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  1. We just need to keep creating turnovers. Jackson’s ints May not have been crazy route jumpers but last year we weren’t even grabbing the gimme ints for most of the season. If we can get the gimme turnovers more will follow. If we can keep the offense in turnovers and Cam continues to protect the football, we will win games easily.
  2. all i see are balls bouncing off guys.
  3. I just don't see the heart on this team. Maybe we miss TD on defense more than we think. Who is the field general holding guys accountable. Luke can call out the plays, but he seems to react to low effort most often by trying to make up for it instead of yelling at dudes to get their poo together. I wonder if Rivera is gonna start putting Washington on a short leash.
  4. I agree we have mainly some softies on this team. Our real fighters got kept on the bench. A lot of the ruckus on the field was our guys holding up our own. Props to smith for doing something. I wish we had an OL like Lewan who is a mean dude and not afraid to beat some ass. Oher was similar. Need more mean dudes on this team.
  5. I’m hoping this was our bad game for the season, but maybe it’s not bad enough.
  6. Yeah idk what the reality is, but I saw a lot of Butler yesterday and was not pleased. I didn’t see much KK or Poe at all. Also saw lots of d line falling on each other or getting bunched up together and out of the play. That group needs a wake up call because they got handled yesterday. For the next two games I’d rather see one of the rookie LBs in place of Mayo. He just isn’t fast enough. Luke had a rough game too but I know he’s embarrassed enough to do something about it. The rest, I’m not sure if they have the urgency. Also interested to see if Gaulden gets more PT. Would love it if he plays an enforcer role for us.
  7. KK and Pep just standing in the corner on that play is infuriating what the hell are we doing and why aren't we looking spear ryan when he pulls it down. fug his ass up jesus!
  8. half the time this defense looks completely lost out there. we're missing tackles and tripping over each other. where is the pressure up the middle? all i see is butler in the red zone. why aren't we overloading them to blow matt ryan up? fug this poo.
  9. yeah, i'm ready for moore and samuel to get on the field. at least you can see moore is wanting to make a play. funchess always has this demeanor like he's a cool vet but he has nothing to back that up with. i want somebody with some urgency out there.
  10. what the hell is this defense doing?? we're just letting them get us. no energy.
  11. fug yeah on the CMC run. We are a bigger more powerful team and we need to be bullying these cheap shot clowns. fug these dudes UP.
  12. Wow. For real!! Props to the guy for putting all this work in to get back and lucky for both him and us that his injury wasn't as bad as we all thought. Assuming he stays healthy, we're looking very good on the o-line now. I hope we can keep him after this season. EDIT: Also, would be funny if Gettleman ends up leaving us with bookend starting tackles. Very good for us/Cam.