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  1. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic How about Kony Ealy!   

    we had a first round grade on him.  I know it takes time for DE's and OT's to adapt, but I'm still hoping for much more improvement, quickly.  
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  2. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Gameday Menu   

    hot dogs....with mustard, onions,  my chili and slaw, the way God intended.
    Beer,  Scotch.  And something sweet to balance the tears of Brady.
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  3. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Arian Foster could be back by week 2 to play the Panthers   

    I just read that Clowney should be ready for their first game.
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  4. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic CJ, and Funchess Participated in some Team Drills, Brandon Williams full participant today   

    honestly, a stress fracture in the foot of a big man scares me a lot.  I don't know what the medical procedure is but I'd be happy with us taking our time with him.  I think we can beat Jacksonville without him.
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  5. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Is Cam the worst QB on the roster?   

    this did not start well
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  6. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Funchess hamstring still tight, "MAY" play Friday.   

    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Observations from the Carolina Panthers' practice on Tuesday:
    Increased work: Wide receiver Devin Funchess (hamstring) and defensive end Charles Johnson (calf) took part in a few individual drills before working with the trainers. Both moved well and appear close to returning to full work. Funchess lined up with the second group of receivers during drills. Johnson worked on pass-rushing drills on the side. Coach Ron Rivera hasn’t ruled either out for Friday night’s preseason game against the New England Patriots. ... Backup left tackle Nate Chandler (knee) worked on the side.
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  7. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Tuesday practice tweets   

    Joe Person ‏@josephperson  53m53 minutes agoRivera also is optimistic Star Lotulelei will be available for the season opener at Jacksonville. He is still in a boot.
    Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview  52m52 minutes agoRR also hopeful CJohnson can play Friday. DFunchess may, but he said hamstring is still tight.
    0 retweets0 favoritesReplyRetweet  Favorite  More David Newton ‏@DNewtonespn  52m52 minutes ago#Panthers Rivera has not ruled out DE Charles Johnson (Calf) playing Friday. Same for WR Devin Funchess (hamstring).
    Joe Person ‏@josephperson  38m38 minutes agoFairly light practice for #Panthers today. They worked a lot of 1st team vs. 3r d team while installing plays/schemes on both sides of ball.
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  8. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Tuesday practice tweets   

    Max Henson ‏@PanthersMax  54m54 minutes agoRivera said DT Kyle Love is firmly in rotation. Said he's been most consistent D-lineman so far.
    1 retweet2 favoritesReplyRetweet 1Favorite 2More Joe Person ‏@josephperson  54m54 minutes agoRon Rivera says there's a chance Charles Johnson could play this week against the Patriots.
    3 retweets4 favoritesReplyRetweet 3Favorite 4More Carolina Panthers ‏@Panthers  54m54 minutes agoRon Rivera says there is no concern that DT Star Lotulelei will miss the regular season opener vs. Jacksonville. "He's right on track."
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  9. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Tuesday practice tweets   

    Jonathan Jones ‏@jjones9  1h1 hour agoPractice complete. First team mostly ran with third team as prep. No Kalil or Brockel. Funchess and C Johnson worked on side
    0 retweets1 favoriteReplyRetweet  Favorite 1More Max Henson ‏@PanthersMax  1h1 hour agoDE Charles Johnson and WR Devin Funchess returned to practice today but were limited. Partook in individual/position drills.
    Jonathan Jones ‏@jjones9  1h1 hour agoThere's very little to report from the field today, unfortunately. It was a scout team day for both sides of the ball
    Jonathan Jones ‏@jjones9  56m56 minutes agoRivera: no concern that Star will miss the opener
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  10. Captain Morgan added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Tuesday practice tweets
    David Newton ‏@DNewtonespn  1h1 hour ago#Panthers practice over. Devin Funchess and Charles Johnson limited. No team drills for either.
    3 retweets1 favoriteReplyRetweet 3Favorite 1More Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview  1h1 hour agoPractice over. Funchess & CJohnson went through group but not team. Folkerts at No 1 C all day. 1s vs scouts, so nondescript day.
    David Newton ‏@DNewtonespn  1h1 hour ago#Panthers use Brian Folkerts with first team at center most of practice.
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  11. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Today's Practice Tweets / Reports   

    that could be a good think...more reps for him against the ones, and Remmers can show if he's good enough to cut Folkerts.
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  12. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Gameday Menu   

    had to work today so I ain't cooking..,The beer and scotch are already flowing...
    anyone here wanna talk me out of having a pizza delivered?
    yeah, didn't think so.  It's on the way!
    so nice to have these threads back. 
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  13. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic This "running game" everyone keeps bringing up   

    iirc, his qb just became the number one pick in the draft.
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  14. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic 2015 Training Camp Awards   

     I think he learned his lesson and that is why he is blooming.  Either way we'll find out this year for sure, and I'm leaning towards him having a very good year, possibly so good we can't afford him.  He's a baller, he was covering Smitty so well in his rookie training camp that he was trash talking him, but his play on the field was why he got sat.  As he matured and learned his role, he and the  team got better.  I know RR likes veterans, but there is a reason for that...veterans know their role.
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  15. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic The coaches need to quell Funch's seemingly obvious anxiety.   

    anyone else read the post and look up to the left to see if it was started by Panthers United?
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