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  1. Wrong. Shula's sex comparison would be erectile dysfunction.
  2. That was the turning point. When we didn't get that call that shut the door.
  3. What was the point of that?
  4. You stupid son of a bitch!!
  5. The NFC South is ours if we just stop mukking things up!!
  6. No more runs up the middle, ok?
  7. Don't abandon the....ah *** it! Abandon the run.
  8. Here comes a hand-off up the gut for a gain of 1.
  9. Stupid call by Fox. That may help us in the end.
  10. It would be impossible to make things worse.
  11. Did we gameplan for Chicago or are we just winging it?
  12. Anybody pick up the Bears defense for fantasy this week?
  13. Is misdirection against some kind of unwritten law in Shula's mind?
  14. The O-line is maybe the worst I have ever seen.
  15. We cannot abandon the run...
  16. Time for a turnover. We are more than due.