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  1. One

    One more to go   for one of these   The ones standing in our way   We've been this far one time before   that one was a heartbreaker   Our number one   Nobody is tougher than this one   We yell out the name of this onnnnne   No one I'd rather have leading us   One incredible architect   Losses this season? Only one   One beautiful place to call home   Day one   Playoff win number one   One for the ages   Coach Rivera was the enemy in this one   One night we'd like to forget   We weren't quite ready for this one   One defensive masterpiece   A somber one in Seattle   What a difference one year makes   One more over Seattle, just for good measure   Now, after one emphatic statement   we've come here for one final win   which would fulfill one lifelong dream   Bring this one home, Panthers.
  2. Hold on loosely

    I opened this thread just to find this comment. Glad it was first.
  3. I'm definitely going to Charlotte, but...

    Thanks for the info! And ew I will never go to that Whisky River place. Knowing them, I'm sure they'll have a Broncos party there or something.
  4. The 12s just won't let it go...

    The moment I read the OP, a huge smile appeared on my face and stayed there for a minute straight. Beautiful. Seems a good time to post this...    
  5. I'm definitely going to Charlotte, but...

    No no I know I don't HAVE to join them on Sundays haha... the advantage to it would certainly be the road trips if I could actually afford to go on them. So it's certainly something I'm considering for next season. But I think memberships are closed for this year anyway?
  6. I'm definitely going to Charlotte, but...

    I am honestly debating that for next season but I'd feel kind of bad doing that and not going to the downtown Ale House here with the Oak City Riot. I'm so rooted at my Ale House (as you can see from my ABC11 video) that I could never stop going there (unless I moved).
  7. I'm definitely going to Charlotte, but...

    *sigh* That sucks :(
  8. So this happened

    Oh no sir. Bad decision. The Packers fans are really nice but you don't want to be near them if you're the enemy haha
  9. ...where should I go? I know the Roaring Riot gathering is private, so I'm just looking for the largest gathering possible. I know the Panthers themselves aren't allowed to host anything, but you'd think the Hornets would open up TWC Arena. If that happens, I'm there. I've imagined this night in my head for years and years, and I've always seen myself somewhere in Charlotte amongst the wild celebration. I'm just not sure where. Any ideas?
  10. So this happened

    Wow that's awesome!!! Oh, the O'Charley's days...
  11. So this happened

    It was kind of symbolic that my first year up here was 2010. I experienced the entire Jake/Foxy era in Fayetteville, then as I moved, the transition from that era to the Cam/Rivera era began. My opening line in that video sort of makes it sound like I've only been a fan since then haha... but I was saying how 2010 was my first season at the Ale House since that's when I moved here. My actual fanhood goes back to around 1999, and 2001 was the first season I started watching ALL the games (bad timing).
  12. So this happened

    Then send a really nice and caring ginger my way pls (well she doesn't have to be a ginger but omg they're beautiful)
  13. So this happened

    Hahahaha I loved that. Maybe they'll show up for a game next season?
  14. So this happened

    Noooo I assure you I'm not haha. I just love this team to death and they're my everything. This piece was so perfectly done... I'm so pleased with it!
  15. So this happened