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  1. They think he's a righteous dude...
  2. A personal friend of a player's family and a fraternity brother who used to be a Panther. Both tell the same story. It's not "I can't stand you" hate but it is "I don't like that guy's style" hate. No one turns down an interview to make millions but he doesn't like Dave. I have no reason to lie JS.
  3. Offseason NFL News

    He's not going anywhere.
  4. I told you guys weeks ago that Wilks doesn't like Dave. Never did.
  5. Best Twitter Reactions

    What is the legal/international opposite of "raise your hand"?
  6. When you said that I heard it in this voice...
  7. You idiots wanting to hold on to what is past/present have a big lesson to learn very soon. It will be painful.
  8. You never took a single class that covered causation/correlation I take it?
  9. Rain/Snow and 104 degree F or 26 degree F games. None of those match current or future must haves on game day experiences for millennials. You have been left behind.
  10. We need a good OC, not a head-coach in waiting. Norv fits this bill and may well bring in his eventual replacement as a bonus.
  11. Sparky Anderson coached the Detroit Tigers.
  12. Remember the Panthers/Cardinals 2015 season playoff game?
  13. I know, right? I should be soooooo ashamed.
  14. Because 24 of 31 owners would have to approve it AND he doesn't have nearly the $$. Convicted felon, being sued for sexual harassment as we speak...you get the idea.
  15. "..a Panther player" and Cam Newton are not exactly equal. I got's to know.
  16. Is this really our boy from long ago? Can someone confirm this is lilsmitty?
  17. If we win this Sunday

    No quarter, no mercy...
  18. He will play one more year unless you-know-what-happens. I hope you-know-what-happens.
  19. The 31 other owners will block this like ... You are stupid AF if you think this is even remotely possible 14 alternate realities away from the current world we live in.