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  1. We Have Officially Made It

    I got an old Steve smith jersey, all torn up at the bottom, I misplaced my peppers jersey a few years ago, and I have a beason and gamble jersey, I had beason jersey given to me as a gift for my bday a few years ago and bought a Gamble jersey when he retired 
  2. We Have Officially Made It

    I'll punch someone in the throat if they call me a bandwagon fan.
  3. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    I'm from California  1) 49er fans, I hate the 9ers and most of their fans, they got good for s few years after sucking for 10 years and all the bandwagon fans came back out, they are snotty and always bring up we got 5 rings, how many y'all got? I tell them y'all got 5 rings , but how many have y'all got since Carolina been in the league ? 2) Raider fans, anyone who is a raiders fan, seem to think you will be afraid of them, raiders suck and have sucked for over a decade, most of their fans are more into the thug life that they seem to be the perception of their fan base, most their fans don't even know Seahawks use to be in their division or who most of their great players were , most seem to get a kick out of getting drunk and going to games just to pick fights  3) Seahawks fans, annoying bunch of bandwagon fans , I never met or seen any Seahawks fans until they won the super Bowl, although they are not a Cali team, now I see their stickers on cars, people with their gear on etc, it's annoying as hell,  4) Cowboy fans, they swear their team is the best team ever, every year , they all get all hyped up by the ball sucking media and they suck ass almost every year 5) any other bandwagon fan I see who starts cheering for a team that just won the duvet bowl 
  4. I work at a sports bar.......

    Funny thing is the back patio is reserved for Browns fans lol, and the owner is a Steelers fan 
  5. I work at a sports bar.......

    Part time as a bouncer, and living in California, im always surrounded by other teams fans. 49ers, Raiders, Steelers, Packers, Cowboys you name it. But like always I rep my squad always. A little bit about myself, I'm about 6-2 and around 270 pounds and I'm a mean looking son of a gun. So today I started work just in time for the Panthers game, I got my black panther hat and my uniform on. I'm strolling through the bar with my ugly face on. The bar had a mixed amount of fans, but there were about 10-15 Packer fans, no Panther fans and rest were Raiders, Steelers and Patriot fans.   As the game was playing I cheered, clapped my hands loud, screamed at the TV, cursed and even yelled " get his fuging ass", even a Packer fan told me to calm down. Lol, but as we started to really dominate the packers oh man it was so sweet. Watching them Packers fans all sad, but Rodgers started coming back, I was getting nervous. They all seemed to start really cheering and hi fiving, I was pissed. But I held it in, I even told myself if one of these Packer fans say poo to me I'm gonna escort their fuging asses up out the place, maybe even face plant them on the crub. But Thomas Davis with the save, I went ape poo, I had to tone it down a bit, but man I was pumped, at the end of the game I rang the last call bell and yelled PANTHERS I was so fuging happy.   it was awesome