates on the team sale

    Sounds like a good team. With the aside of Kid Rock.
  7. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    I don't think you're changing anything, dear. We can change racism but we can't change sexism.
  8. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    She's a slightly above average looking woman with a workout habit and money for nice appendages and a source to SI. That's not to say I would not enjoy her company but this fondling over yourself for this chick.. it's for the birds, man. I'd say, any man who's consumed as much porn as I have, would understand exactly what I mean. Ladies like this are on repeat, daily. It's poo like this which turns the everyday average self concious female into a lunatic.
  9. Vid: How the Pats Mind ***** The Jags

    He's arrogant? You mean cocky? Is it still cocky if he can and has backed it up his ENTIRE career? You just said you hate him for his success and that speaks more of you than him. Learn to respect poo, bro. I bet you hated watching Tiger Woods in his prime. Or Jeff Gordon during his tear, ext ext.
  10. Possible GM Candidates

    Too soon.
  11. JN24?

    I don't have links.. but he's on record saying he'd take less from Carolina, this time.
  12. JN24?

    And discussed further, it shall be!
  13. JN24?

    Josh open to return? It's an old arricle but it is possible the Redskins may try to get out from under him. If they do and we, for whatever reason, have the cap space.. is it a "no brainer" to bring him back? The next question is.. what number would Bradberry wear?
  14. Well.. I uh.. fug.