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    I certainly bleed my Panther blue, and have followed the team so long, that I'm beginning to feel like history as opposed to remembering history. That being said, I follow the Panthers very closely and am truly a Panthers fanatic in the best sense of the word.

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  1. That's a good point, but in a way I could say that they haven't really invested in the position because since they've been here they have only invested in one true WR. The other two---second round picks---are projects. They're hybrids that are more like bets than actual investments. We've passed up on true WRs on day one and particularly day two, and then dredged the local branch of UDFAs in order to sift out true receivers. I know that's how this BPA thing played out with Gettleman, but, damn, something seems backwards .
  2. I don't have any problem with KB. Even in a "down" year, he has largely played up to his value. Funchess was apparently over-drafted, but this will be the season to tell if he's for real or a figment of Gettleman's imagination. I don't think that we've put enough resources in the position, especially when you look at some of the receivers that we've passed up on. Hopefully Samuel will at least be that consistent playmaker that we've needed. I would think that his floor is a slightly more physical Ted Ginn with more twitch and better hands, but if his ceiling is a more durable Percy Harvin, I'll take that all day long. In any event, I'm basically responding to the people getting all giddy over another UDFA. I believe that the FO is bringing all these receivers in because they know deep down in their hearts that they have no idea who is going to emerge, and that includes from the UDFAs to the PS to the FAs. I think they want to believe in our presumed starters (inc. Samuel), but they aren't all in. They're trying to hedge their bets and get by while they take the BPA. Personally, I would fill a little better if we added Cruz into the mix, but maybe with all this filler at the position someone really will emerge, but only if Rivera truly lets competition decide.
  3. I'm through fooling myself about UDFA WRs. Moreover, Rivera's (tall) tales of competition has been pure rhetoric. UDFA WRs are destined for the practice squad where they will an intimate on-again-off-again relationship until they're shipped out. One day we might get a true gem, but until then all we've managed to do is throw poo against a wall trying to see if it sticks.
  4. There is just too much projection due to a supposed evolution to give this draft an A. A lot of changes are going to have to be made, so I'll believe it when I see it. Solid draft, but not spectacular from where I'm sitting. I'll wait for the product on the field.
  5. I'm just glad we drafted a receiver. I would have liked more of a technician as a route runner, but hey, I'm not going to complain. Samuel has some untapped potential as a route runner and, will no doubt, be coached up to become a more complete receiver. I've said a couple of times that this receiving class has no clear cut number one guy. Samuel could emerge as the top dawg. He will at least be good. He was number four on my list, but I'm just a fan and E-scout. So I'm good. Now give me a TE or another receiver like Robert Davis and I'll be chill.
  6. Exactly what I just said in another thread. We're gonna likely have to give up another pick or two and call it a life. UDFA gems may be our only solace if Dave moves up today. Sprinkle is out there also.
  7. That ship may have sailed. Giving up that 4th rounder really hurts. We may miss out on a Sprinkle or a Butt unless we give up another pick or two, and honestly it may not be worth it. That back end of the draft may be all about BPA and guys with the most upside, or perhaps we give away a couple more picks and hope Dave does some magic immediately after the draft ends.
  8. Betting money is supposed to be prohibited on this site.
  9. If Cam Robinson is available at 40 tonight, I can't see a true double dip scenario. But I fully expect us to get two at one position in this draft.
  10. I pied you because I thought you were shaking your head because of the two players that he chose, not because you think it's impossible that G-man might double dip. If there's one thing I've learned about G-man, anything is possible. He never fails to do something surprising.
  11. What's CAP wearing...?
  12. Could have been the Broncos for McCaffrey. That's my guess.
  13. It should go without saying, the best way to control the game's tempo is pounding the rock. TOP and an equally dangerous defense will slow down any offense.
  14. I think they largely views Cooks as a one dimensional speed guy. They essentially replaced him with Ginn. They got their more prototypical receiver in Michael Thomas who is a legit WR1.