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  1. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    You are correct. "You" is a general term.
    System is important like I have alluded to, but some football fans give weight to a system or situation way too much in reference to players overall value and worth. A "system" in football is not the Holy Grail in determining worth, a person's actual talent, skill-set, determination and (most importantly) execution to get the job done when your number is called is paramount in assessing a players value in my estimation.
    I have said what I needed to say in this thread regarding Snead from the beginning. This thread was never intended to be I-am-right-and-you-are-wrong thread. Never! Some Huddlers, like they always do, tried to make it about that, and about me personally, but it is what it is. I am used to some Huddlers putting words in people's mouths and thoughts in people's heads and derailing a thread. Sometimes I play the "game", sometimes I don't. Sometimes I let personal attacks go, most time I don't. I never said, ever, that I am better than anyone else or know more than anyone else when it comes to anything on here really, much less Willie Snead. That's not my modus operandi. That is the shtick of others. I offer an opinion, and I support an opinion. That is what I do. You don't see me name calling and such, unless it's in response to being personally attacked. I have been the same way for years. I always support a Huddler's right to have an opinion (as long as they do it respectfully) even if I don't agree with it. This is what top dawg does. But, enough of me. I respect your opinion. I just want you to know that the thread was never about "I know more than you!"
    PhilyB was pretty much spot on in his post when he said, "acknowledging snead's production juxtaposed against our lack of it at WR doesn't have to be some hardassed assessment of Dave Gettleman, and in this case it isn't."  
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  2. top dawg added a post in a topic Sean Payton interested in leaving New Orleans   

    He's not the captain, just a highly paid peon. I don't blame him for wanting to abandon that floating dumpster fire. 
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  3. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    When have I congratulated myself? When I have i said that I am better than anyone? Your modus operandi is to consistently sling drivel at those who have a different opinion than you out of some perverse self-indulgence and bloated pride over an LCD. 
    My opinion is my opinion. I am a fan of Dave Gettleman, idiot.
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  4. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    What I am saying is that we let Snead get away and that he has proven to be a more productive receiver in five games than others that we kept have been who have played more than a season. What I am saying is that we could have used him right about now, and though he may not have had 381 yards here, his relative yards and effect on our offense could have been just as important as his effect on the Saints offense in these first five games. And five games is not worthless for projecting future performance. It may not the be-all-end-all, but it isn't worthless by any stretch of the imagination, especially as it pertains to that person's peers who have had even more of an opportunity. 
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  5. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    I am neither acting like a crybaby or a dick. I have only responded.  Unlike some of you, I don't have to have everyone agree with me or make smartass comments in order to win some type of popularity contest. In the grand scheme of things, I could give a fug about my argument being praised you twit. I respect other people's opinions as long as they are supported by rational thoughts. 
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  6. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    Hell, I am not ignoring anything, just correctly stating that you can use the same/different arguments about any player who finds himself in a different situation. To say that Snead wouldn't have thrived in our offense---if nothing else on a relative basis---is more of an overreach than saying that he would have been Philly Bersin. That is what's illegitimate. You're bastardizing the kid's drive, determination, talent and relative success.
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  7. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    Hell, in the greater scheme of things isn't all of this pointless? 
    Oh, excuse me, some of y'all's point is to get pie and exclaim your hallelujas in the amen corner. You know, the thing that all these people like to do here, and that which make's the eagles outside of the cage wrong because they don't squawk the squawk like the other parrots.  
    This cage needs to be rattled every now and then. 
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  8. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    Arguing that Snead IV wouldn't provide us a more legit passing offense is pretty pointless as well.
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  9. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    The stats should be pretty obvious...there is really no need to go there because you can spin it any which way you like---interpret it however you want. I don't even rely on stats that much, and certainly not more than my eyes. If you want to belittle Snead's accomplishments and bolster up our receivers' lack thereof, then have at it. For the life of me I don't understand why you guys can't say "Yeah, we may have missed out on this one." Noooooo, can't admit that. Hell, you won't even admit that it's a possibility. 
    Willie Snead
    SEASONTEAMGPRECTGTSYDSAVGLNGTDFDFUMLST2015 NO5223338117.36311711Career5223338117.36311711Philly Brown
    SEASONTEAMGPRECTGTSYDSAVGLNGTDFDFUMLST2014 CAR13213629614.147212002015 CAR46107312.2361300Career17274636913.74731500Brenton Bersin
    RECEIVINGSTATS SEASONTEAMGPRECTGTSYDSAVGLNGTDFDFUMLST2014 CAR15132015111.629111002015 CAR2566713.4300400Career17182621812.13011500
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  10. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    The "short sniffer" thing is in response to people who always seem to respond like rats to a block of cheese whenever even the hint of Gman making a mistake is uttered in this place. I never said Gman didn't bring in and develop talent. I have always said that I largely support his efforts thus far, especially on the business side, even though I don't agree with EVERYTHING that he does. Personally, I would give him a B overall, but I am a hard task master. I do think that he may have overlooked Snead, but, poo happens, it's not a reflection on his overall job's in my opinion. 
    I have made the same point from the beginning. I hate to see Willie Snead being successful, for our division rival no less, when we could have justifiably used his services here. For you to suggest that Snead or any receiver would not be successful statistically or ON A RELATIVE BASIS is just intellectually disingenuous in my opinion. 
    Am I premature to suggest that Snead is actually a good receiver at what he does? Perhaps. Am I premature to think that he is more effective than Brown or Bersin? I don't believe so. At the end of the day you shouldn't cherry pick stats and competition in order to downplay a player's success in my opinion.  Sometimes a conclusion is more about insight and vision than just attributing someone's success (or lack thereof) to a system.  Sure, a system matters, but that still doesn't mean that someone that you let go wouldn't do better than what you have IN YOUR SYSTEM. 
    If that train of thought is trolling, then it is what it is. Sure I get saucy sometimes, but that's only a reaction, never the action. I hate we let the guy get away. If others can't see that, won't see that, don't believe that, then that's there right, but it's my right to believe otherwise.
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  11. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    You're right. No need to continue If you and others are going to cherry pick stats and don't show any discrimination or inclination for extrapolation based upon a relative perspective. 
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  12. top dawg added a post in a topic Fells has parts of foot amputated due to MRSA   

    The NFL needs to do better by its players and staff. This MRSA thing obviously needs to be tested for on a regular basis.
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  13. top dawg added a post in a topic Fells has parts of foot amputated due to MRSA   

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  14. top dawg added a post in a topic Hi again Panther fans!   

    I thought it was the QB himself...maybe that was Luck.
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  15. top dawg added a post in a topic The #2 we let get away.   

    Some teams run more, and some teams pass more. Some teams must pass more out of necessity. Cam Newton has been our saving grace in the running game so far. But, even still, stop clouding the issue. However little we run or pass is immaterial. