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  1. Be careful. Even though it's been some time ago since I was in the airline biz and things have changed, there were a few horror stories where they had ways of tracking that sort of thing, and in one case, allegedly, came after the pax with the threat of a lawsuit to recoup the price difference. No idea if it's actually true, but the fine print might say they could do it.
  2. I gotta correct myself too. I just looked at the cumulative average and doubled the RDU, which equals the CLT avg. Brain fart. What I should have said, is "up to" twice as much. The bottom line still stands though. It's double digits more to fly out of CLT. Always has been since US Air bought Piedmont back around 89 or90. Now it's just worse...far worse.
  3. True, Charlotte was the far better choice, but as far as airports go, thinking RDU is "pricer" is just plain wrong. AA DOMINATES CLT, and charges accordingly. Below are six city pairs, economy nonstop averages. flying out of CLT, on average, costs twice as much as it does to fly out of RDU, and these are restricted coach prices. You don't even want to know what full fare first class costs are. On long hauls, I've even considered driving to RDU to save the $$$. Furthermore, often, where connecting flights are required out of RDU to the destination, guess where the connecting city is? Yep. CLT. Same flight on the final leg, hundreds of dollars less. DEP ARR Avg. Price Diff. in % KCLT ATL 536 164.42 KCLT MIA 475 130.14 KCLT DCA 321 110.31 KCLT PHL 621 221.00 KCLT ORD 475 128.73 KCLT SFO 627 109.23 Avg, 143.97 KRDU ATL 326 60.82 KRDU MIA 365 76.84 KRDU DCA 291 90.65 KRDU PHL 281 45.25 KRDU ORD 369 77.68 KRDU SFO 574 91.55 Avg, 73.80
  4. Wut? I'm confused. Last time I checked, Jax was in south GA, not NY.
  5. xav8tor

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    Without comment or opinion, FWIW, I'll just drop these links here. Off season boredom and a vague memory made me recollect this: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article205879429.html http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d8236f177/article/newton-follows-panthers-coachs-script-gives-td-ball-to-kid
  6. xav8tor

    Mike Rucker

    So, I'm guessing no one aside from "Zod" around here is a photog, or ever saw South Park's "Closeups of Animals with Wide Angle Lenses" episode? Check out the BoA tower for a clue. I'm not 100% sure of what's going on in the OP, but I do know that what you see, ain't what you get in that pic.
  7. The 19 year old chick from Toledo that sometimes gives me a buzz cut at Sports Clips is a more reliable source than anyone/anything cited in this asinine thread.
  8. Nice eye Zod. Can we all chip in and get you to the MIA game? Some shots at that one would be nice, especially if the weather is warm.
  9. Better try an electric razor when your first time shaving rolls around in a few years. The ones with blades will cut you. She was front and center in my first Huddle avatar from the JAX game.
  10. I'd like to thank Zod and rayzor for injecting some logic and well-reasoned analysis into these threads about yesterday's game. I tried in the locked Shula thread but was so dang mad I couldn't even type straight. If we take the Bills and Giants, maybe we'll have something to look forward to after the bye. If things aren't shaping up well by the middle of October, I expect JR may get his broom out of the closet, hand it to the G-man, and do a little house cleaning again. On a positive note, if the season does go down the crapper this year, the 2014 draft is overloaded with OL talent.
  11. Seattle won, and they are not that impressive. We lost. Sure a few bright spots for us, but overall not that impressive either, especially with all the talk of starting strong. Panthers overall grade D. Coaching F----. Can 'em NOW.
  12. Apparently so, and while we're on the subject, the visiting Chawks should also be aware that Mecklenburg County was arguably the first to declare independence, about a year before the "official" Dec was signed. Furthermore, the Brits, like the Chawks, found our home to be like a "hornet's nest" when facing us in battle. Our opponent this week may well feel the same. I have a feeling BoA's field will look a lot like my backyard after my wife's cat snagged a bird...bloody feathers all over the place.
  13. Actually, in a recent study published in the American Journal of Preventive and Restorative Dentistry, Seattle ranked 47th out of the 50 largest USA metro areas in terms of relative dental health of their population while Charlotte ranked third.
  14. Because at least one of 59's plays will indirectly, if not directly, put additional points on the board for us, just like in the preseason Ravens game.
  15. (59 + 58 + 52 + 76 + 95 + 96 + 68 + 27 = -3) * 1 Edit (Tues, 9/3): Oddly, even though Star and Kawaan changed jersey numbers today to 98 and 99, the modified result is still the same = NEGATIVE 3.