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  1. Clicked on a facebook ad that said they will sell the authentic $200+ jerseys for 24.99. Can't find the link, but I've ordered 2 jerseys. You gotta do what you gotta do man. My card statement says poo is coming from China lol
  2. Motivation from Bucky Brooks

    With all this ammunition the haters are giving our team, you don't wanna be the 1st team we face in the playoffs. We will demoilish that team
  3. Comments on NOLA article

    lol In all fairness their dishonesty only kicks in only when they are winning ... 
  4. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    I've like him ever since he took a shot at Swaggy b1tch's gf
  5. Official Carolina Panthers Bandwagon Application

    Repping since 1996 bruh
  6. Ron Rivera As Candidate For Coach of The Year

    Unless we completely collapse next month Ron is COY. Norman, Luke or TD are DPOY ... Cam MVP is a possibility too. We're gonna clean up
  7. Saints week Part Deaux

    Only man I pie before reading
  8. 95 year old panther fan doing the dab!

    Team needs to do a Dab video like the Bears Superbowl shuffle

    We're starting threads for the sole reason of demanding pies now :-) But God forbid someone with a life didn't  scan the whole forum starts a duplicate thread ... he gets savaged lol PS - I have pied you ... when it rains it pies  
  10. It's officially hate week again...

    I'm not taking this game lightly at all. It is a division game, and it will be a dogfight. Jumping on 'em early like last year with turnovers by our D will set the tone. If we put up 25 on these fools it is a W. 
  11. Panther fan assaulted by Cowboy security

    my fault :-) we landed on the moon too apparently
  12. This made my blood boil man According to the video description as well as few commenters (Cowboys fans included), some cowboy fans falsely reported the guy to security and said he was throwing stuff on the field. Props to dude in the bears jersey for getting him out of the choke-hold. Even if there is another side to this story and dude was being a jerk, I still think this is way too excessive. But all indications are dude did nothing wrong. Don't care of this was already posted. Can we do something for this guy?
  13. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    I am bored with the race discussion, but I just love the fact that Flores went for the Jugular. That is a man with balls hahaha. 
  14. "I'm dumping you cuz you wont have sex with me" Been called a lotta things, but that's one poo I'll never hear from a woman