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    sometimes I need a break from my real life, and the internet is a source for me LOL
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    Sorry I Spammed The Forum
    I spammed the forum last night, I have not been able to post, i did send Jeremy and email, the name is Jon Beason, and it was a reply to the automated emails I get from the huddle. I have not really been online lately, so when i tried about a month ago to log on, i could not log on. I been working two jobs for the last 6 months 50 hours a week at one job, and about 20-30 hours at the other job. But now that football season is around the corner, I wanted to come to the place that I love to come to the most, and that is the huddle.
    So my bad guys for spamming the forum, I could have handled it better, i just thought i would get my point across to a mod. 
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