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  1. Gettlemagic?

    it’s just that simple: don’t let the team’s output stray away from JR’s impossible vision of a run-first defensive dynasty and don’t ruffle feathers in our little mickey mouse clubhouse and you’re good. my intuition has it that gettleman probably would’ve been fired after 2015 had that season not been the biggest ruined orgasm in sports history. but since the panthers underwhelmed the next year, ooh now all of a sudden JR has a pretext to work with. thank god for that. can’t have a yankee telling ppl what they don’t wanna hear in the good ol BOA. gettleman isn’t going to hit it out of the park and if that makes him a terrible GM then somebody show me a GM who did bc even belichick stinks up the joint with some of the moves he makes. but the guy knew how to build a winning football team and i think i know what i’m talking about since the team had the longest run of success while he was in the driver’s seat. you ppl might be wondering why i don’t post much here these days. well half the reason is that this forum is overrun with too many jobless, autistic weebs and pussy-whipped dads that overanalyze every little thing inside out and upside down until they’re burrowed up their own asshole, but the other half is that this franchise has some of the most uninspiring hacks as leadership and i honestly don’t forsee a paradigm shift until it changes, and if it didn’t in october 2012, i probably would’ve withdrawn shortly thereafter anyway. yea, we’re 6-3, but 137 passing yards from a QB with one of the best arms by the design of this offense and trading away our 2nd best catcher is a crime against humanity. the passing game makes me feel like i just watched 9/11 footage when i’m through with it. our outlook is bleaker and bleaker in the future as long as we keep this joke of a...i’m not even going to call him a GM. that would be like me calling a retard a heart surgeon just bc somebody put him in an operating room and gave him a white coat to wear. and then kicker is that JR oversees this and it’s all good in the hood to him. and in spite of this, i’m probably going to a panthers game this month. football sucks.
  2. also since when does this team give a crap what the receivers do all it has ever felt like is ron and shula capping the passing game at 3500 yards to deliver on JR’s vision of being a running team at any cost (creativity, league trends, wins, my sanity) if cam was on any other team he’d be throwing for almost 5000 yards every year, and here we have him put up doug flutie #s, but fuging OH NOES LET’S NOT HAVE TWO TALL RECEIVERS LINING UP OUTSIDE THE HASH MARKS AT THE SAME TIME WE DON’T WANNA LIMIT THIS OFFENSE
  3. lol our offense is limited...let’s trade away one of our first round picks for peanuts to open it up you can’t make this poo up guys
  4. well in any case it didn’t take him long to make us feel like he never left
  5. i guess that’s why he dropped keyshawn johnson unexpectedly back in 07; bc we got jarrett in the 2nd round and marty figured well they’re the same size so as long as we got that then this rookie is basically the same player as an 11 year vet no reason to keep both.
  6. Marty Speaks...

    if hurney merely added mike shula to the trade, it would’ve been an immense value instead
  7. Marty Speaks...

    hodor hodor hodor
  8. we’re going to get a cb converted safety that should’ve went undrafted and somehow ends up starting for 7 years and a guard from the arkansas monticello boll weevils that probably weighs 280 lbs
  10. My tinder date was a prostitute

    mods if anything ever happens to me, ludwig can have my account
  11. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    as a kid in america you’re obligated to stand up and recite the pledge of allegiance every single day of school from k-12. we’ve normalized robotic, unquestioned displays of patriotism and symbolism so much that i can tell that half the ppl bashing the kneeling are basically doing so because they are conditioned to think that way from years of this practice being drilled into their head. also in america they basically teach us that if it wasn’t for america making a run in during ww2, nazi germany would be running the world right now.
  12. RIP:WWE Bobby The Brain Heenan..great all time heel

    i'll never forget how much heenan shredded the entire hart family during their match with shawn michaels and "his" knights at survivor series 1993