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  1. frash.exe added a post in a topic why your team sucks: panthers (2015)   

    We need our own version of zodiac motherfuger in the fan section. 
    Anybody know where you have to send these comments to?
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  2. frash.exe added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    why your team sucks: panthers (2015)
    haven't even read it yet. should be good.
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  3. frash.exe added a post in a topic Happy to see Swole Bones back today   

    Still anticipating the day Punxsutawney Brandon doesn't see his shadow and starts producing in actual games I see
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  4. frash.exe added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    Hell on earth is when something tragic happens, and instead of expressing condolences, everybody's too busy using it as an opportunity to engage in moral brandishing. 
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  5. frash.exe added a post in a topic Virginia TV reporter, photographer shot to death during live interview this morning   

    He did this in response to Dylan Roof?

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  6. frash.exe added a post in a topic One thing to watch in JAX. Cruz/Beckham give warning of sorts   

    dude, I've seen both guys call for flags. Brady himself is known somewhat for it. Bennett's just ranting at the sky. Defensive player with a chip on his shoulder has sour grapes because the QBs get all the glory in the game. I get it.
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  7. frash.exe added a post in a topic One thing to watch in JAX. Cruz/Beckham give warning of sorts   

    that's because the QBs never got hit as hard as they have in the past 20 years. Players are bigger and hit harder. This has been documented. We can either try to protect the QB or watch them all land on IR by week 4.
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  8. frash.exe added a post in a topic Philly Brown   

    reminds me of when Hurney was being scrutinized and everybody was going "hey! hurney's a draft guru! All these players are starting!"
    -yea, they're starting in spite of the fact that they're terrible and shouldn't be on the field but there's nobody better to unseat them because Hurney is awful at managing a roster
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  9. frash.exe added a post in a topic Recent OTs drafted in the top rounds   

    Half this board were throwing their hands in the air last year saying how it was such a grave mistake that Dave Gettleman didn't pursue Seantrel Henderson and as such he should be fired/run out of town/drawn and quartered. Seantrel was really abysmal last season and no way he would've saved the tackle position, but I literally saw someone post "Gettleman needs to try even if it's the wrong decision". So, I really don't put much stock into what people say about tackles on this forum.
    just remember, folks. 2015 is the last year of bad Hurney contracts on the books (well, except for Stewart). The cap opens up this offseason, and we haven't truly seen what Gettleman can do in free agency when he has the cash to make power moves if there's a guy he really likes out there. And I'm not talking about 50 million dollar contracts but free agents that are quality and won't cost a mortgage of future cap space, but are nonetheless asking a price that we couldn't afford previously.
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  10. frash.exe added a post in a topic One thing to watch in JAX. Cruz/Beckham give warning of sorts   

    well isn't that convenient for Bennett. He'd love for it to be legal for him to tee off on QBs because it plays right into his hands. If they get hurt it's much easier to win the game.
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  11. frash.exe added a post in a topic RIck and Morty Season 2! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!   

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  12. frash.exe added a post in a topic Where do you rate this place on the productive debate scale?   

    lol schnoogins
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  13. frash.exe added a topic in The Tinderbox   

    Where do you rate this place on the productive debate scale?
    Considering all of the following, where does the CHTB lie in your mind, compared to any of the following lovely venues? Reddit: very convoluted, has (had) some subreddits which are a crime against humanity but overall there seems to be a community feel to the site and if you read long enough you'll actually find a few people who know what they're talking about.  Google+: I'd be happy to comment if I actually used Google+ or at the very least knew someone by 6 degrees who did. E-Mail:  Remember when Ronald Reagan was president. 
    We also had Bob Hope and Johnny Cash…
    Now we have Obama … and no hope ,,, and no cash.
    Welp, nothing to see here.  Yahoo answers: hit or miss. Mostly miss. 4chan: bring a ten foot pole if you're going to scour your way through these parts. You don't want any direct contact with these unwashed mouthbreathers.   The deep web: here be dragons...actually idk much of anything about the politics here because it's just so goddamned off the grid. myleftnut@blogspotwhatever: too isolated, not enough of a forum to be anything meaningful. The format just isn't built for debate. More like a place where people talk about stupid beatnik western interpretations of different and completely unrelated "forces" anonymously like comets that are going to boost your chi when they whizz past the earth, but only if you've been eating flax seed and persimmons for the past six weeks. In a nutshell, Venomland. Local news sites: place where the prevailing influence is every Tom, Dick, and Harry McThrifty that wants to project their subversive viewpoints about anything from fatal multi-vehicle accidents to how tipping people who make $2.17 an hour is an entitlement. These are bottom feeding armchair lifegoers who probably think they deserve better but have literally zero capability to put themselves in someone else's shoes. They're the best reference point for justice and common sense in their own minds. YouTube: basically overrun with 4chan refugees. Stormfront: why does this place exist Facebook: ugh. If aliens ever showed up to my house, urging me to prove humanity's compassion and humility before they dissolve the Earth with a railgun and I was a doomsday fetishist, I'd show them Facebook. It's almost completely become a virtual soapbox for everybody's opinionated rants and cockeyed social commentary slapped onto the face of 5 year old memes. Better not contradict that guy from that odd job you had from 8 years ago while they're grandstanding because they'll show you how wrong you are by unfriending you and presumably ridiculing you while their cheerleader sycophants are reaffirming their opinion with likes and idiotic follow up comments. Twitter: Vine: currently Vine hasn't been sacked by righteous vandals who want to make 7 second videos ridiculing #blacklivesmatter (the format isn't very convenient for that crap which is great), but the very day that happens I'll stop using that site. Until then...   Carolinahuddle: [YOUR ANSWER HERE]
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  14. frash.exe added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    Almost forgot about Justin Hartwig. Thought he was going to stabilize the center position after Mitchell left. Never panned out.
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