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  1. We need a DE... so whom?

    one thing that makes me wary about us actually signing a top FA regardless of money is what we have said before about our locker room. part of the magic the past 3 seasons is that we have young guys, wily vets, and medium aged guys who were previously under valued and motivated to prove their worth as starters. that combination is part of what gives our team its drive. that chemistry stays intact when the guys getting the money are either homegrown players who worked up or FAs who have strived for and achieved a good deal. i don't think that same chemistry stays intact when an outsider comes in and immediately makes bank-- especially when it may appear to come at the expensive of a homegrown guy who worked his way up (Norman). i don't even think it matters if the outside FA is a good guy who works hard or not. almost no matter what you send a message that you may actually not get rewarded for coming here or growing here and i think it degrades the chemistry-- even if it is a slight degradation. therefore, i think we either pick a guy who has slumped like JPP or Hardy, a guy who is waiting to break out and willing to take a lesser prove it deal (Vernon only fits one of these two requirements), or an older solid vet who can hold down the spot while our next draft pick grows.
  2. Voth was great when he first started and seemed to have a nice connection to the organization and reported things that were pretty comparable to the level Jeremy began to post in All Pro. I liked him, he has always had a certain sharpness or wit to him that is sometimes funny and sometimes off putting.  He works tirelessly and delivers great daily content on his site, but in the past couple of years the content has become more of the same weekly stuff that I honestly don't care much about -- like snap counts -- but some people are interested in those things. Another thing that I have noticed is he likes a narrative and likes a bigger picture view of some things. My main example was after the NFC championship game he tweets about how Cam is giving the press conference in the same room he was drafted in. Later, in the interview you can hear him ask the question "do you remember the last time you were in this room?", hopefully setting Cam up to talk about his collard greens line from when he was drafted and to get Cam to say how he has come full circle. Cam doesn't seem to care as much but does note that yes he said that and yes things have started to work. Then Voth writes a little article further hitting on the point. Generally, I like the idea that he had and the bigger story of Cam and his progress, but the way he did it rubs me the wrong way. I guess it has to do with his tweets and the interview all being open to view, so in essence his process (the wheels turning in his head) are all there to see, which makes the small but cool moment he wanted to write about seem more contrived than it should be. I feel like he has nice ideas on stories like these, but most of them fall flat to me because his execution is so deliberate. The problem might be because of his medium on twitter and the website, perhaps his work and thought process is too visible. The point of the above, is now watching him, I think he tries too hard and has become more of someone whose voice/commentary I have to suffer through to hear news I am interested in. Now, to the point about Cam. The thing I keep on thinking, and maybe someone said this already because I haven't read every post in this thread, is that all the people who are butt hurt about this are the reporters whose job it is to write about what he said-- basically, yeah if it was my job to write about Cam's post-game presser for the Superbowl (which will probably be looked at by more viewers than any other time) and he says nothing for me to write about, I would be mad too. Because that's one big piece in the flow of news that night that I won't have. The problem is that all these mad people are making it about Cam's personal make up, because he is a cry baby, and that the team and NFL should be embarrassed by having Cam as the face of the NFL. I'm sick of hearing talking heads talk about how "shameful" things are this season. And how embarrassed we should all be when someone doesn't act perfectly composed at every important moment. People flip out, people wear their hearts on their sleeves, some people are very stoic and level headed at all times and someone people are hot heads. Cam is highly emotional. Sadly the media questions I hear are all pretty stock and boring anyway, they are mainly soft ball questions and NFL players are coached to give soft ball answers, so most of the press conferences are pretty boring anyway. Especially ones for "good losers" who have basically one good answer to say "they were better than us today, we didn't prepare well enough, hats off to them-- they came to play." I think it's funny that the thing people like Voth seemed to want the most was for Cam to stay at the press conference and not leave. That is desire number one. So, ok-- what comes after that? Do they want Cam to stay and also be a good sport who says how much better the other team was and that he just couldn't get it done and that yeah they hit him hard and we just couldn't get anything going? Or, do they want Cam to stay and be really upset and give the kinds of answers someone who is super upset would say? One of those is being a "good sport" and also really boring and worthless filler and the one is still being a "bad sport" and probably more interesting to report on. Yet, the only "good sport" thing we're hearing Cam should have done was to stay at the press conference. So, I guess it turns into a question of how good of a sport does the media want Cam to be? Good enough to give them a good story maybe? Bottom line, to make Cam into the type of guy who says canned speeches every game is to make Cam a different person. It's a good thing the Panthers are letting him stay the person he is while helping him grow and understand his actions better. Voth is being a bitch and it is tiresome.
  3. hopefully next year we have an OT or another offensive player who doesn't mind beating up on guys like Miller, Wolfe, Harris, and maybe Talib. I'd love to see some blocks like in that 2013 Vikings game or the hit Smith put on Miller in 2012.
  4. it started to become real to me when Derek Wolfe hit Cam late in the endzone. part of the agony of the game was knowing that literally all we needed was one thing to go right on offense. we could have made it happen at any moment. the game was in reach the entire time until it was over. 
  5. Ealy made Super Bowl History

