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  1. The d-line needs to leave it all on the field this drive.
  2. sick of these horizontal throws on third and long.
  3. What a fuging dumbass play. At least include a short pass out for Cam in those situations.
  4. Byrd needs to learn to get deep. He’s playing shallow on every play. Keep him as a burner til he learns.
  5. Let’s just fuging do it man. I wanna see a silent kill of a game. Just buckle in, our in our hard hats, and do work.
  6. Dave won’t be doing anything. He’s retired. Wilks won’t get a HC job this year. His defense beat up bad teams early in the year. Otherwise, we haven’t exactly been dependable or solid on D. It’s inflated numbers and hype. i think Wilks is a good coach, but sadly this defense needs some renovations to get back to greatness. Somehow we went from young to old really fast.
  7. I see clips with both guys getting pissed while the Panthers are in the background. I guess we do that to people.
  8. Clifford's Leave

    Get well coach Cliff. I'm excited to see what Silas can do with control of the team. He's gonna be a head coach in the league very soon-- either here or elsewhere. This is his extended audition.
  9. They get used the same but CMC gets the ball in a much worse starting point. There’s a guy on him in the backfield regularly. Our horizontal passes are slow and easy to see coming so he gets grabbed at the line. No WRs are blocking well for him. we try to do read option plays with him at the wrong times and it looks awful when they blow up. Our o-line isn’t as good and we don’t give him a FB to block for him. Saints have been able to invest in some picks and have been lucky with guys panning out. We haven’t. Kamara is playing off Ingram and CMC is having to regain ground that Stewart loses. we use him on hard edge plays so he has to run out very wide to get yards. We should be using shorter angles and more over the middle passes to attack a defense’s middle more. its become clear that what used to be described as the most creative run game is now being pointed out to be just window dressing around the same boring run plays. After teams see through the fact we’re ultimately only going in the same few directions, no matter how we line up, it’s worth it for them to just take the guess and blow up our run game. we don’t have enough threats at the WR position. I like Funchess as our 1, but Shepard is playing scared to succeed. Losing Samuel for the year was a big blow. He was putting it together and creating that second threat that we could have built success on offense off of. Hopefully Greg doesn’t face any further setbacks and is able to come in hot and produce. That’ll be the difference in the offense getting us to the playoffs or not. Cmc isn’t bad and he will look better in the future. But he’s playing right now as our top guy when he’s on the field and has very little support to break out big plays and is being relegated to short yardage plays.
  10. Shaq was there at the goal line and let everyone down with that poo tackle. he needs to focus on getting the tackle instead of going for the kill shot. He still doles out devastating hits when he does it right.
  11. Panthers will bounce back

    I do believe we bounce back. 8-4 is nothing to scoff at and we still have some games left. We’re a dangerous team at any point. this team was built by an ex-ny giant. Those teams were frustrating and inconsistent, but they found a way to get to the playoffs and make a run. Since 2013, this team has done that in various ways. i hate the saints and wanted to win. I wanted us to take back our division champ title. But at the end of the day, all that is just window dressing for the playoffs. We just need to get there and I believe in our team’s ability to get there. After that, all bets are off. I’m not afraid of us playing on the road or against any particular team. We can beat anyone.
  12. Neutral Zone Infraction

    We’ll never know the outcome of the game, but the sack after wouldn’t have happened and we’d still be driving the ball while only down 7. Plus, they may not have necessarily scored a TD with that possession they got. that string of events gave them great momentum and made it a very different game.