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  1. I would definitely like to have him here
  2. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    You really can't go wrong rooting for any of the WRs competing for a spot this year. Everyone is all in and locked in. Everyone put in extra work this offseason and everyone is vying to take a big step. So many good stories too. It's gonna feel nearly impossible to cut down this group. This is the effect of Gettleman and the coaching staff turning their eye to the WR talent pool since Kelvin was drafted in 2014. Now we're overflowing. I kinda expect us to be in the same situation with CBs in a couple of years.
  3. Coaching Staff

    I've noticed that we have 2 guys getting head coaching looks this offseason. Patrick Ewing has interviewed for the Memphis Grizzlies job and Stephen Silas has interviewed for the Houston Rockets job -- in the article there is also a mention that Golden State is interested in bringing Silas back as an assistant. Ewing has to be a matter of time until he gets a head coaching job, it can happen any year -- even this one. The only thing I'll regret when he leaves is not having a true young Center for him to have developed here. Apparently that would have been Bismack, but otherwise we haven't had a young guy who can play the role Ewing did during his career. Ewing will be gone sooner rather than later though. Silas is interesting one too, he is a very smart guy and could be a great head coach. I think he had a big impact on helping Steph Curry develop while he was in Golden State. I wonder if he would actually consider going back to Golden State in the same position he is now or if he'd stick with 'the home team'. I guess the difference is being the "top" assistant coach rather than being further down the bench. Maybe he is waiting to see if Ewing leaves and gives him the opening here. I honestly can't say I know a ton about how assistant coaches function in the NBA-- as compared to all the position specific/offense or defense coaches in NFL-- it seems like they have specialties but they end up coaching everyone. We very well could be going into next season without two of our assistant coaches though and I wonder how that affects the team and the development of our guys.
  4. NBA Playoffs Discussion

    i'm getting pissed just watching the eastern games. i cannot stand lebron. i can't stand not seeing anyone body him up the way he does to whoever he wants. they kinda joked about putting biz on him, but i agree-- biz should be on james because he is big and he isn't afraid of it. he gets to drill himself into people and i wish someone would dish him hard for an entire game.
  5. Panthers Release Boykin

    man i feel bad. boykin seems like a great guy and player and he is getting shat on by teams. kinda embarrassing to be one, even though we gotta do what's best for us.
  6. this is another guy who seems like he fell through the cracks. he contributed immediately as a true freshman, he was having a nice year as a sophomore before his off-field incident kept him from finishing the season (52 tackles, 4.5 TFLs, 3 interceptions, and 4 pass deflections), then he had a great season as a junior but was kept out of the bowl game due to a weird academic issue (51 tackles, 2 TFLs, 6 ints, 12 pass deflections, 2 forced fumbles, 1 recovery). he was also a team leader in his last year. his coach publicly told him he wouldn't get drafted and the draft board told him to go back to school. he was sick at the combine and underperformed in some drills. at every turn this guy was being crossed out and left unrecognized. i think it's fair to assume that other teams weren't noticing him as much as they should have. he still would have been drafted and probably not long after our pick, but this guy's talent should have taken him higher in the draft. i wouldn't be surprised if he's right there in the mix for the starting outside corner job in july and august. i think picks like Worley and our big name UDFAs this year are the difference between us and teams like SF or Dallas. those teams take risks on guys like Lattimore, Brandon Thomas from Clemson, Jaylon Smith, and Randy Gregory. risks like those are gambles, straight up taking a guy teetering on the edge because of a current injury or current personal issues. we take guys who were injured but have actually recovered, or had an incident but has closed it and proven that it wasn't his true character. ours aren't gambles the same way those teams' picks are.
  7. Falcons training with Navy Seals

    i've never seen a team so unable to become tough or find tough guys.
  8. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    with a guy like Cash, i wonder about the mechanics behind the strategy. clearly they like him as a LB, but they must know he'll need some time to grow into that role both in technique and in adding some weight. so i'm sure the team has shared their plan with him and he is good with it. does that mean he either makes the team as a ST guy and through his showing great potential and ability, or is he basically guaranteed a PS spot no matter what? i know he isn't the only player that we have who will require more than an offseason or year to develop, but when it requires more than just refining technique or learning, what are both sides saying to each other? because i can't imagine a guy as talented as Cash just saying, sure i'll roll the dice and see if i can turn into a linebacker this summer (like a Nate Chandler being moved everywhere). i also realize that his role as a safety was very much like being a linebacker, but i still think there are more adjustments than just adding weight. i realize that any UDFA is rolling the dice and betting on themselves, but for a guy like this, is there any kind of hedging or extra security that is given outside of maybe a bigger signing bonus? i mean you can tell he really wants to be here and maybe he wouldn't have gone anywhere else anyway, but i'm just wondering about the backroom stuff that goes on with talented UDFAs.
  9. Triple Coverage Triple... Deke.
  10. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    maybe i'm forgetting someone, but i've never seen two undrafted guys talk about themselves with as much confidence as Garrett and Cash. they both just have a certain poise about them-- it's not cocky to me-- they just seem to be on a different level than the usual UDFAs. most people expected them to be drafted as high as mid rounds, and they both were probably very surprised to not be drafted. i just think we landed some legit studs and assuming their work on the field matches their passion and confidence off of it, we may have just landed two legit guys as UDFAs. really stoked to see what happens with them this summer.
  11. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    sucks to hear about these injuries day one for those guys. WHAT IF, seriously, Garrett actually was the best WR in the draft this year? I just have a feeling he is gonna make the team this year.
  12. 2016 Rookie Camp Day 1

    via David Newton ESPN
  13. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    fug EM!!!
  14. Jno and his new team.

    i bet he does get into a fight. he is so stoked about being "unleashed" in the redskins' system and culture. he'll probably come into their camp looking to assert his dominance on the defense and will get under the offense's skin pretty quickly. at first this will be touted as leadership and bringing toughness and attitude to the team. the message board posters and the media will point to last offseason's Cam scuffle as proof that Josh is helping to elevate the team. he will continue to play with more and more confidence and an attitude through camp and the preseason, often looking good while doing so. then, within the first 4 weeks, Josh will gamble hard in his new free system and will get roasted in at least one game by either Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, or Odell Beckham. he will probably get into a scuffle on the field against one of these teams too and they will lose 2/4 games. this will cause some knee jerk reactions from the fans. as the rest of the first half of the season continues, free range josh will continue to be a mixed bag with high highs and low lows. the coaching staff will consider putting more structure in the game plan but josh will continue to gamble. by his second match up with Odell Beckham, the Giants will have learned to play Josh with deep speed routes all game long and by putting Beckham and others in the slot. Even though Josh won't have defended Beckham the entire game, he will be blamed for the massive game ODB has. the Redskins will never get fully on the same page all season and will miss the playoffs. Jackson, Garcon, and Cousins will leave the team in free agency in 2017. Josh will sit as the king of the team as they search for a new QB to rebuild their offense. the next 2 years they will be 9-7 and 6-10. In the 2018 offseason Josh will be asked to restructure his contract or be released. he will opt to be released and his value will be severely diminished due to age and perceived system limitations. speculation will swirl that he could reunite with the panthers on a cheap deal. he is never brought in for a visit and fans will question why. eventually he will head out west on a short term deal for a California team and play out his final few years.