    BUMP   the more the game subsides, the more i keep thinking about EALY. he balled out, he rose to the occasion. like others have said, had we won he would have been the MVP. there have been times where we've been hard on Ealy but man he has what it takes and showed his 1st round pedigree, even though other teams didn't see it, Gettleman did. i feel bad, because we lost the hype for him is gonna suffer for a while and i think he deserves the hype. one of the things with this SB game was coach trying to give the vets a chance to play and win. that's a player's coach for you. Kony should have been starting/playing much more. he was held back all year by CJ and he needs to break through to start on the left side where he belongs. i imagine discussions with CJ will be we want to give you a pay cut and you're gonna be the back up. if not, we need to let you go. SO excited for Kony, the confidence boost has to be huge. also, when one of our guys got tackled out of bounce Kony was flipping out and could have been penalized. that's what i wanna see. he is a future leader here and i can't wait to see what he does going forward.
  6. most likely "name" free agent to me seems to be weddle. he's got the rivera/wilks connection and is at an important position for us. don't know much about weddle other than he is good but not sure about his age? i'm not even looking him up, but seems like a strong candidate to come here. mario williams-- don't really see it but people will probably talk about it all offseason. another guy i'm not very familiar with, i know he came outta the carolinas and he has hit his big pay days, but seems like a guy who could be looking for more money than we'd give him on a shorter deal. a guy i'd like to see even more is muhammad wilkerson-- DT/DE is our MO. so i am gonna assume Williams will take the RT spot this offseason. my question is does Oher continue at LT? probably, but do we draft a mid-round guy like Williams to grow into the spot (unless a star falls to 30)? I guess a lot of this is how much damage Josh and KK are gonna be. KK i think is gonna stay on a reasonable deal, but Josh might make Gettleman budge just a little bit, unless we walk away from the table and just suffer the tag.
  7. that's why we need KB out there. he would put talib in an early grave. i hope next time we play him we get a chance to end his career.
  8. The media seems to get it

    Keep doing what you're doing Cam. I cried even in high school when I'd lose a big game. I always remember teammates -- who were good players -- and who would act like nothing even happened after we lost. Honestly I never liked them as much after that. i want anger all offseason because we played like poo and let Von Miller knock us around again. They bullied us and we should have hit back and didn't. The team needs to use this.
  9. Cam pouting at the podium

    who gives a fug. he just lost the biggest game of his life. i wouldn't talk to anyone either. 
  10. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    maybe it happens, maybe it doesn't. but it wouldn't have occurred so close to our goal line and we could have stopped them from getting in. plus, Stewart gets rolled up and injured. 
  11. Offseason - Offense or Defense for DG

    another DE to go with Ealy and another OT to hopefully go with Williams. A couple of DBs to speed up the secondary.
  12. Stop blaming the refs, we played like poo

    I'm sorry dude, but not calling that pass a completion at the beginning of the game was like stabbing us with poison. and that was a completion.