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    I certainly bleed my Panther blue, and have followed the team so long, that I'm beginning to feel like history as opposed to remembering history. That being said, I follow the Panthers very closely and am truly a Panthers fanatic in the best sense of the word.

    In addition to following the Panthers and the NFL, I also write poems and essays regarding different aspects of race relations in America, and sometimes the world. You can see some of my poetry at blackpoems.net, and perhaps more importantly read my essays on race at racerelations.net. Yes, I know that dealing with racial issues can seem somewhat taboo at times, but my goal is to provide forums where people can at least open up a dialogue and discuss racial issues forthrightly, but respectfully. It is my dream that people will get to a point where, like Dr. martin Luther King expressed, people will be judged by their character and not skin color. Moreover, I have been known to write reviews and opinions on different aspects of the wireless industry, and other issues that affect consumers.

    Lastly, I am a family man who works a penny ante job, enjoys sports and very few TV shows, and plays video games. I am in some ways the quintessential "starving artist", who somewhat revels in being a rebel and covets a Bohemian lifestyle.


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  1. top dawg

    Bengals beat themselves

    Bet they're not laughing anymore. Be sure to talk a little smack!
  2. top dawg

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    Except for the INT.
  3. top dawg

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    He put Rosen in at the end of the game, also. The kid looks good!
  4. top dawg

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    I'm watching the Cardinals game, and Steve Wilks is certainly not a statue on the sidelines like Rivera. LOL
  5. You missed a good one! Tepper didn't miss it, and I'm sure he's very pleased.
  6. top dawg

    Bengals beat themselves

    I was well aware. I have him in fantasy football. LOL @t96
  7. top dawg

    Bengals beat themselves

    The Bengals may have helped to beat themselves, but we absolutely beat them.
  8. top dawg

    Several thoughts on the game

    I am not counting that "drop" against Funchess. It was not in the best location, making it questionable as to whether he really could have caught it. Funchess is more steadfast than you want to give him credit for. It's Smith whose hands are becoming an issue (at least in my opinion). I like what I'm seeing of Thomas also. I want to see him more involved as a legitimate weapon. He looks like he may turn out to be a better blocker than 88.
  9. top dawg

    Several thoughts on the game

    Yep. I would say the same in terms for C-MAC. On a really off note, I have no problem with Can spreading the ball around. That's arguably when he is at his best. I just want him to consistently go through his progressions.
  10. Cam is an imperfect beast of a QB. Say you want, but he is the x-factor of x-factors. So, deal with it, and realize that criticism largely falls on deaf ears. McCaffrey absolutely can run in between the tackles. That should be a dead point of contention. And...sure, he is a really productive receiver, but it's to a great degree because of his native position at RB. He is the ultimate chess piece that can be exploited all across the backfield and on the line. In fact, C-Mac is so good that he makes it hard for another good player in Anderson to see the field. Our O-line is not the train wreck that people believe(d). GVR has looked pretty damn good, almost like a starter (sarcasm). And what can you say about Moton? He good going on exceptional. Oh, when A-Jax puts it all together. The kid's game is rising up to the level of swag that he exudes. Bradberry will never wow you, but he is fundamentally disciplined and can mitigate any receiver in the league. Obada is more than hype. His development is palpable, and his potential looks like it has a good possibility of being realized. The push is real! We need a starting safety, like yesterday. No way that we will go where we want to go with a special reamer and rookie playing all the minutes at safety. Ron needs to consider his proclivity for taking his foot off the gas pedal with modest leads, particularly late in the game. It might not bite you in the ass everytime, but it will sometimes. He needs to think about believing in his offense as much as he does his defense. I mean, you wanted Norv and have some weapons, floor it sometimes. Don't let the opposition hang just behind like we're rubber-banded to them. Oh, yeah, Funchess may not be what you think of when thinking of your WR1, but he absolutely has the ability to make plays---clutch plays---when Cam zeroes in on him (just like last season, which some of you just conveniently as hell forget for some reason).
  11. How do you not mention Devin Funchess in your title, with the several clutch catches that he made?
  12. I would doubt it. It's like I told @RoaringRiot earlier this year, Reid is being blackballed like a motherfuger. He would make our secondary markedly better.
  13. top dawg

    Change your thinking on offense

    Someone in another thread complained that the offense looked kind of disjointed. I'm OK with that. It means Norv is trying different things. He doesn't need to forget about C-Mac though. Can't go through a whole series without him touching the ball. At least use him as a decoy (as in the Anderson TD).