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  1. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Lol this is the QB that was going to beat our undefeated asses huh
  2. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    It's fine on my end
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Beat the Cowboys you say? Caaaan doooo!  
  4. Who the hell is that
  5. Lions Hire Ernie Accorsi

    We owe Accorsi a lot for the direction he pointed us in
  6. Also I love how the writer is aware of how overrated Richard Sherman is
  7. As I've said before, international popularity is huge for a young small market team that has yet to build prestige. I don't know if the Panthers will ever be as massive internationally as the New York Yankees but they sure as hell should try.
  8. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    His background in the carolinas is certainly incentive for him to come here.
  9. Last night a good thing for us?

    Even Roger Goodell called out the officiating, even before the game. Said the crews were way too inconsistent in enforcing the rules. It's becoming this huge come to Jesus meeting.
  10. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    The time stamp on this article says 12:11 pm yesterday so it could be up  
  11. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    1. Steve Smith 2. UFC/MMA in general  3. Donald Trump 4. SJW 5. Seahawks
  12. Undefeated Watch pt.2: Bills v Patriots

    Welp thanks for trying Buff
  13. Post a pic, any pic.