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  1. Teams are stupid because they are desperate. We are in an era where teams will do whatever they can to get a "franchise QB", since that increases your odds for job security by a huge margin because a franchise QB can cover up sooo many flaws. Therefore this leads to so many rash decisions by GMs/coaches, including over drafting raw QBs and signing QBs who show "flashes" of being great. For example: Foles, Matt Flynn, Matt Cassell. GMs etc will swing for the fences because they know if the guy they choose pans out, they will probably have a job for 5-10+ years.
  2. Yes, I know but that is old news(2013). It was pretty much accepted that that season was an aberration and a product of a scheme and play calling. Clearly he can be successful in a limited span if used correctly but his numerous other starts has shown he is better suited as a back up. Are we just going to gloss over how awful he looked until the Minnesota game??? Not many teams in the league has the personnel and scheme/willingness to adjust to compensate for Foles flaws as the Eagles.
  3. I doubt he goes anywhere. I know teams are desperate for a QB but why trade a high pick based off of 2 games?...
  4. That probably took an hour max, so it's not a big deal.....
  5. Offense has no rhythm at all. The run plays are not being called in sync. Need to go up tempo.
  6. I hate trump. You just have an awful take.
  7. LUUUUKKKEEEE to the rescue!!!!!!!!
  8. Despite the drops, Cam has missed way too many throws.
  9. That was a terrible PI call on Worley.
  10. Not really, it was just a well designed blitz.
  11. Cam will be asking for a trade very soon. This is not a hot take.
  12. lmaoooooo hard to be a fan of this team sometimes. I could be on board trading KB but for a 3rd and a 7th? Yikes.
  13. Jarvis Landry

    Landry is not a fit in our current team. He's just a name. Martavis Bryant is a much better fit.
  14. Bradberry

    Hard to judge him right now. He's probably even less healthy than Cam.
  15. Cam needs to STOP forcing the ball to KB. Spread the ball around. Our offense is soooo predictable.