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  1. Hate Week. Again.

    Impressive...scientific toilet humor. Far more eloquent than fug and poo, etc. You deserve a poop emoji that's animated and turns into a gemstone, but I can't find that one.
  2. As far as Funchess goes...

    Quit gunning for me today. You took my (unclear?) reply 180 degrees opposite from how I meant it. I'm agreeing with you. What I tried, and apparently miserably failed, to convey was that any perceived or real prior inconsistency or underperformance doesn't mean a young guy like him is automatically a bust. However, now that you've got me thinking about it, I hope he's phenomenally better this year, especially with 88 out. Hell, I hope the entire team perfoms at an all pro level...even the waterboy.
  3. As far as Funchess goes...

    Solely because, based on past performance, it was a pleasant surprise. But like the stock disclaimer goes, that's not an indicator of future performance.
  4. As far as Funchess goes...

    For a while there, I thought it was an imposter who had stolen his jersey.
  5. I don't with any certainty except that there's a clear pattern supported by at least one other vivid memory of an instance being televised, and it was not a headset problem. As I recall, twice in that game, Cam called timeouts as the clock ran down fuming at RR about what appeared to be this very issue. It can't be denied that something, or someone, is periodically disrupting the flow of the game. I think Cam has his weaker points, but the desire and his efficiency running a no huddle or otherwise fast paced offense doesn't seem to be one...as long as you don't consider what happens AFTER the snap.
  6. True, but the assertion that calls are coming in slow (or perhaps wrong), and as a result, the tempo is thrown off, is still a valid point. Yesterday wasn't the first time, and unfortunately, I fear it won't be the last one either.
  7. Obviously you're right about whether fan opinions matter to a coordinator or coach, but as to the overall play clock issue, there are totally different facts and circumstances between that specific situation in the Super Bowl and what is still going on here...repeatedly.
  8. Not sure the clock idea would pass muster with the rules, but regardless, I like your train of thought. You should offer your services to the Panthers as their director of psychological warfare.
  9. 8 carries 10 yards.......

    Question, repeat, this is a question, but first, let me make it clear that I loved the pick and think CMC will be a versatile weapon and has tremendous potential. Is there any possibility that his stutter step and/or "patience" waiting on blocks, holes, etc., is being keyed in on by defenders, or in addition to crappy O line play, is there anything else going on (besides Shula)? Anyone really dissected his NFL film yet (other than Buffalo)? In other words, does he have some obscure "tell," or is his time spent "dancing" not translating well when being pursued by NFL level defense? Bear in mind the question is about his running out of the backfield, not receiving. Regarding the latter, he clearly needs more targets. I know I saw him wide open at least a half dozen or more times yesterday and he didn't even get a look. The dude has sticky hands man. If he's open in space (and probably will be), throw him the damn ball and fug the progression if #1 is covered. I am not a football guru by any stretch, just trying to be an objective observer/tactician, so go easy on me.
  10. Would you trade for Jimmy Graham?

    TD and Graham in the same locker room. Too friggin' funny this early in the week/morning. Now I got coffee spewed all over my desk.
  11. WTF do people keep saying CLT is a small market when it's the 16th largest city and 22nd largest MSA in the USA? A number of larger areas don't even have an NFL presence, and furthermore, Charlotte is experiencing double digit growth, putting it in the top five of 25 largest areas. Given that there are 32 teams, worst case, we're average sized for an NFL market. Facts man. Facts.
  12. What's blowing my mind is the number of posts acknowledging that Shula has some notable strengths, instead of only citing his weakness(es). Couple that with the Hurney, dare I say it, love recently (he has made some really nice moves people were hoping for), and this doesn't even seem like the same Huddle from years gone by. This could be a good thing. We'll soon see. I'll come back in 24 plus another three or four hours and check the meltdown to Superbowl ratio.
  13. Damn Trai!

    Good one. Love me some Sound Fx/Mic'd up. In fact, if the NFL really wants to generate more revenue, interest, and ratings, give us that in real time, or even on a short delay to cut out confidential or other censored content. Would beat the hell out of most announcers. I often enjoy those segments more than the live game.
  14. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    You're right about Boog. Shows how much I've paid any attention to baseball in the last thirty plus years, and/or how old I'm getting. He was a big guy at that time, but nowhere near some of the recent monsters I read about after looking it up.
  15. The NFL has an Offensive Line Crisis

    Recently, there's been some P and FB players pushing six six and three hundred. Quite a few more guys in the six three/four range probably could have hit OL weights in an NFL training regimen. Boog Powell comes to mind. Relatively big FB hitter back in the Brave's hay day. He was a fun guy to watch if you're a baseball fan.