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  1. Cam will be asking for a trade very soon. This is not a hot take.
  2. lmaoooooo hard to be a fan of this team sometimes. I could be on board trading KB but for a 3rd and a 7th? Yikes.
  3. Jarvis Landry

    Landry is not a fit in our current team. He's just a name. Martavis Bryant is a much better fit.
  4. Bradberry

    Hard to judge him right now. He's probably even less healthy than Cam.
  5. Cam needs to STOP forcing the ball to KB. Spread the ball around. Our offense is soooo predictable.
  6. Or, now this is a crazy thought, ESPN is made up of numerous different people, who have different sources/information/opinions.
  7. Sadly, even if we could do that, he can still get a concussion.
  8. Speedsters and no Ginn

    None of us can't speak in certainties on Samuel since we have not see him enough to go either way. He has been hurt and the are clearly integrating him slowly into the offense. Whether that is because he can't do it or they are just being cautious is something only the coaches knows at this point. If he's healthy for the rest of the season and he still hasn't given the opportunities to stretch the field, then we can try to analyze his abilities/coaching deficiencies. As of the now the sample size is way too small to have a proper discussion on him other than hot takes.
  9. Going for the FG from 3 yards away was for such a awful decision.
  10. That was a miscommunication on the line. You guys have no idea if it was Kalil fault or not.
  11. Panthers back up QB situation is seriously concerning. Gilbert missed 4 easy throws....
  12. I remember when Panther fans would look at how Indy was doing everything to make Luck succeed by surrounding him with weaponzzzzz and complain about what the Panthers werw doing. Really ironic in retrospect now.