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  1. Haley fired

    They scored 42 points ... you're supposed to win most games when you score 42. Well played Steelers
  2. This part ... dude couldn't even wait till the game was over. This just makes it even sweeter ... ahh Karma, I love you
  3. This If being a d1*[k was against the law, many many would be in trouble. Man is a douche, that is all
  4. Give Bradberry another year on a short leash. Purge everyone else
  5. Drama in Steeler country?

    If Cowher had a good QB, he would have won multiple Superbowls. They had some loaded teams back then, but no great QBs like Big Ben.
  6. That was my fav moment ... them having to come back out with their tails between their legs for the PAT. And they sent out the injured punter too. I like seeing arrogant people humbled in general
  7. Drama in Steeler country?

    I watched the Jaguars game. There were many questionable calls by the Steelers. Biggest one was kicking an onside kick with almost 3 min left when they had 2 timeouts plus the 2 min warning. I think Steelers were punched in the mouth by a team they overlooked early and often, and never recovered. Also it was so wierd how Steelers took their sweet time with the no huddle on the last drive with their season on the line. The Jaguars were the better team overall. They jumped on em early, and then answered every come back with another blow. That was a team playing to win. I think Jags will whoop New England. Heck, we beat New England, and we don't have their defense or even offense.
  8. Who the fug is this

    I just replied him ... probably what he wants, but fugg it
  9. Karma is real

    I believe it. He’s the only active HC that will do $h1t like that
  10. Ain’t fan in a nutshell
  11. If you watch the final play...

    WOuld have fallen down at the line of scrimmage
  12. to the vikings and eagles....

    I don’t care who wins ... my work is done aints and falcons are out... I’m rooting for the Vikings man ...
  13. If you watch the final play...

    Williams had one job ... He was probably trying to avoid a PI, but he tackles him game is over
  14. If you watch the final play...

    Paul Allen has so many crazy calls and an emotional dude lol Remember many heartbreaking calls by him 2003 - when Vikings got knocked out of the playoffs by the cardinals on the final play 2009 - when Favre threw that dumba$$ INT against the saints (classic meltdown lol) 2015 - when Blair missed the winning FG against Seattle happy for them
  15. Something with diggs, Keenum, 29-24
  16. If you're Sean Payton...

    Dilly dilly
  17. I love you motherfuggers

    You are a cool dude ... what a way to go down. Never seen an ending like this.
  18. He can do whatever he wants in that State now. Forget starting job Name another QB in NFL history that didnwhat we just witnessed ....
  19. I may have blacked out when Diggs reached the 5 yard line
  20. They are winning the SB ... I’m definitely rooting for them. They had great teams in the past that lost Super Bowls and choked in the playoffs .... but an unlikely average Joe has broken the curse. Vikings will win the Super Bowl! Case the God Keenum