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  1. We've got some peeping toms!

    Had me scared. Thought I was caught looking at the female Huddlers. Hehe
  2. Coach Beam is there! Proof in the pictures

    Not going to lie. I love that little guy just as much as our players. Awesome kid.
  3. No wonder he's so angry on the field. 
  4. You can push numbers all you want but stats only show history and can be used to show a probably of a future. Only players and plays win games. 
  5. On a side note. I do appreciate and enjoy all the hard work you do researching and compiling you numbers and stats. 
  6. Just remember. Stats are pretty and fun to play with but they have never won a game. 
  7. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Sorry to hear this. Can't tell you what to except keep pounding. 
  8. I was going to blame it on allergies but what the hell. Yes, yes I did. 
  9. Nice, have you looked into the all in one CNC machines? I've thinking about a shipmaster patriot. Of course I would change the name of it to a Panther. ;-) 
  10. BTW I feel bad for derailing any thread but especially one about TD. Sorry ;-)
  11. Awesome. If you don't mind saying what kind of printers do you have? I'm thinking of getting one for home here but working on getting an all in one CNC first. And by working on a metal printer do you mean using one or making one?
  12. Very nice. Did you take this class as part of your career or just as an elective? Most of my work was making one- offs and some reverse engineering. Loved it.