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  1. He's pretty much replacing Dwan, which all likelihood being much better. Not that hard to understand IMO.
  2. I love how you guys can have such strong opinions on guys you have never seen and think you know more than peopl with years of experience, who have actually watched these players.
  3. I have not done that search but teams probably only worked him out or just had him visit. They had him up close an personal at the Senior Bowl too.
  4. So GMan loves tall , long and ball hawking CBs. Bup, Bup, Bup.
  5. Inaccurate.. We were the only team to bring him in for a visit AND workout. He had buzz to be a 2nd/3rd guy.
  6. Gettleman is a genius

    Right there with you
  7. SO teams were targeting him in the 2nd or 3rd. So can't really say it's a reach when guys we wanted were taken off the board right before our pick.
  8. Gettleman is a genius

    I know it's friday but it's a bit too early to be this drunk
  9. BPA on our board obviously. And tbh, I trust Gman's board over all the internet ones, until proven otherwise.
  10. This. Huge drop off after the the last 1st and early 2nd guys are gone.
  11. Cravens, Bell, Alexander, TJ Green all off the board just before our pick. I'm sure one of these guys would've been the pick. Clearly a BPA choice but I can't judge because I don't know anything about him.