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  1. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    OKC are going to have a lot "what ifs" running through their heads tonight. Warriors definitely amped their intensity in the 4th defensively but you also have to look to the second quarter where OKC had the opportunity to extend the lead but just couldn't quite put their foot down. It's going to be extremely tough for OKC to do it on the road. Will be rooting for them though.
  2. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Someone has some really strong feelings against Curry
  3. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I somewhat agree. Just don't think poor FT shooters should be rewarded if there was a rule change. It's a risk Kerr runs with Bogut out there.
  4. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Klay might be the guy they need to go to down the stretch.
  5. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    A rare Kanter sighting towards the end of the 3rd.
  6. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Waiters is a very underrated on-ball defender. He's made several stops early in this game and is always there to contest.
  7. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Bogut making an impact again early in this game. Why is Adams leaving his feet on a closeout on Klay?
  8. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    That HORNS set with LBJ out of the high post has been their most effective this series. Mostly with James as a distributor. This game is ugly to watch.
  9. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Might be concerned how they match up defensively
  10. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I think OKC has a lot to be positive about last night. I'm not the biggest believer in "moral victories" but with how they played they have to be feeling confident heading home. I think if they had gotten blown out, the pressure on them coming back home would be heightened. Now I will say if they lose tomorrow, it'll be an interesting game 7. Personally, I think Thunder will feed off their crown and close it out Sunday. I think they've got to set the tone early, force turnovers, and run, run, run like they did in Game 4. Warriors didn't have their best game last night but you can't have them build momentum and force a close out game at The Oracle.
  11. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I think it's ironic you're complaining about Curry's sloppiness when that's what's been plaguing Green over the past couple of games, even tonight. I get what he brings to this team but he's not the first Warriors player I think of when it comes to their success tonight.
  12. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Every minute. He's had nice run of play recently but he's not the reason. I'd point to Curry and Bogut personally.
  13. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Not tonight. Very skilled player but he's not doing too much tonight besides staring down people.
  14. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Green is so obnoxious. That's twice now he's stated down an opponent after making a play.
  15. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Thunder have been very sloppy but still somehow in it. I feel like they should be down more with the way they are playing.