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  1. I don't understand all of the hate for him, and yes there were plenty of times were I've said wtf from him missing a FG, but he has proven to be a quality starter in the league and a lot of fans forget he was clutch for us in the 2015 season and a reason why we were undefeated before ATL. I say give him this season to prove that last year was just a fluke. 2016 started off bad once he missed that game winner in Denver and then he started to get into a funk and began to miss a bunch of FGs. He was also playing with an broken plant foot towards the end of the season which could've messed with his technique. But 2016 was a $hitty season for almost everyone on this team not just him. His age shouldn't even be a concern. Adam Vinatieri is 44 playing at an exceptional level. Not saying every kicker is Vinatieri, just saying he has the potential to play in this league for another 10 years. I believe this is his contract year and other than a missed xp and a 55yd FG that should've been flagged, he has been serviceable for this team so far. He is also reliable when it comes to touchbacks on kickoffs, and anyone who pays attention should know our kickoff team has been sketchy for years. There's a lot of football left but Rivera needs to stop holding back and give Gano more chances to decide his faith with this team. Not believing in your kicker and just protecting him from kicking anything 50+ or a 58yd FG right before the half and attempting a weak ass attempt at a hail mary not only makes Rivera look like a dumbass coach, it's going to mess with Gano's confidence. Also Butker may be more athletic but that really doesn't mean crap if you're not willing or too afraid to make a hit on a NFL player like our boy Gano... Just Sayin
  2. Wilks on Luke's condition

    I'm not sure but do you guys really think Luke would hang up his cleats for good mid way through the season? Even if it is the best thing, do you believe he would just drop everything he's accomplished and leave the game for good?
  3. Rivera post-game presser

    Was this the moment?
  4. That Final 4th and 1

    I think Shepard was wide open on every play on that last drive. I thought coming into this season that Shepard get more looks due to the chemistry they had during training camp but I guess it could be something else. To be fair Cam probably wanted to throw it to Shepard on that last play but number 23 on Eagles D jumped a split second after that pic you posted which cause Cam to hold it a second longer.
  5. This is gorgeous...

    Poor Stewart, it's like they knew what the play was before the snap
  6. Mayo

    Mayo looked a bit lost at first but as the game progressed he looked better. That two point conversion was more on KK and TD. But really it was good blocking by the Eagles and a small cutback by Blount that made that conversion successful.
  7. Yea he gets an A for effort
  8. Wentz is a decent QB but you Eagles fans are acting like he’s a top 5 QB. Dude has a bunch of weapons around him that mainly contribute to his success. Put him under Shula’s offense and Wentz would be looking worse than Mike Glennon. He was also fortunate enough to receive the ball twice with less than 20 yards to gain on two of those TDs. Also look at this fail attempt by Wentz. How the hell would your prodigy QB let old ass Mike Adams stop him from getting a touchdown. Wentz is bigger and has the momentum on his side but treated Mike Adams like a brick wall. Then you see Cam do this Not comparing these two gifs but any reasonable person would pick Cam over Wentz any day.
  9. Boy you're delusional if you really think Wentz is better than Cam.
  10. In What World

    I'm surprised Rivera didn't just tell Cam to knee it. That play had no chance and just made him look worse.
  11. That's last week's headline. It's sad and a bit funny that someone was just waiting for him fail and couldn't find anything against the Lions, so they waited until now to post that meme
  12. I don't understand why this coaching staff is trying to protect him. Let him decide his faith by giving him the chance to kick in those situations.
  13. I would've loved to see that in person. Was it on the same side?
  14. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Wow that hurt even more than the 1st failed attempt
  15. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Philly Mob Bosses threatening Cam's family