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  1. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I think it's ironic you're complaining about Curry's sloppiness when that's what's been plaguing Green over the past couple of games, even tonight. I get what he brings to this team but he's not the first Warriors player I think of when it comes to their success tonight.
  2. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Every minute. He's had nice run of play recently but he's not the reason. I'd point to Curry and Bogut personally.
  3. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Not tonight. Very skilled player but he's not doing too much tonight besides staring down people.
  4. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Green is so obnoxious. That's twice now he's stated down an opponent after making a play.
  5. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Thunder have been very sloppy but still somehow in it. I feel like they should be down more with the way they are playing.
  6. Noah Telling teammates he and the Bulls are done.

    That's how it works with players like him. If you aren't a Gators/Bulls fan you hate the dude. But once he's on your team you back him 100%. He will get under the skin of opponents and opponents fans but always brings it.
  7. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    There's Horns again with LBJ facilitating out of the high post. Hard to defend. EDIT That outlet pass by Love was perfect! He's shot is also falling tonight. Looks like I'll be going to bed early tonight.
  8. Noah Telling teammates he and the Bulls are done.

    These are the two bigs I want as well and there are pros and cons to both. Pros Whiteside: young, big defensive impact, potential post presence Noah: defensive intensity, great passer & ball handler for big, no question about his mentality/motor, cheaper Cons Whiteside: max deal $ Noah: older, injury concern
  9. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    I clearly think LBJ has to more aggressive tonight especial in situations where he has a mismatch in the post. But I will say that Cleveland had a lot of success two nights ago with LBJ being the facilitator of the high post. They scored on 4 straight plays, I believe, out of set where LBJ had the ball in the high post.
  10. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    My argument is not that Biz isn't good in the pick and roll just the our offensive philosophy in the years with Biz and this past season isn't as compatible as it is in Toronto. Not sure there'd be much of an argument that Lin and Kemba (especially prior to this year) finish at the rim as good as say a Lowry, Joseph, or a DeRozan. They do penetrate but those in Toronto attack the basket with greater success making it more difficult to defend the the PnR. I'm more happy for Biz than upset that we let him go. I will leave it at that.
  11. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Well, Klay making this a game. Thunder got to get it going offensively. EDIT Steph has missed at least 4 layups tonight. Uncharacteristic and it looks like on some of them he's just tossing them up there.
  12. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Draymond has been very carless so far. Westbrook has become so dangerous with his drive and willingness to distribute.
  13. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    I'm not saying Biz wasn't effective in the pick and roll because that's really one of his few uses on the offensive side. I'm saying our offensive style last year (and even this year for that matter) wasn't a favorable one for Biz. It's hard to blame our front office for going a different direction. I'll preface this by saying I didn't watched all the Hornets games last year, as I like to watch more of the NBA on the whole. So no, I didn't see every game of Biyombo. But when I watched I felt like he hung out in the short corner waiting for dump off passes frequently. Yes he was used in the pick and roll but didn't feel like it was "constant" as he wasn't a focal point in the offense. Recently I've noticed Toronto run "Horns" a lot utilizing his rim runs off the ball seen. They have ball handlers and penetrators that make make it easier for Biz to get looks at the rim. And let's be honest, he's getting this attention not because of his offense prowess but because of his energy, defense, and rebounding.
  14. One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure

    He was not used in the same way Toronto uses him. Offensively, if he's involved, it's by setting screens above the free throw line and rolling to the basket. Our offensive style while he was here (we've had a drastic change this year) predicated on working the ball inside. Clearly he wasn't going to be that guy on the block with his lack of post moves and he wasn't going to space the floor for Big Al as his mid range game is nonexistent. He's playing well, no doubt, but let's not act it would have been the same when he was here. We weren't willing to adapt our philosophy to fit his style and vice versa.
  15. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    Cavs just may have to rely on Kyrie in the 4th if they want a shot at getting back into this. EDIT Great Game. Kyrie took over in the 3rd to make it close. Then Cleveland had a very impressive start to the 4th and were very effective with LBJ working out of the high post. They kinda went away from that late. But the Raptors pulled it out with big games from Lowry and DeRozan. Also, Love's "injury" was big for Clevland as they did much better with Frye in the lineup. I gave up too early on this series.