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  1. I wish I could string a decade and a half of "luck" together like that, especially since that's probably all I have left, if that. Go ahead folks, spend your time looking for ways to hate on guys like them. Meanwhile, I'll use my time learning what I can from them, and, if nothing else, just keep a roof over my head. No doubt, luck is involved, and some, you just can't make, but counting on it to fall in your lap is sheer folly. When I needed a boost to get through a rough patch, as recently as this year, I rewatched some BB and/or TB clips and sound bites, etc., especially those from last year's SB. All I can say is, it helped...a lot.
  2. And what are their respective records of NFL success, in multiple terms, including rings as a head coach?
  3. No. He's making a not so subtle inference that the younger generation, OR (notice the "or") those people who, despite their age, still don't "get it," different "rules" often apply to different "classes" of people throughout life, which could not be a more true statement. Get used to it, do what you can to mitigate the impact, or if possible, change your "class," and brush up on the impact of someone using a conjunction in a sentence while you're at it.
  4. Using RR and BB in the same sentence, or conversation, cannot be done, unless you are speaking in terms of contrast, opposites, a "180," antithesis, etc. But, yeah, the same rules may not always apply to a perennial champion who adapts in a nanosecond to implement changes required to succeed, immediately and long-term, to one who stubbornly sticks to a philosophy with which, the only resulting consistent result is...inconsistency. TLDR: There's Belichick, and then, there's everyone else. Deal with it.
  5. Yeah, true on some of those bad penalty calls, but as far as TB player numbers go, man, that "font," especially from the side or on a wrinkled jersey, is not exactly well designed for immediate comprehension accuracy. If the same font was used on certain aircraft instruments, it would be raining airplanes on a daily basis.
  6. Signed in after taking a long time off just to pie this post of truth, with the exception of leaving out credit to some other players on both sides of the ball who, besides Cam, also came up big when it counted, and that includes the perennial punching bag here, Mr. Bersin (despite the bobble INT caused by a perfectly timed hit...(his hands are great, just maybe not on that one play)). Shula must be saving anything remotely "evolved" for next week or the playoffs, because I haven't seen such predictable offensive (in both meanings of the word) play calling in a long time. Yet again, many times CMC was open for a safe 5 to 7 yards, and almost never got the look, and since 13's departure, I don't blame Cam for locking onto another WR, but rather, apparently, CMC was never in the progression as a receiver on those plays, even as a checkdown. The D calls were either [almost] equally bad, and/or certain guys, the secondary in particular, often played like scrubs. For a head coach who is defensive minded, and prides himself on preventing the big play, I certainly didn't see evidence of that today. Although the pass rush was particularly impressive, I guess the "cost" was leaving some guys in back on an island, for which they had no survival skills or ability. I don't have the football smarts or lingo down pat like many here, but some of this stuff is obvious to anyone with an even halfassed good logical and objective, analytic mind. So many times today, on both sides of the ball, I saw the probable result before the snap...and I have an answer: More "You been watching' film? Cool, watch this!" and less Stewart up the middle for little or no gain, or the half dozen Shula call equivalents. WTF happened to the offense we've seen for the past month? PS-Shout out to Pep. Dude is still amazing and nothing would be finer than for him to be back in Carolina, and get a ring this time.
  7. Wake up Call

    1. Cam played like (insert name of your favorite third string backup here). Horrible accuracy. Questionable decisions. Going for broke into double coverage when again and again, CMC was wide open for a first down plus. On a good number of plays, it seemed like he wasn't covered just because the defense knew Cam wasn't going to even consider the check down. 2. Receiving corps overall didn't do much to help their struggling QB. 3. Entire secondary looked like scrubs over half the time they were on the field, and that was with solid play from the front seven, which is supposed to make jags look good. 4. Shula. Moments of brilliance wrapped up in multiple layers of lunacy. PS... Me. We missed the first play on offense. We gotta hit rewind. Wife. Why? Stewart up the middle for a couple yards. Me. Nah, Shula finally is starting to figure it out. Wife. Okay, back it up. Me. Hits rewind, then play. Both. ROFLMFAO.
  8. Duh. I'm not talking about his physical presence, but his mental one, such as it is.
  9. True, AFTER the season is over, but not when he still is OC here. He's not an alien like Belichick who can block out distraction and noise on a regular basis. Shula's clearly very human. No way he can stay focused while pursuing another job. Few can do such things well. If he wants out already, to go the college route no less, that's a screaming sign of trouble in the here and now.
  10. Maybe just the thought of the banner was too much for him. I'm all for a new OC, but his timing is awful. We're coming off of a bye going into the home stretch fighting for a playoff spot, and instead of having his head stuck up his rear, it'll be miles away in Mississippi. Great, just great.
  11. Yeah it does. /s It also means he's leading in yards per target too. How no one noticed that baffles me.
  12. Unless his coworkers spill some beans, I fail to see how he can pick up anything he couldn't see on the tape he will see anyway. That PFF dude complaining about him being at the game is silly. What prevents him, or anyone else with a deep pocket, from attending the game with a great seat? If I was RR, and had the bucks and personnel, assuming no rules against it, I'd have a scout team at every upcoming opponent's games.
  13. LMFAO at you guys still hung up on his draft designation as an RB. No, his running hasn't been overly impressive out of the gate, but neither has the performance of the line that's supposed to be opening lanes for him. However, he's done more than just flash, and the past couple of games, you can already see that he's made adjustments and is getting quicker in his decisions as the game slows down for him. He is still a distraction for defenders (no stat for that), and is making blocks with great effect. For you size queens out there, it's called technique...speaking of which, given his pedigree, and the fact that he's been coached by a rather successful NFL WR since, well, birth, how about those hands? I believe that's where some good, more like great, numbers will begin to show up on the stat sheets soon, especially due to our current situation at WR. Hopefully, his targets out of the slot, or even wide, will skyrocket, because if they do, the yardage sure as hell will do the same. I remember a little over five years ago, we took this guy in the first round, and lots of posters here questioned the pick, some mercilessly, just like today. His numbers weren't all that great early on, and he made some visible mistakes at the wrong time, took the wrong angle etc. Then, as the season progressed, an injury to another player led us to move him to a different position. The game slowed down for him too, and as it did, well, by the end of the season, he'd done okay for a rookie. Nevertheless, even well into his second year, you could say he was still somewhat of a liability in coverage. Fast forward to today, where he now leads the entire NFL in interceptions by a player at his position since joining the league. His name is Luke Kuechly, a young man destined for the HoF. In terms of talent, athleticism, intelligence, work ethic, demeanor, and dedication to his craft and the game, if you don't see the similarities, it's only because you don't want to. The only thing that might hold CMC back is the same thing that has actually helped Luke. His coaches. Rivera played the same position, and has a coaching philosophy that puts a linebacker in an excellent position to succeed. Until, and unless, this offense truly evolves, CMC won't have the same benefit. Overall, to this point, if anything, that's been a hindrance.
  14. From now on? A whole grain? I've been tuning out his CMC noise since training camp. Across any "border" you can draw, 95% of everything that's been said about him has been positive, if not outright glowing, and those are opinions of not just teammates, but the opposition, analysts that actually know what they're talking about, etc. Wait until the game really starts slowing down for him and watch what happens.