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  1. Samuel will produce. right now we need to be sending him deep more. He has gotten a couple of PI calls due to his speed. We need to use him a few times a game to pressure the defense. He’ll either get a flag or burn someone. all he needs is one catch down field and DBs will start playing him scared.
  2. Part of our success in 2015 was our ability to demoralize opponents, not just with success on the field but also with Cam celebrating and talking trash. I love it. Just have to suck it up when you get bested because you know people will wanna take you down even more.
  3. Win or lose, this game plan just isn't the way to be. When your team is rolling you just don't wrap it up and try to run the clock out. There's no reason to allow the game to be close. Cant stand the philosophy. It goes against all the aggression that RR supposedly preaches.
  4. Refs are pulling some poo in this game. Either roll over for it or start putting some hits on the lions worthy of getting penalized.
  5. Use some fuging misdirection and show more variety than Stewart into traffic. Where's CMC running on the outside
  6. jones gave up a TD last week and he's given up big plays before from the position. can't understand why he continues to get opportunities.
  7. Cam is playing like an idiot. He had open field while running for a first down on our first series but he runs away from it to go up the middle into traffic and now this throw. What he is even thinking about?
  8. If we go in there and win, move to 3-1, the falcons lose, and the bucs and saints show mixed results, what do you all make of our outlook?
  9. Tell us if you know. I was looking forward to seeing what our guys were going to do and was amazed to see nothing. makes me wonder how bad it could be that no one did anything and Peppers was the only one confident enough to stay in the locker room. Also-- I sent you a message last week. All pro is rejecting me even though I have an active subscription. Please fix it!
  10. If I'm the players I kneel no matter what JR says from here on out.
  11. The kicker we kept had a sizable impact on the morale and failure of this team last year. We drafted a kicker for the first time ever with the probably intention of replacing Gano. the drafted kicker out plays gano in the pre-season. the staff and GM wasted time and resources being unsure of whether to cut the failure of a kicker we have. They clearly discussed this down to the wire because we kept both guys on the roster -- unheard of. We then spent more time attempting to create a trade for one of them. This is time that could have been spent evaluating and discussing other areas of need for the team. Instead we got cute with trying to get a late round pick for nothing. we also used this as an opportunity to show a lack of decisive leadership, and ultimately reiterated to the team that not much has changed in regard to winning and we're willing to strap ourselves to failures because maybe they're a nice guy and a veteran. Then, we don't even use Gano on a make-able field goal because we're scared that he would miss. That's the implication of not wanting to "give the saints momentum." We don't even have faith in the decision that we ultimately made. That shows how bad this leadership is currently.
  12. Regardless of what we would have used the space for, this whole idea of holding a second kicker for a trade as some kind of savvy move just shows the current leadership of this franchise is playing checkers. We're wasting time and energy on low value items, we're ignoring big issues and not even taking the easy steps to solve our actual problems. This team's leadership is blind to what does and does not matter in the NFL and this kicker ordeal is just a clear example of it.
  13. DA was throwing at people's feet. He can't even connect a pass. frankly the most embarrassing thing was watching us pull cam with 4 minutes left to watch DA throw three balls straight into the ground.