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  1. Kind of a reachto say he tanked 2010. But I agree that Fox is dumb and stubborn. he is a good coordinator, but as a head coach he is as good as his assistants and players. Not HC material. Bears will find out soon. He is a manager, not a leader
  2. Brilliant idea ... thanks
  3. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

    We should be careful about this theory ... didn't we have players that were juicing on that team that year?
  4. If that was Cam, someone is demanding some country to be bombed
  5. This Is A Sign

    I pied you because of your signature
  6. I remember that $h1t and I knewthey were done after that came out ... If I am not mistakenhe received some sort of character award earlier that day too. Can't you at least wait 24 hours dude lol ... joking Not sure if falcons would have beaten Denver anyway. That Denver team was stacked. I think the game would have been competitive though. Ithink it took the air out of that falcons team and they got blown out. he gave up a huge Catch for a TD too .... But props to him for facing it head on and being a man about it. I'm not judging the man, and God knows I am not a saint. It's not whether or not you fail, but it's how you get up.
  7. There was no social media and online experts then, but Collins was still torched in the media I remember. He would have been destroyed today ... but he faced his issues and turned his career around. I give him props for that
  8. Peyton's College "Issue"

  9. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    I think Deshaun Foster was supposed to come by to the bar where we were watching ...
  10. This Boston > Harper ... and I like Harper
  11. #ThrowbackThursday "The New Logo"

    I still like the jungle fonts
  12. Did You Buy Any New Gear In Honor of Tomorrow?

    i also ordered a blue Cam last week, but unless it shows up in the next hour I won't wear it tomorrow. I'm slipping man
  13. Did You Buy Any New Gear In Honor of Tomorrow?

    Speaking of superstitions, I am on a good one today. Help me out. Bought a bike yesterday and and realized that it's colors are that Seahawks lime green, and all of a sudden I am tripping. It has to be one of the two 1. It is bad luck for us 2.I amjinxing the Seahawks. Someone come up with a solid explanation of why that's a Seahawk Jinxso I can sleep tonight. If it is bad for us, I can still rip out the plastic frames and spray paint the gas tank hahaha
  14. Top 3 Reasons The Panthers Lost Today

    Our d-line sucks, and that's the big elephant in the room. Yes, Kwann gets his sacks, but I may have seen like 2weakhurries on Ryan the entire game. You can disguise a bad d-line with blitzes only if you have the right personnel and you know what you are doing with blitzes. Blitzing is playing with fire. If you don't know what you are doing, you'll get burned.All our blitzes were picked upwith ease except for the one with TD, but Ryan stood there and threw a dart as he got drilled. That's the closest we got to him.I think a bigger problem though is ourrun defense. This is on the d-line mostly as well, butthere were missed assignments and missed tackles by our LBs. We can fix the missed tackles and assignments, but opposing RBs will still get their yards if our d-line is getting pancaked like today.If you can't stop the run, you are in trouble especially in the playoffs against teams like Arizona. Atlanta today was pretty much a poor man's Arizona. We got 2 weeks to fix the run defense. We can make up for lack of pass-rush, but better stop the run, and stop it quick You can also get by with bad D-line play if you have a good secondary. The loss of Bene is huge. Peanut Tillman has lost a step and doesn't have Bene's speed. Harper is Harper. We know he is a liability in the passing game. We are not the legion of boom. Our only legit DB right now is Norman. Don't care how good our LBs are. If our D-line doesn't produce, our secondary gets exposed. Play-calling/Cam -You can cover for bad line play on defense if you have a great offense which we did this the past coupleof months, but our O-line was getting punked today all game. Not sure why we got away from the run. We were running the ball well and it is not like we were getting blown out. Play calling on offense has been great this year, but not today. With this particular game, I think we lost when we abandoned the run. Also,I'm not gonna excuse Cam's poor pocket presence today. Personally, I am never a big fan of going backwards to escape the pass-rush. Cam does that and gets away with it because he is a freak of nature, but at times I'd rather he slide around in the pocket and make a quick decision. Even when taking off, he has better lanes in front of him and he tries to take the long way out of the pocket. That 15+ yardsack he took was 3 points we left on the table.
  15. A Giant Debacle - Straw Grasping in NYC

    OBJ is a lesbian