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  1. Cam Newton disappointed me

    To make it clear he wasn't eating , he ordered to go. 
  2. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I think there are bigger issues that cause a scourge on our society, then a parent that was upset that a player who his whole household worship, ignored and pretty much shooed away some loyal fans.   
  3. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Fug you and anyone else who thinks like your dumbass 
  4. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Bro he was waiting for his food order, sense he ordered a bunch of food , he waited 20 mins after we got there , before he got his to go order, we were even eating when they finally got all his food together 
  5. Cam Newton disappointed me

    Being from northern Cali we don't get the chances y'all do to run into your favorite panther players, especially a few days before the biggest game in our history. Kids love cam, mainly cuz their dad loves cam, just hated to see the disappointment on their faces, if I was just there, I would've just ordered my food and ate and moved on. But the kids was excited and it hurts to say I allowed them to let down
  6. Cam Newton disappointed me

    That orange sauce though be on hit lol
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    What's there number? Lol
  8. Cam Newton disappointed me

    He was ordering food to go bro, we ordered food to dine in
  9. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I understand that, but it's hard telling your young kids that, especially how much they see me praise Newton every Sunday for the last 5 years, 
  10. Cam Newton disappointed me

    So I went downtown with my two young daughters 7 and 10 and my wife to take kids ice skating. We stopped by La Victoria to get dinner before we went ice skating. As we walked in we seen Cam Newton sitting at a table with his hood on and like 4 or 5 other dudes. So we stood in line and ordered our food. After we ordered our food, Cam was right at the 1st table. We had to walk past him to get to the tables that were empty towards the back . So my wife was like go do hi to Cam and wish him luck to my oldest daughter and ask if he can take a picture with y'all . So as we started to pass him my daughter said " excuse me" to Cam and he just ignored her. And one of the dudes was like "no pictures man" I was disappointed, we all had Panther gear on, my youngest was even wearing a Panther cheer leader uniform. Cam literally was in the same restaurant with us for 20 minutes waiting on his food order. We even got our food before he left and was eating while he walked past us literally within inches of our table.  He never smiled or nothing, my girls were upset and were crying, I felt bad. He could have at least smiled at them or even just let them wish him luck. I could understand not wanting pictures, but to still be there for another 20 minutes, and at least could have been a little friendly    
  11. The Santa Clara Camera Bag Strategy

    Zod when do you fly in? Staying in San Jose?
  12. The Santa Clara Camera Bag Strategy

    I can fit in that bag, I swear i can.
  13. Bill is a racist pile of poo and is taking up valuable air by being allowed to be alive 
  14. I didn't get to actually meet any panther players or take pictures with them. But since i live in San Jose, I went downtown to go see the them at their hotel. I was trying to get tickets to the media event on monday, but the guy selling them on craigslist sold them to the highest bidder. So me and my lady went down to the Marriott. I seen (took pictures of) Greg Olsen, Mike Tolbert, Jonathan Stewart, Riverboat Ron and Brenton Bersin. Also Chris Scott walked passed me and nodded his head and said was up, i couldnt get my phone out to snap any pictures of him. Bunch of fans started running towards him and he jumped in a cab and took off. Luke Kuechly got in a cab about 8ft from me and as he was leaving he waved at me and my lady, that made my night. The picture my lady took did no justice, as the tint on the cab window, kind of distorted the picture so you cant really tell it was him in the car. Also Cam Newton was at La Victoria's a few blocks away from the Marriott as I was downtown, but i did not know this til later. All the Panther players have been seen around town. Pretty cool, I be seeing a bunch of Panther fans all over downtown, I work at a bar as a bouncer at nights a few days a week, so I get to see the Panther vibe around downtown. 
  15. I work at the Britannia arms downtown as a bouncer, I work Sunday, Tuesday and then rest of week, mainly at night I'll buy you a drink, only bouncer downtown you will see with a black panther hat lol