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  1. this channel will do wonders for the constant overanalysis on this forum
  2. frash.exe

    JR Statue to remain

    it was right that they took down all of hitler’s statues after that regime was overthrown! wut did jerry do to deserve his statue removed besides touch a few wimmin inappropriately who were probably askin fer it????!
  3. frash.exe

    JR Statue to remain

    jesus christ you are fuging dense
  4. frash.exe

    JR Statue to remain

    that’s called blaming the victim bub you’re assigning a measure of accountability to someone for the predicament that has been burdened onto them. that’s pretty asinine.
  5. frash.exe

    JR Statue to remain

    i’m taking his point to its logical conclusion. i don’t think anybody here would agree with jerry sandusky’s lifestyle and say any more about him than that he should be locked up for the rest of his life. but if we’re going to wax philosophical about maintaining the status quo despite someone’s flaws, no matter how bad they would be, it’s not intellectually honest to then turn around and go on a case by case basis of who should have their statues torn down and who should have theirs kept up, which is exactly what you’re doing. and to whatever degree jerry sandusky sexually assaulted those kids, even if it was much more severe than what JR did, the fact remains that there’s one thing both guys had in common and it is that they victimized people and made them feel helpless. JR victimized multiple ppl and used his position and influence to sweep it under the rug and keep his image clean for so long. honestly i don’t even know why ppl are so obsessed with fuging statues on this forum. every week somebody talks about how great it would be to put up a statue for like 50 different ppl associated with this org at one time or another. i don’t believe in idealizing ppl in such a way bc of the very reason that ppl are flawed.
  6. frash.exe

    JR Statue to remain

    blaming the victim for the sake of statues lol ppl like you are the reason why #metoo exists
  7. frash.exe

    JR Statue to remain

    so if jerry sandusky had a statue you think it should be kept on display out of common courtesy to acknowledge his contributions after all the poo that was going on at penn state
  8. frash.exe

    JR Statue to remain

    i’m all for keeping the statue as long as they relocate it to the men’s restroom and install it directly over a urinal trough
  9. frash.exe

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    if you can’t afford the tip on top of what you already ordered, you can’t afford to eat out stay home and cook yourself some rice and eggs
  10. frash.exe

    Scary movies

    what if the movie was set in newark nj
  11. idk. for me it runs deeper than that. what is smith as a raven other than a jilted former player that is threatening the team i want to win? if he was a threat then of course i would’ve been happy to see him stifled. what i don’t like about karma (the new age hippie version of it; not the original writings moo daeng thought i was talking about) is that in this western world, it’s really just-world fallacy gussied up into looking like something spiritual. it has this inintended consequence of these so called morally balanced individuals assuming that if life is good for you, that you somehow did something heroic, noble, admirable, whatever, to deserve that (lol), and if you have been hitting it rough, that you somehow did something to deserve that as well. i dunno exactly why it’s so appealing to ppl my age if they want to think of themselves as good ppl, bc most of the ones i know that love talking about karma are absolutely self righteous turds, and of course, they are so mired in their own social hangups that it’s all they talk about. it’s true irony to see how much they want to talk about how one should go about their lives and police their own actions when they’re obviously ego driven. this is getting a little deep for a discussion about steve smith, but in my experience as a fan of the panthers having to listen to how many of the tangents and stunts he pulled over the years, railing against former teammates, railing against the organization, i couldn’t care less about his accolades. this isn’t to say he’s talentless or deny any of his accomplishments, but i’d rather have a superbowl trophy for the panthers than a triple crown WR. and how many teams won the superbowl without steve smith on their roster besides all the superbowl winning teams?
  12. heyyyyyy confucius, that’s not the kind of karma we’re talking about in this context.
  13. people change over time. maybe smitty never changed but one thing is that i did (it just happens between registering on the forum when you’re 16 to being 28 today). yea i was a huge smith fan and obviously his play on the field can’t not be inspiring. i mean it’s the reason i let so many things in my mind slide over the years. by the time it got to the point where he was shooting arrows at every personnel manager and former teammate of his, i had gotten tired of it. as great as smitty was, imagine how great he could’ve been if he had just been a more constructive teammate, and not just a really gifted football player who was seeking easy targets to establish himself on top of the pecking order in the locker room. it really looked to be the case by 2013 that he was playing more for himself than anything else. the way he embarrassed janoris jenkins and aqib talib, that’s something we needed him to be doing every week. but not every opposing corner is going to try to jab his ego. smith barely made any kind of impact in most of those other games that year. and no, i’m not a believer in karma lol. karma is neo hippy self affirmation bullshit for dumb girls who repost rh sin screenshots on instagram when they get faded on by some hookup they were rly into for like the 18th time. but if social media and the current state of the court of public opinion has taught us anything, it’s that anybody can have a reputation no matter how good it is ripped out from under them. nobody is too big to fall down to rock bottom as a pariah. definitely not smitty. if an influential group of ppl soured on him, he’d be ruined.
  14. say it louder for the cheeto-dusted no.89 jersey-wearing neckbeards in the back