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  1. yes but that could’ve been us rallying against the saints at the end last week instead of shula could draw up a better two minute drill on his vtech doodle pad
  2. Titans part with Mularkey...

    that’s right marty schottenheimer was a terrible coach when it came to playoff football. you don’t need to be 14-2 in the regular season to be a superbowl champion, but you do have to know how to win playoff football. it’s a big part of the reason why shula was fired.
  3. he got a lot more opportunities and to his credit he produced a remarkable amount, but he is not a one man show, and we need additional help at WR in an ideal offense Funchess is at least 2nd option along with Olsen after a true 1 WR
  4. Random Norv Stuff

    this offense is fuged
  5. trade the entire lot of 2018 draft picks and all of charlotte’s first born sons to houston for hopkins
  6. i would agree if we had a gm who knew how to scout past the top 30
  7. it’s been proven that developing WRs in this offensive system does not work if there was OBJ talent in the draft this year i’d be open to trading up into the top 10
  8. Zero Percent

    i’m willing to take that risk let’s get our asses out of kansas for once and see what happens
  9. Zero Percent

    all i know is that i’m looking forward to the team being sold and new ownership bringing in some new blood to create a new regime
  10. Zero Percent

    it’s the 2nd ouster of a high profile panthers personnel guy since july and if you didn’t think JR had all the arrangements made for bringing in marty and phone conversations with him before the monday he fired gettleman then lol
  11. let’s be honest with ourselves if norv slipped through our grasp, it wouldn’t propel ron to go in a different direction with the offense. he’d still want to run the same offense and he’d probably promote lance taylor or hire someone similarly inexperienced.
  12. which happens to be quite often in this system bc by the time the line breaks down the receivers are still developing their routes in the 4th row
  13. idk if we have the tools required for this system, but i do know that any playbook that references the use of an H-Back needs to be thrown into the nearest burning fireplace
  14. and lol at that one guy who said star was useless against the pass. the guy gets push, draws double teams, and contributes to collapsing the interior. have you heard of this one guy named maake...