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  1. Just a t shirt with a big picture of his face plastered across it. I think it's time I eat my crow for ragging on him after he got rid of Smitty and we were 3-8-1. This guy really knows how to build a football team without any flashy stats or big money players.  He knows how to build a team that can drive a pinto right into the super bowl. 
  2. Can't wait to meet him on campus.. seems like a great guy
  3. [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

    "Hornets coach Steve Clifford wouldn't confirm that Price is leaving the team, but said Wednesday night 'he would be terrific' as a head coach." That's good to hear from the head coach he was working under  Read more here:
  4. [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

    Wait.. are you positive about this? Haven't heard anything about it being finalized online or on campus...
  5. [Mark Price in?] Alan Major is OUT officially

    So freaking excited about the hire.. Major had me losing hope in our program majorly 
  6. Ryan Kalil: We Will Win SB XLVII

    http://www.heraldonl...enter-ryan.html I hate it when players make these kind of predictions, but atleast he didn't call us the "dream team"