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  1. Unless his coworkers spill some beans, I fail to see how he can pick up anything he couldn't see on the tape he will see anyway. That PFF dude complaining about him being at the game is silly. What prevents him, or anyone else with a deep pocket, from attending the game with a great seat? If I was RR, and had the bucks and personnel, assuming no rules against it, I'd have a scout team at every upcoming opponent's games.
  2. LMFAO at you guys still hung up on his draft designation as an RB. No, his running hasn't been overly impressive out of the gate, but neither has the performance of the line that's supposed to be opening lanes for him. However, he's done more than just flash, and the past couple of games, you can already see that he's made adjustments and is getting quicker in his decisions as the game slows down for him. He is still a distraction for defenders (no stat for that), and is making blocks with great effect. For you size queens out there, it's called technique...speaking of which, given his pedigree, and the fact that he's been coached by a rather successful NFL WR since, well, birth, how about those hands? I believe that's where some good, more like great, numbers will begin to show up on the stat sheets soon, especially due to our current situation at WR. Hopefully, his targets out of the slot, or even wide, will skyrocket, because if they do, the yardage sure as hell will do the same. I remember a little over five years ago, we took this guy in the first round, and lots of posters here questioned the pick, some mercilessly, just like today. His numbers weren't all that great early on, and he made some visible mistakes at the wrong time, took the wrong angle etc. Then, as the season progressed, an injury to another player led us to move him to a different position. The game slowed down for him too, and as it did, well, by the end of the season, he'd done okay for a rookie. Nevertheless, even well into his second year, you could say he was still somewhat of a liability in coverage. Fast forward to today, where he now leads the entire NFL in interceptions by a player at his position since joining the league. His name is Luke Kuechly, a young man destined for the HoF. In terms of talent, athleticism, intelligence, work ethic, demeanor, and dedication to his craft and the game, if you don't see the similarities, it's only because you don't want to. The only thing that might hold CMC back is the same thing that has actually helped Luke. His coaches. Rivera played the same position, and has a coaching philosophy that puts a linebacker in an excellent position to succeed. Until, and unless, this offense truly evolves, CMC won't have the same benefit. Overall, to this point, if anything, that's been a hindrance.
  3. From now on? A whole grain? I've been tuning out his CMC noise since training camp. Across any "border" you can draw, 95% of everything that's been said about him has been positive, if not outright glowing, and those are opinions of not just teammates, but the opposition, analysts that actually know what they're talking about, etc. Wait until the game really starts slowing down for him and watch what happens.
  4. If required, CMC at WR is doable, at least in terms of running the routes. Multiple sources early on made comments about him already knowing every route in the entire book. Of the few times I recall him targeted down the sideline, seems like the results have usually been pretty damn good too.
  5. Vague Worley tweet

    Cry me a river. When you're over fifty or so, and still waiting, then you might have something to complain about, and even that assumes you're busting tail the whole way...and doing more listening than talking.
  6. Shula, first call of the game

    Handoff to CMC up the middle for no gain. Suh tries to stomp on his hands, but CMC barely rolls out of the way just in time. Norwell sees this and proceeds to rip into Suh. Then, upon seeing the replay, both benches empty and an all out brawl ensues including everyone but the kickers. They stand to the side with a fistful of each other's jerseys.
  7. Freeman in the Protocol

    For the first ten seconds or so, Freeman was wobbly like a drunk. I know TD said he didn't think the hit did it, but on the last camera angle replay, the sudden stop/snap looked pretty clear to me. Regardless, Ed Hochuli saw it immediately and sent him to the sideline for evaluation. Great call.
  8. General Gameday thread...

    With NO winning today, and with us having to play them in the dome, if we have to get to the playoffs via a wild card, as of right now, since Dallas is right behind us, and the Falcons behind them for a WC, who do we root for now in the four o'clock game, all other things equal, ATL or DFW?
  9. General Gameday thread...

    If only it was permanently, and he can take Suh with him.
  10. General Gameday thread...

    You trying to get this thread moved to the Tinderbox? The correct term is "vertically challenged"...just like our offense has been this year.
  11. General Gameday thread...

    No doubt. Other than too much prevent too soon, especially against top tier quarterbacks, never had a problem with Rivera when it comes to defense.
  12. General Gameday thread...

    Which is really strange. That, and the poor tackling. Our D was built on perfect technique as a cornerstone. Seems like he forgot that.
  13. General Gameday thread...

    After see the Saints debacle at BoA, I am a Bills fan today for sure. I convinced my wife to watch after telling her it was really like watching the "Panthers Lite." Next up, I'll be rooting for the Cowgirls to keep the Falcons at bay. Being one of the few around here that actually appreciates the magic Belichick, Brady et al are capable of, Sunday night football is a good watch tonight as well. I can't remember the last time I was looking forward to seeing three straight games in one day. The fact that they lead into the Panthers at home on MNF with us being a solid playoff contender at this point is a thick layer of icing on the cake. Helluva football weekend. PS...Seeing the U in top form last night was pretty cool too. Maybe they'll generate a TE or two like they did in the past. If so, we all know one Huddler who will let us know about it.
  14. He should just be happy that his HQ is RR and not BB. Those type of comments up there are a ticket to a trade...or the street.
  15. In this day and age, who the hell agrees to hang on to a WMD for a buddy who is contemplating blowing up his neighbor...and we're depending upon this guy's sound judgment under pressure to keep us from running into another airplane going 285 mph, at night, in clouds, etc.?