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  1. Watch us tie that MF
  2. Tampa loses...Dilly, dilly

    Dilly Dilly!
  3. Same here. As mush as I hate Shula, he called a great game yesterday. It was the defense that shat the bed
  4. cmc still doing nothing lol

    only stat that matters is the scoreboard in the words of hoodie bellicheck, ‘Stats are for losers’
  5. Why Shaq Thompson over Captain?

    Shaq was Gronk’s b1tch all day .... but we’re not gonna face many TEs or QBs of that caliber going forward, I’m cool
  6. Goddell wants Cam’s mojo in a bottle ...
  7. We got work to do still but this is the kinda win that will galvanize a season!!!! They shouldn’t have come back, but if you don’t pressure Brady that’s what happens ... what a great win
  8. We need to score a TD don’t want Gano deciding this game
  9. If Brady has ore than 4 seconds, it’s a completion against our DBs
  10. They will score I have no doubt ... but will we march down and he the game winner ?