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  1. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic more of what the Hawks fans are saying   

    the jury is till out on our OL this year, but after watching the transformation last year, I understand more how talent is important, but keeping personnel intact is just as.  The OL operates as a unit, and having the same guys in place every game does wonders.
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  2. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Fells has parts of foot amputated due to MRSA   

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  3. Captain Morgan added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    more of what the Hawks fans are saying
    We heard it from every other fanbase jealous of our young hungry elite D for three years. "Just you wait, when those players start getting paid, you're going to have problems. The desire will wane, players will get content."
    Not us! we said, this D is different. This D is one of the greatest of all time!
    Well...................they're right. It's now official. Our D is soft. I do not see the same crazy pack of wild dog energy and hunger out of our core players. There are some exceptions, mainly on the D line. I still see energy from guys like Bennett and Avril.
    But the LOB? Nope, soft as hell, especially Sherman. $$$ and babies have made him soft. Earl? Looks confused half the time. Kam? Still hits hard, but got TORCHED yesterday. Bobby? KJ? OK, but not playing anywhere near their 2012/2103 form.
    While I do agree this defense is not what it once was, let's not forget they were amazing the last 2 games (Chi/Det), and then for 3 quarters yesterday on the road against one of the best offenses in the NFL. Once again the offense hung the defense out to dry yesterday with zero production in the 4th quarter and OT.
    Unfortunately after going to back to back Super Bowls and most of these guys getting paid, they probably will never be as dominant and frenzied as they were when they were trying to climb the mountain. Hope I'm wrong.
    on Wilson:
    We are stating to really see his limitations. The middle of the field appears to be all but inaccessible to him in the short passing game. He just cant see I guess
    I know there is a lot of hate for Russ on this board. With this said I truly believe Russ has been overwhelmed with the lack of consistent support on the OL. When he first came up I'm sure he had a lot more confidence in the OL. Now from one snap to the next he just doesn't have any consistent protection and thus he has somewhat regressed as a passer as the gameplan as drawn up is thrown out the window. With the losses the OL has sustained it's understandable but starting this offseason they really need to stop with the projects and find good (great not needed) lineman that have SOME experience especially at the NFL level playing the position. Once Russ gets comfortable that he'll have consistent protection again he will again ascend to the top of the heap of QB's. Until then expect some of the same.
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  4. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Big money is using his good fortune to give back in many ways   

    the character of this team is something I'm very proud of.
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  5. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Gameday Menu   

    dinner on the grounds at church today, so a little bit of everything.  Then gonna probably watch the bucs game again unless there's a good live game I get interested in.  Then beer and scotch.  I love Jesus, but I drinks a bit.
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  6. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Skins fan for the weekend....   

    so Friday morning could be that moment when you're 4 and 0 and two games out of first place in your division.
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  7. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Seahawks fans concerned about their OL   

    I'm starting to get excited about playing these guys.  Although what you are about to read below is going to sound very familiar to Huddlers. 

    Given the weakness of our O line, is it more important to bring (LT) Okung back after this year? I'd felt like he won't be worth the money Im sure another team might offer him. However, watching this O line, and seeing the shortage of O lineman in the league these days, we might have to make sure he's back.
    As of right now? Vitally. He's about the only one who's playing halfways decent somewhat consistently. He's also a known commodity, and God help us if we leave the LT spot open for Cable and JS to fill.
    I've been pretty loud about how poor Okung has played over the last year or so, I think he had one good year and then fell off a ton, probably because he has fat toes. 
    He gets beat so much in 1 on 1's.
    He won't be worth what anyone is willing to give him, and so I think he's gone.
    Who replaces him if not?
    There is a league-wide shortage of competent OL talent. You can either face that reality and pony up or continue relying on Cable to pick projects based on their high school wrestling record and their marital status. 
    The Jets may have overspent on a couple of our "average" linemen, but that unit is sure playing a heck of lot better than ours is. I really doubt they regret their decisions.
    I think you're going to be shocked at what another team is willing to pay him. There's a ton of worse LT's in the league. 
    That said, there are a couple of much better LT's that singed for 7 mil/year last year. We can afford him at that price.
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  8. Captain Morgan added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    most air yards lost due to drops..guess where Cam ranks?
    That would be first, at least according to PFF.  And i know Huddle gonna Huddle, but remember: 4-0.  This post is more about how Cam is carrying our offense than our receivers hands.
    User Actions  FollowPro Football Focus‏@PFFMost air yards lost due to drops so far:
    1. C Newton (139)
    2. S Bradford (133)
    3. B Bortles (118)
    4. R Mallett (112)
    5. C Palmer (92)
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  9. Captain Morgan added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Seahawks fans concerned about their OL
    saying Wilson, an elusive QB mind you, is on pace to be sacked 72 times, which would be the second
    most in NFL history.
    "Would you rather have sacks, or interceptions / fumbles. Pick your poison.

    It is impossible to not see how atrocious this o-line is.
    Let's eat.
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  10. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic Ryan Delaire 2013 Towson highlights   

    the speed and effort he gives is impressive. 
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  11. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic JNo_24 interview on Russillo and Kanell: UPDATE w/link   

    this guy is getting paid 5th round draft pick money.  It looks like he's going to get a deal north of 11 million dollars per year.  I'm not sure Getty will do that.  And I'm going t miss him, because I really like him.
    Yes he's a bonehead sometimes but is very talented and a good guy.  The funniest thing about the Cam fight is that both are PK's.  So am I.  And I ain't perfect either.
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  12. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic GIFs from the Bucs game   

    lol, I had forgotten all about that
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  13. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic GIFs from the Bucs game   

    I love the one with Gano giving the push after the tackle.  Our team is so tough even our kicker wants to fight you.
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  14. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic The Coolest Team in the NFL   

    I was shocked he knew we had the long regular season winning streak in the NFL.  
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  15. Captain Morgan added a post in a topic The Coolest Team in the NFL   

    I was listening yesterday when he said and I about drove off the road.  well at least one guy in the national media has noticed.
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