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  1. Bucs trade for JPP

    the giants got hosed the day they drew up that contract for him
  2. following the eagles’ model to me would mean installing an offense that’s actually current
  3. Expect Hurney to double up in Draft

    and when he picked amini silatolu over cordy glenn
  4. can we stop referring to him as hurndog(dawg)? it’s one of the cringiest fuging things this forum has come up with.
  5. every year around this time, we talk about the WR core being six deep, and by the end of the year, only like 1 or 2 of these guys gets more than 499 yards
  6. Bill Voth on Breeland coming back

    yea breeland is done with us. this signing/contract voiding was one big ruined orgasm for his career.
  7. hurney fans spamming that tu quoque button right now like it means something
  8. eli5: switching sides on an offensive line
  9. this isn’t another maake kemoeatu either; this guy can actually sack the QB poe and short in the middle jesus fuging christ
  10. did they scout poe when he came out in college? would be interested to know if they were high on him at the time and would’ve drafted him if a diff scenario played out.
  11. god damn it hurney i want to hate you
  12. they’re worse than us with the offseason fluff
  13. yea but he still averaged almost 50 yards a game while he was there people keep saying this is great bc he burned us every time we played seattle, but i guess he’s not done a whole lot besides that in his career. a 28 year old TE that averages out a little more than 200 yards a year? not high on my list of FA TEs, especially if we’re looking for someone that can fill in for olsen in a pinch. i’d rather have ebron. he’ll probably be more expensive but it might be worth it since he’s a lot younger and has proven he can produce.