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  1. New Hornets Jerseys

    Frank the Tank already in action in the new uniforms.
  2. Batum in a Hornets uniform.  Hopefully theres more of this in Charlotte.  
  3. Here's Lamb properly in a Hornets uniform.
  4.   Well Knight was shooting 41% from 3 for the Bucks before he was traded.  He's fallen off since he went to Phoenix.  Plus he shot like 89% whenever he played the Hornets, so he seemed to be a really good shooter to me.   On a side note, looking at 3 point shooting is crazy.  I remember when 35% was considered pretty decent.  There are 20 guys shooting over 40% right now.
  5. I get the reason they made the trade, but I still don't agree with it.  Knight brought elite shooting to the team, and was playing at a borderline all-star level this year, and had kept them really competetive despite injuries, suspensions, and quitting.  MCW is one of the least efficient shooters the league has seen in years.  And in following the Hornets closely, we all know that great shooting impacts a game much more than someone chock full of non-shooting intangibles.   Between Giannis and Parker, their wings are scary, and I think Knight accentuated their skills better with his shooting/slashing ability.  MCW will muck up any spacing they would have to drive, and won't be able to bail the team out with jumpers like Knight did.  And since they're on rookie contracts, they could afford to pay Knight for a few years, and make a decision on PGs when their rookie deals are up.  But they might be the longest armed team in the league right now with those 3 and Henson.  They'll be an interesting team to watch though.    
  6. Milwaukee is begging to fall out of the playoffs. Could've gotten a top 5 seed if they had kept knight. I think it's a 5 team race for the last 3 spots. Indiana and Boston are playing the best now, but I expect a dip at some point - teams this low don't play consistently well for extended periods. And I do see at least one more hot streak by us before the year is out. It's gonna be real tight, probably gonna come down to tie breakers, but all I know is with our luck, if we make it in, we're gonna draw Cleveland no matter what.
  7. NBA Memo to Hornets Leaked

    Hey, the only way to watch the Hornets this year is to laugh, cry, or make corny jokes. I choose the latter. The 3 point concept has always been something that has been lost on the new iteration of the Charlotte franchise. From not being able to shoot it, to not ever defending it. Bulls started the game 11-14 from 3 in the first 15 minutes. Then the Jazz go 12-15 from 3 in the first half. I've never seen that happen in one game, let alone back to back games. Allowing 23-29 from 3 should force some adjustments. Hell, Diop couldn't even go 23-29 on layups, and we allow this from 3 in a competitive game. To have two long time franchises set records for 3 point makes to start the game, the league felt they had to step in and let them know about this concept.
  8. Found the ball that nailed the lady.
  9. Westbrook is the best PG in the NBA

    Don't know why there has to be a ranking of them. They're both MVP candidates that kill you in different ways, one being the most athletic PG in league history, the other being the best shooter in NBA history. Sounds crazy, but no, that is not hyperbole. Right now though, Westbrook is playing a video game on easy mode.
  10. Anthony Mason fighting for his life

    RIP Mase  
  11. Dean Smith Tribute

    As I'm sure most people know by now, Dean Smith passed away last weekend.  I feel like his accomplishments not only on the court, but off the court deserve recognition in a thread outside of the scandal thread.  Unless you grew up in the Carolinas or on the ACC, you may not realize how this isn't just the loss of a legendary coach, but also a legendary humanitarian and unheralded civil rights proponent.   I made a tribute picture for him that focuses more on his life impacts than his on the court accomplishments.  For all the overseas, or out of region, or young folks on here, I hope this paints a better picture of why he is so revered.      
  12. Wizards are a bunch of goons...

    All I know is that the wiz didn't want any of Jason "Thunderdome" MadMaxiell  
  13. Fantastic SI Article about MKG.

    The definition of a hardworking role model.  After seeing how much The Lion King meant to him as a lasting memory of his father, I wanted to make a little tribute pic.