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  1. LA_Panther

    Curtis Samuel Gets Open...

    We may finally have some real WRs
  2. LA_Panther

    Kelvin takes another shot at Cam?

    Just saying ... It's preseason. May wanna pipe it down KB ... but to each his own
  3. Cam - So let's handle this like gentlemen bruh KB - Naa, I'd rather cry to the media Cam - ok
  4. We had that game. It's a game of inches. They made more plays than we did ... they won
  5. Shannon went in. He spread KB's butt-cheeks and wrote down "Shannon was here" I'm the 1st to admit Cam is not an accurate passer. But just looking at KB's claims at face value, they are dumb. Eli isn't exactly an accurate passer either.
  6. I preferred Navarro to be honest, but I'll give him a couple of years before I start hating on him. Glass is half full right now
  7. Don't care about his politics, but sounds like he is a d 1 c k. I don't care. Just don't meddle, and leave the GM and coaches alone. Just win baby
  8. This is probably better for them. Kamara is breaking the rushing record next year lol ... That kid is a beast
  9. LA_Panther

    NFCS Round 1 Draft Analysis

    Don't let this distract you from the fact that the bucs drafted a great player with a name longer than their upcoming season
  10. This Boston > Harper ... and I like Harper
  11. LA_Panther

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    this game reminds me of our 2003 game in tampa where kris jenkins blocked a pat
  12. LA_Panther

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    As good as AP is, he pulls poo like this in the playoffs ... choke job
  13. LA_Panther

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    you called it brother lol
  14. LA_Panther

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    i agree. vikes stopped playing. you do not stop until you hear a whistle