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  1. Kind of a reachto say he tanked 2010. But I agree that Fox is dumb and stubborn. he is a good coordinator, but as a head coach he is as good as his assistants and players. Not HC material. Bears will find out soon. He is a manager, not a leader
  2. Brilliant idea ... thanks
  3. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

    We should be careful about this theory ... didn't we have players that were juicing on that team that year?
  4. If that was Cam, someone is demanding some country to be bombed
  5. This Is A Sign

    I pied you because of your signature
  6. I remember that $h1t and I knewthey were done after that came out ... If I am not mistakenhe received some sort of character award earlier that day too. Can't you at least wait 24 hours dude lol ... joking Not sure if falcons would have beaten Denver anyway. That Denver team was stacked. I think the game would have been competitive though. Ithink it took the air out of that falcons team and they got blown out. he gave up a huge Catch for a TD too .... But props to him for facing it head on and being a man about it. I'm not judging the man, and God knows I am not a saint. It's not whether or not you fail, but it's how you get up.
  7. There was no social media and online experts then, but Collins was still torched in the media I remember. He would have been destroyed today ... but he faced his issues and turned his career around. I give him props for that
  8. Peyton's College "Issue"

  9. Where Are They Now? 2003 Panthers

    I think Deshaun Foster was supposed to come by to the bar where we were watching ...
  10. This Boston > Harper ... and I like Harper
  11. #ThrowbackThursday "The New Logo"

    I still like the jungle fonts
  12. Flying to SFO

    I don't have $$ ... I may drive up there tho
  13. Well, Go Broncos?

    I agree.It's some sociopath prison $h1t .... nothing to do with homosexuality I swear if some of these dude weren't football players ... haha Why would you even admit to $h1t like that, I'm just saying
  14. Roaring Riot Los Angeles

    That was awesome!
  15. The Titans forum have a 70 page thread of Cam

    we are one win away from the superbowl and we're discussing what the Titans think of Cam? The fugging Titans man. They have the #1 pick. cmon man ....Weak