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  1. Poor babies! Someone can't lick their own wounds because of all the salt. I guess that this is a case of letting  a Fox in the henhouse. :) At least as it pertains to our side, there were many dynamics in play for our 2010 season, and I can't put it all on John Fox. It is what is is, and he has been the furthest thing from my mind this week, and the last five years.
  2. "And that's what you hate!" That was a term we used to use coming up as a teen in the early to mid '80s. People can't stand it when someone talks the talks and walks the walk.  Cam is a big, black and beautiful thorn in many a white conservative's craw. 
  3. "Egging" someone on is a far cry from hack journalism. In fact, there is an argument that it is good journalism.
  4. Why is This Guy still employed

    I hope that the whole organization stonewalls this guy. This is professionally unacceptable behavior in my opinion,
  5. Well, at least we now know what the work of a real "hack" looks like. This is my "socially unaware" opinion.
  6. I kinda wonder why it's just being reported now... Perhaps it just wasn't the right time or political climate. It's fitting for this Super Bowl week.
  7. One good story that I hadn't heard about, which is being reported today is how Cam Newton idolized Steve McNair. Sure,  many of us knew that Cam attended Steve McNair's football camp as a child, but apparently his appreciation for McNair went a little deeper.  Some people may make comparisons to Cam and McNair for obvious reasons on the field, but McNair's early influence on Cam has helped Newton to become the man he is off the field as well. I am sure that McNair would be proud and appreciative of the role that he played in Cam's life, and the role model that Cam has developed into today.  
  8. That's what reporters do (and more). So, no, I'm not assuming anything. Furthermore, I am sure that Jerry Sullivan did not get where he is from being a hack. Moreover, if you look closer at his career you will see that he has at least one award. Saying that a fan from an area thinks that someone is a hack goes along with the business. Anyone who knows the industry, and life in general, knows that you can't please everyone all the time.  To me it's really a non-story, the real story being the larger issue that was addressed in his article---which in my "socially unaware" opinion is worth reporting about.
  9. Some Huddlers were saying it, that's for sure.
  10. Asking someone to back it up is asking for elaboration in my book, but what do I know? I'm socially unaware.
  11. The entire problem caused by this pseudo outrage on a misunderstood reporter that admittedly could have done a better job with his terms belies a lack of social awareness. Point blank!
  12. I lack social awareness? That's a first. LOL
  13. You're getting caught up in semantics.  "Lied" is such a strong---dare I say, incorrect---term in this situation.