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    I certainly bleed my Panther blue, and have followed the team so long, that I'm beginning to feel like history as opposed to remembering history. That being said, I follow the Panthers very closely and am truly a Panthers fanatic in the best sense of the word.

    In addition to following the Panthers and the NFL, I also write poems and essays regarding different aspects of race relations in America, and sometimes the world. You can see some of my poetry at blackpoems.net, and perhaps more importantly read my essays on race at racerelations.net. Yes, I know that dealing with racial issues can seem somewhat taboo at times, but my goal is to provide forums where people can at least open up a dialogue and discuss racial issues forthrightly, but respectfully. It is my dream that people will get to a point where, like Dr. martin Luther King expressed, people will be judged by their character and not skin color. Moreover, I have been known to write reviews and opinions on different aspects of the wireless industry, and other issues that affect consumers.

    Lastly, I am a family man who works a penny ante job, enjoys sports and very few TV shows, and plays video games. I am in some ways the quintessential "starving artist", who somewhat revels in being a rebel and covets a Bohemian lifestyle.


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  1. Michael Crabtree?

    Not really. Pryor is not a quintessential speed guy. Most of his best work has been on crossing routes. Crabtree has never been "sht." He was decent for the 49ers, but upped it a notch to more than decent for the Raiders. He's the type of receiver you want playing for you. He's a legit red zone target. Rumor has it that Gruden may want to keep him.
  2. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    I think that they can be good at the pro level, though I'm not so sure about Guice. Barkley's combination of size, speed and just sheer power looks mighty impressive though. You could be right, but you just never know. I like Penny, but I'm not so sure that he is as good as Sony Michel whom I believe displays a little more power and definitely ran against tougher competition.
  3. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    I agree with you about the 4.3, but he looks every bit of 4.4 to me.
  4. Would you sell the farm for Barkley...

    That's just not a good strategy because you lose way too much value. I am not a proponent of giving the farm away for any position (not even QB). I'd rather lure a high-priced FA than deal three or four high draft picks to move 20+ spots in the first round. Most of your value relates to the draft and finding gems that you can exploit for four or five years.
  5. Potential Steal Alert

    I'd take him in the third (at this point). He'll have to run a sub 4.55 40 before I'm more interested.
  6. Why Panthers won’t go WR

    We're talking Carolina here. It's not like this is the best place for a receiver to come and put up 1000 yards. I'd prefer that Cam spread the ball out anyway. Around 900 yards is good in this offense.
  7. Why Panthers won’t go WR

    It depends on the definition. Save for Antonio and Julio, and maybe Martavis Bryant (but not yet) or Golden Tate (who may be a has-been), stop acting any receiver of the teams you mentioned are "top flight" NFL receivers. Funchess, though young, is in that class.
  8. Why Panthers won’t go WR

    Mohamed Sanu is not better than Funchess. Funchess might break Detroit's and Miami's lineup as well. But keep on selling Funchess short. It didn't work for you too well last offseason.
  9. Why Panthers won’t go WR

    I don't necessarily think that receiver is that much different than any other position in regards to being disappointments or busts. I do know this, if you don't roll out some good ones who are competent at their craft, you're not gonna win poo.
  10. Why Panthers won’t go WR

    You keep saying that. Name ALL these teams where Funchess wouldn't start. I could see you espousing that narrative before September, but it's kinda tired and hollow right now. Based upon last season, he'd probably start for most of them. Our problem is not Funchess, it's every other receiver.
  11. Here are the possible cuts that make some sense and possible savings according to USA Today's Lucas Ewing.He says that as things stand now, we have about 12 mil to spend in free agency. That's not much to get quality FAs to fill our various holes, but we might as well get rid of dead weight and invest in the future, right? In any event, you can interest yourself with what Ewing has to say. http://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2018/02/11/5-panthers-who-could-be-salary-cap-casualties-in-2018/ Most of his takes are based on a marked drop-off in production whether due to age, injury, or in the case of Shepard, marginal talent. But here's my thinking 1. Ryan Kalil. At this point, will we get a good return on the investment, or is it time to turn the page? Is there any incentive whatsoever for him to give a hometown discount during his last season? Potential savings: 6.79 mil 2. Jonathan Stewart The writing is pretty much on the wall for him at his current salary Potential savings: 3.7 mil. 3. Charles Johnson His production fell off a cliff this past season, and a a result an upgrade shouldn't be hard to find at all. Potential Savings: 3.25 mil 4. Kurt Coleman @PanthersLucas doesn't believe he's really going anywhere, as Coleman is an experienced veteran presence among DBs who have plenty of question marks. I don't know that he's done yet. Potential Savings: 2.65 mil 5. Russell Shepard: This throwaway bum---err Buc (bup bup bup) did not buck his trend of being what he has been his entire career: JAG. In fact, he was even worse than I could have imagined. Ewing says a reason to keep him might be upside, but that's last year's argument, and it sounds rather hollow. Potential savings: 2.1 mil All told, a potential savings of up to about 18.5 mil. With a total of 30 mil, we could make a little something happen, then we can fill the remainder of the holes via the draft.
  12. Jeopardy

    Though not about football in general, this seems like a good thread to say that when I am out and about sometimes, someone will start an exchange with me about the Panthers when they see my gear. Honestly, I have yet to meet any Panthers fan that is as knowledgeable as us diehard Huddlers. And some, as well as some non-fans, parrot some of the most ignorant remarks about Cam. I used to be amazed at what most of these (offline) Panthers fans don't know about the state of the team. Then I realized that I was the weird one who spends an inordinate amount of time and energy investing in a group of men that don't even know that I'm alive.
  13. Michel has the total package, including power. A lot of people don't know that Chubb was really supposed to be his back-up, but Sony got hurt and Chubb stole some of his thunder. But, Michel really took his spot back as far as showcasing his versatility. Speed, power, blocking and catching. He's a three-down back.
  14. I believe your round 3 picks are utter pipe dreams.