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  1. You play the way you practice. PRACTICE?

    How many times did that happen this year? It isn’t that outlandish considering each only happened once
  2. You play the way you practice. PRACTICE?

    No way does a team go 11-5 while beating two 13-3 teams without great preparation. Unfortunately sometimes players don’t execute and things don’t go as planned but all this talk that our coaching staff is incompetent and doesn’t know how to prepare this team to play at a high level each week needs to stop
  3. 41 points

    Title is a little misleading. We won in 2014 41-10 so it only would have only taken 11 to win that day. To your point we did need almost all 41 to win in the other games though
  4. But we didn’t lose to the Bucs. A poor showing yes but rolling out with a win probably stemmed more complacency than urgency. As for your other point in most cases no, but I’m only trying to lay out how it could be in this situation
  5. The media is going to be calling us trash all week and are going to completely dismiss us from beating the Saints. This belittlement is only going to motivate Cam and everyone knows he plays best when he’s pissed off. If we had steam rolled the Falcons everyone would be praising us and our team would have no animosity to fuel from. Also, I really don’t think the fact we have to play in New Orleans is going to have much of an effect on the outcome of this game. We have a 24-22 record all time vs the Saints with a 12-11 record both Home and Away.
  6. potential ownership groups?

  7. Aaron Hernandez's Brain

    Studies funded by the National Football League have served you well
  8. Anyone else see Cams presser?

    A little late for that
  9. Psssst..., Hurney is GM , not interim GM

    Shouldn’t there be some type of age restriction for making decisions for an NFL team? Someone like JR should not be making such critical decisions for a professional sports organization. I’m not even sure he could tell us what he had for breakfast this morning
  10. Personally I think mastermind Gett wants to sit him behind the vets so he can sign him for cheaper. Then he can set him free.
  11. It's been a good year. We just aren't quite there. We need some more depth in the OL and KB back at WR. Also a replacement for Harper and we are easily in contention for SB 51
  12. Whether we win or lose this has been an awful super bowl to watch
  13. Love this conservativeness by Denver