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  1. Very reassuring.  My Jerseys are floating on the indian ocean, I know it 
  2. They said 24.99, but charged me $82 for 2 Jerseys. Still not a bad deal considering the fact that it is being shipped from China. If the original price was really was 249.99, this is still a great deal. If I don't get it in a couple of weeks though, I'm calling my credit card company :-)  Globalization in action bro. If I like their stuff, I may order some more before Goddell invades them
  3. Check this out ... they look like the real thing to me. There is hope for us that are cheap and/or broke
  4. David Newton: Rivera will not rest starters

    Glad I am alive to see the day when the media is debating whether we will go undefeated These are special times
  5. Saints week Part Deaux

    ... it'll probably happen again bro ... If it really bothered you, oh well :-) report me ... or something
  6. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    I was thinking the same thing the past couple of weeks He's got the 2nd most carries in the league (211) and is averaging 3.9 yrd/game which is 31st in the league. So, I'd say he'd getting beat up out there, but he's giving us the hard small yards that's for sure.  Got a feeling he will start breaking the long yards soon...Ehhemmm...saints defense...ehhemmm
  7. Don't know how much Finnegan will play this Sunday, but that's why we brought him in cuz teams have attacked us in the slot. Even Bene was struggling when he played in the slot. Since Bene moved outside Colin Jones has been getting punked
  8. Bene is playing great. Not worried about Peanut. Star on the other hand
  9. Saints week Part Deaux

    wow lol Glad we cleared that up
  10. Clicked on a facebook ad that said they will sell the authentic $200+ jerseys for 24.99. Can't find the link, but I've ordered 2 jerseys. You gotta do what you gotta do man. My card statement says poo is coming from China lol
  11. Motivation from Bucky Brooks

    With all this ammunition the haters are giving our team, you don't wanna be the 1st team we face in the playoffs. We will demoilish that team
  12. Comments on NOLA article

    lol In all fairness their dishonesty only kicks in only when they are winning ... 
  13. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    I've like him ever since he took a shot at Swaggy b1tch's gf
  14. Official Carolina Panthers Bandwagon Application

    Repping since 1996 bruh