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  1. Cam "Caucasian Invasion"

  2. Panthers set franchise yardage record...

    Shula had to bring his A game for this game since he'll be applying for the head coach position in the future.
  3. Funchess could be the offensive MVP. This looks to be his break out year and he has made some big plays when it mattered the most
  4. 2015 Recreation

    True. If this continues to be ignored the Panthers will be known again as an undesirable team to play for. At this point, the players need to just play for the fans and the millions they get paid and see what happens with the staff after this season. I do believe this is also a test to see what Shula can do with the offense.
  5. 2015 Recreation

    It may not magically make us block better but it might make some players realize that this is a business and no one is invincible (older veterans seem to be the exception). It should also make them realize that everyone is being scrutinized closely so if you're continuously missing blocks or forgetting assignments the outcome of their $hitty play should be expected
  6. Anyone else see Cams presser?

    Cam handled himself well. The media was trying hard to bait him to say what's really on his mind. Always trying to make him look like a villain and never doing him any favors. Personnel questions need to be for the GM and Coaches.
  7. Official Panthers at Bucs Gameday Thread

    So how is that hit not a flag?
  8. Official Panthers at Bucs Gameday Thread

    Shula is now forcing it with Cap
  9. Official Panthers at Bucs Gameday Thread

    Glad to see Coleman back
  10. Panthers sign K Roberto Aguayo to PS

    I'm really not against it. It's possible that Hurney is kicking himself for letting Butker go and is trying to redeem himself by picking up Aguayo. Aguayo is a young kicker, which is a quality that a lot of yall wanted, and has the skill to be a great kicker but is struggling mentally. Maybe Gano can be a good mentor for him. If he's released next week then I'm taking a break from this organization.
  11. This week's drama.... Cam leaves press conference abruptly....

    Wth did I miss? I thought Cam was refusing press conferences last week because of Rodrigue. Is she there or did she quit trying?
  12. He doesn't necessarily have to go out and bash him. I believe most of his statements are correct. Our players can do better. We are lacking execution on offense and players are constantly making simple mistakes. There have been numerous occasions this season where players are lost and have no idea what to do or who to block. But as a team captain and one of JR's favorites, Good Guy Greg shouldn't fear the consequences. I just hate being fed bs. We may not realize what's happening behind closed doors but we witness it on Sunday. When it's multiple players struggling with poor execution, miscommunication, or uncertainty of what to do on a play, that is a reflection on the coaching. Yes, Shula has called some good games but he just isn't consistent at it. The ship isn't sinking yet so I don't expect anyone to start bashing. It's just a bit frustrating seeing the same problems recur every single season.
  13. Here's the video in case any of y'all missed it