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  1. I think Tina, the lawyer/advisor who is guiding JR through this BS dog and pony show, and the Communications Director who for some reason is interviewing GMs all need to see the door immediately. They're either incompetent, incapable of standing up to a disgraced owner, or both; and they shouldn't be trusted near the team for an extra second as long as JR is alive.
  2. Just someone buy the team and get these people out of here.
  3. I’d rather pay an elite guard than a D-lineman. O-line plays all game vs d-line on rotation. You get more for your money. Plus when you have an elite O-lineman guarding your franchise QB, you keep him. We let Norwell walk and we give up on Moton as future LT or we roll the dice and go back to the amino silatolu situation. we aren’t getting a big time FA anyway. We can pick up a cheaper DE who is an up and comer. Draft: Safety, WR, RB, DT, C/G.
  4. I'd rather tag him now and hold him so Gettleman has to wait.
  5. I know this guy’s an idiot, but assuming CMC is *just* a slot receiver, who cares? He played a ton of snaps, was extremely reliable, picked up big third downs, made some splash plays once he got settled in. He’s being used on a majority of plays and that will only increase as our new OC unlocks him. Its just using outdated language to downplay CMC as a player. Look at some #1 WRs and how they have less of an impact. Look at Dez Bryant. There have been some elite RBs this year and in the recent past, but they’re also all in different situations. CMC will have a better environment to show what he can do next season. Don’t really care what his position is called when we use him all game long.
  6. Willy Hernangomez to Charlotte

    The fact that this team can’t find one guy who can be a go to perimeter scorer while other teams seemingly pull them out of their asses every night bugs me so bad. I blame a lot this on Clifford. He doesn’t seem to want scorers, just well rounded guys who are ok at everything. I also blame Cho because he should be better at composing a team unless he defers to Clifford there.
  7. It’s really sad to see this thread bump with no actual news. The team is sitting around waiting for Hurney and nothing will change. I hope the people in the FO here never get another NFL job again— they’re all fuging tools. I hope the current advisers to the team leave with new ownership and keep their shitbird cronyism to themselves. It’s disgusting to watch here in a public setting.
  8. Maybe it's just the fan in me, but he really has rubbed me the wrong way since the end of the season. Being rational and realistic about contract prospects is one thing, but he's literally talking about how he's ready to throw away all his Panthers stuff and get out is pretty harsh/shitty to hear as a fan. Guys can say we'll see how it goes and it's a business, but he's been relatively outspoken about his desire to leave.
  9. I think the more important news is Dawson got a second interview, the rest is just press banter so who cares. Giving Dawson a second interview means we're standing on an edge and the team could very easily hire him. I wish there was a successful way for us as fans to try and push the team to the Dawson side instead of the Hurney side. Maybe the more negative press about the Hurney situation we can conjure, the better for Dawson.
  10. Here’s what I’d do: Tag Norwell to keep other teams at bay for the start of FA. Negotiate a long term deal that’s backloaded. Transition from the Kalils after this season.
  11. I'm pretty set on it now. It needs to be Dawson and if it isn't I'll be disappointed. He's the guy for the job.
  12. Can I get a list of guys who are clearly better candidates that we didn’t call? I don’t buy the guys we interviewed as just being throw aways to clear a path for hurney. We interviewed Dawson last time when Reese was guiding the search. That means he thought Dawson was worth talking to 5 years ago. He’s only gotten more experience since then.