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  1. video of Cam responding to criticism

    Dayum! I gotta say it was worth watching that for the last thing he said: "Your, or anybody else's expectations, will NEVER exceed mine." Keep pounding Cam!
  2. Uh...no, that ain't the right analogy, not even close. I was possessed with a natural six pack when I was a young man tho.
  3.   Who used the word fat? I do like 'em ripped though.
  4. Honestly, that's true.  I've been married to one for twenty-five years.  Not only is she a looker, but funny as hell and smart to boot.
  5. Either you need to see more boobies to learn the difference, or that Broncoette, or whatever they call them, needs to a) eat less, b) learn to hold in her tummy when wearing skimpy clothes, or c) give up cheerleading when visibly preggers. I'm amazed her pants stayed up.
  6. Blandino on the no catch call

    Blandino is either wrong, confused about his own rule, or under someone's thumb.  The media this morning is full of articles discussing this.  Where did the ball hit the ground?  Even if it did, was it already in his control at that point?  Is there even an argument to be made that Cotch had become a runner, which would also change the outcome? http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/08/sports/football/jerricho-cotchery-darian-stewart.html?_r=0 http://www.sbnation.com/2016/2/7/10933928/super-bowl-nfl-catch-rules-carolina-panthers-jerricho-cotchery http://www.si.com/nfl/2016/02/07/carolina-panthers-jerricho-cotchery-catch-incomplete-video And the list goes on... That play/call, and a few others like it, changed the game - and not in a good way for the Panthers.
  7. Big congrats to the Broncos

    You miss the point.  Of course WP dialed up a great plan.  Duh.  Hence, no need for blatant no calls by refs and dirty play.  I am all for clean hits that are brutal, a la those by our own #59/58 duo.  Look at it this way, what if Luke had gone for the base of Manning's neck (on his upper back) on that sack?  What would have been the outcome?  Since I have the exact same spine/neuro issue as Peyton, I can tell you that he would have been far more useless the rest of the game (assuming he could have stayed in it), and there probably would have been an ejection.  Had a neutral game been called, and played, hard but clean, I'd have zero problems with it, aside from this thread being pinned and penned by the owner of the forum.  That field pass might be harder to get next year, but pinning the "real reason Cam left" thread might make up for it.  Personally, I abhor being PC, and the aforementioned behavior by Denver and the NFL provides me with no reason to be so.
  8. Big congrats to the Broncos

    The fans had a massive showing because their air tickets were far cheaper.  It's a day trip for them.  As for the Broncos, they played dirtier, not harder.  There's a difference.  Talib got away with murder knowing he could risk severely injuring a burgeoning receiver who'd made some clutch plays recently, and only be penalized by a yard. Then there's the Miller slap/whack to the Cam's face/helmet, which he's been quoted as being especially proud of, just as Talib is of his play.  Maybe no call since he didn't grab the mask, but still... .  And then there's the catch that wasn't a catch because no one even knows what constitutes a catch anymore.  That's what set the tone and it was downhill from there.  Toss in "ref interference" and game over.  I like Manning, and I'm no conspiracy theorist, but it sure feels like the NFL gave him that Lombardi.
  9. Fuggin Roaring Riot

    The fumes from that 2nd pic are registering a .20 on my iBAC meter, a nifty new app. I'm not sure all the bugs are worked out though.  It takes more than a .20 to make your eyes roll back, and to the side, in your head like that. Possible temporary neurologic damage. If it doesn't spontaneously resolve, I expect most of your pix will be of the upper deck over to one side of the field.
  10. How is this guy still employed?

    If he had white hair in that pic, he could have been a double for Steve Martin in The Jerk - both for his looks and brain.
  11. Look at that end zone....

    Maybe, but there's not an orange seat in the house.
  12. Which Carolina Panther are you?

    Rivera.  Every test like this I've ever taken in my whole life, including "real" ones, always says the same thing. One even said I was a commandant. I just hope it didn't mean I had the personality type of Col. Klink.
  13. Wow!  This man can write.  Combine that with the creds of having been there, done that, and Harper has a future after football...in football.  That late hit on 89 a few years back still lingers in my memory, but this article goes a long way in showing what kind of person he really seems to be.  What a great read, and such a refreshing change from the drivel so pervasive in the media these days (and all too often on this very forum).
  14. Comments on NOLA article

    This.  How could any Saints fan call another player or team dirty after Bountygate?  I mean, you'd have to have a really low IQ to do that.  Oh wait, never mind.
  15. SkyBanner for Dallas game?

    There's that (3,000 feet and 3 mile restriction an hour before until an hour after), and the fact that the AT&T stadium roof, retracted or not, means your target audience probably won't ever see it.