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  1. The media is running out of space behind this goalpost on wheels the more time goes by the more these outlets are being exposed for who they truly are: people who just don't believe in the Panthers who think they have skin in this game of logical football analysis that I don't really give a poo about. I know the reason why they do this: it's a post-hoc tic that these people have to save the impression that they're right about something. If you really want to know what I'm getting at, read the opening few pages of "the Secret Joke of Kant's Soul" and you'll get the gist. It was a required reading in college and one of the main reasons I gave up debating people on here with paragraphs worth of material. What it means in this context is that people will never stop taking away from our accomplishments as long as they made the initial judgment that the Panthers, at least the 2015 team, were not good enough to be considered the best team in the league. Went 4-0? We've got you 6th on the list behind all these other undefeated teams. Beat the Packers? Look at this Patriots blow out. 10-0? So are the Patriots and they're much better. Btw the Cowboys are going to beat you guys. 11-0 and the Pats lost? Congratulations, now you're the worst team that ever went 11-0 in league history. There's always an explanation every time the Panthers prove them wrong. If the Panthers go all the way, hopefully, I expect that we're going to hear a bunch of poo comparing us to other Super Bowl winning teams unfavorably using some form of advanced statistical analysis or metric that they pulled out of their ass much like this article basically is. Some outlets will be completely objective and other talking heads will say they were wrong and give the Panthers their due. But we'll always have these detractors trying to sabotage the Panthers' prestige on this ever shrinking island of rebuttal. It's never going to end.
  2. before this thread dies completely i would like to present this gif which sums up the clausen era pretty nicely EDIT: also the david carr era because that shoe fits as well
  3. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Never thought I'd find myself rooting for the guy but whaddya know... I hope he balls out for us on Sunday.
  4. Reminder: At New Orleans 2014

    There's no such thing as fate
  5. David Newton: Rivera will not rest starters

    I've seen too many teams take the second half of December off, come back in the divisional series and stink up the joint. I'm okay with this.
  6. GIFs from the Cowboys game

    Ok I have a request it wasn't even a play. It was when there was like an injury timeout or whatever and the camera cuts to Norman walking off the field and he makes this funny face to the camera. I'm probably going to remember it as one of the most iconic moments in the season.
  7. Norman's Trash Talking

    He really got in Dez's head lol  
  8. I'm from the northeast and I have to listen to a lot of crap about the NFC East, and I watched the Panthers lay down to the entire division in 2006 because John Fox couldn't come up with a good gameplan against Jason Campbell, Tony Romo in his first ever start, and Jeff Garcia (why). So this stat means a lot to me.
  9. GIFs from the Cowboys game

    I don't think any gif conveys pwnage quite like this one also good job using a good image host like imgur and not crappy photobucket
  10. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    Before this becomes a full blown debate let's get one thing perfectly clear about what happened: Guy was being a bitch griefer, Cam put him in his place. The end.
  11. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    lol i like Cam more and more everyday
  12. FB Memes

    Not really directly political but my god these urls people post   
  13. This thread doesn't deserve to die so soon :( here's a fun and interactive link from ESPN. I don't think people are fully appreciating the magnitude of starting 11-0 because the Patriots are also 10-0 and I guess it dilutes the limelight on us but we might as well expect Occupy Mint Street featuring disgruntled Browns and Raiders fans at this point, because we are the ~1%. we're having a very special year and I only hope that when it's all said and done I'll be able to look back on it knowing the Panthers ended up winning the Super Bowl, because that's the only proper ending I can think of for it.