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  1. I don't care how far away they are. GIVE THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE SOME BUSINESS.
  2. Just finished up my movie looking back on our season in pictures. This is something I've been doing since I was young, and I really enjoy making these. It's quite long (which is why I call it a movie), so if you don't have the time to watch then just move along and be on your way. Otherwise... if you're interested, I hope you enjoy!
  3. This is BEGGING for a cape.
  4. Ask me after the Saints game. I'm excited, but refusing to totally get on any hype train until that game is in the books. That Superdome showdown will say a lot.
  5. I love Twitter

    I mean come on. That 2 balloon was just BEGGING for it.
  6. Pulling for the Bengals until......

    The nation will now truly learn what we have known since that October afternoon in 2014: Vontaze Burfict is a disgusting piece of scum that doesn't belong in football.
  7. Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    Literally the only thing I like about the Saints. I can't get over the deja vu of that happening. Same team, too... just wow.
  8. Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    No sir. This has less of a benefit to us in the division race.
  9. Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    Remember guys. We are rooting for the Falcons to lose. We are not rooting for the Saints to win. That would be unholy, and anyone that does that needs an automatic ban and an exorcism.
  10. This is awesome. I was in Atlanta last month for a Sports Jeopardy audition (had a great time... it's a wonderful place despite being enemy territory)... after I left, I realized I should've printed our logo and stuck it on the Georgia Dome. You more than made up for that.
  11. NOTHING would be sweeter than to beat the Steelers in the Super Bowl.