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  1. Future Splash Brothers in Charlotte - Curry, Hairston ?

    No way we get Curry. Maybe Harrison Barnes, MAYBE lol
  2. Hornets offseason

    Do we have enough money to make a run at Jimmy Butler or should I keep dreaming?
  3. Cut Steve Clifford A Little Slack

    This "team" has no fight. It's almost amazing how we're able to field a team that loses by 40 to the Pistons. The Pistons. Detroit. 40. When the lakers play on television I always complain "why are these scrubs getting TV time." Then in the 4th quarter when they actually have a chance at beating a western conference playoff team it's not that bad I got a good game. Somehow Byron Scott is able to push a team that literally uses like 6 players, all of which are nba outcast, and compete almost every game. It's what every laker fan should want. Compete every game, lose, draft positioning going up. All of a sudden next year the lakers will have a starting 5 that can push them into the playoffs. Steve Clifford needs to go. And rich cho too. The ending of this season, poo the whole season is unacceptable. How do we go from a playoff contender to getting absolutely embarrassed almost every game. Yeah yeah injuries, that was a thing. This all started before Al and MKG went down. But Watching these guys play offense is pitiful. The whole team can't shoot, it's ridiculous what are they doing in practice? Our star Kemba can't make a shot to save his life, his confidence right now is at a extreme low. We can't win games strictly off of Gerald Henderson fadeaways. Big Al has been hurt for awhile now but even before that he wasn't doing anything. Maybe make a offensive bucket and then just watch on defense. It's unacceptable. Our only bright light is a guy who plays defense really well. Sad. Clifford needs to light a fire in these boys. Right now I'm believing he's lost the team. All of us are still bamboozled on how our top ten draft pick only played the end of the season. And he's playing well go figure. Jordan needs to take a look at his staff this offseason. Yes we did make the playoffs last year. As a 8 seed in a year when only 2 of the 8 eastern conference teams would have made the playoffs in the west. This team is pitiful.
  4. We're getting smoked. Game thread.

    Oh don't get me wrong. MKG is a wonderful defender (that's about all he can do) but don't over hype him like he's going to be our center piece for the next 10 years. To me he's just as expendable as anybody else on this team. But we can't do that
  5. We're getting smoked. Game thread.

    either way we suck with and without him
  6. We're getting smoked. Game thread.

    27-25? Yay for mediocrity