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  1. RIP:WWE Bobby The Brain Heenan..great all time heel

    i'll never forget how much heenan shredded the entire hart family during their match with shawn michaels and "his" knights at survivor series 1993
  2. 6 Quarters, 3 Points Allowed

    looks like the defense is going to have to carry the team bc it's another one of those slow septembers for the offense
  3. Warning: Graphic content

    if it was cam they would've let it play out and run it on a loop through a connection to cam's brain for an eternity like simple rick's
  4. if you're matched up against everette brown you can theoretically pass defend until the heat death of the universe
  5. Devin Funchess

    aw sweet it's like the 830th "funchess is bad" thread on the huddle
  6. Thomas Davis is an animal

    nice work by addison forcing hoyer to step up and eat that sack
  7. these tend to bottom out at the higher volumes for very bassy music
  8. Josh Brown suspended 6 games

    the guy that abuses his wife? really? you want him?
  9. Your Ideal Owner

    there's things you know, things you don't know, and things you don't know that you don't know my ideal owner would be someone who is aware of that
  10. This..... doesn't help.

    ah yes, jason whitlock, the "my black friend" of conservative sports journalism
  11. My friend got tricked

    op is the best thing that has happened to this forum in a long time