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  1. Panthers UDFA RB/FB Devon "Rockhead" Johnson

    This years lee ward
  2. Not too confident with him starting at safety TBH
  3. Why didn't Cam jump on the ball?

    He made a career decision
  4. Cam scared to jump on a ball in the Super Bowl
  5. Our offense won't magically score twice on this defense. Doesn't mean much
  6. It's over. So upsetting
  7. Lol against the best game manager in the NFL? Not gonna happen
  8. We need to get rid of gano
  9. You can't make this poo up
  10. Lost our challenges on bullshit
  11. We better man up quickly
  12. Refs already trying to help Peyton. Mos def a catch
  13. The last Super Bowl we played in was 12 years ago. We've waited to damn long for our rings tonight's our night