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  1. Game 7

    Well, better luck next year. Very disappointing not to close it out at home given the opportunity. Our 3 point shooting didn't show up at all this series.
  2. Game 7

    Awful pick and roll defense. Kemba goes under the screen but Batum swtiches to his man. Bad combination.
  3. Game 7

    4th Layup missed
  4. Game 7

    Lee having a very efficient game
  5. Game 7

    Not sure why he passed up that shot in the paint. Luckily Batum still got us 2 on the play.
  6. Game 7

    It's just odd you singled Zeller out when he is a better rebounder.
  7. Game 7

    We've missed 3+ layups this quarter
  8. Game 7

    Winslow should have passed but you knew he would take to Frank
  9. Game 7

    Frank isn't a better rebounder
  10. Game 7

    Game over if we don't keep them off the boards.
  11. Game 7

    Not sure why Big Al dropped so far off Whiteside there. Kemba had him.
  12. Game 7

    I said it last game but Frank has got to learn how to close out on defense.
  13. Game 7

    I know. They scored off of that too.
  14. Game 7

    That was the most hesitant drive right there by Frank
  15. Game 7

    I see this going one of two ways: Pessimistic View: We have a hangover effect from Game 6 and come out flat. Miami is hot again and starts hitting their shots. We try to compete but can never pull it close. Optimistic View: We come out determined and locked in after lousy showing in Game 6. We realize that we played poorly, minus Kemba, and still came close. This gives us hope that we can close the series out if we can get more out of guys like a Lin or Marvin.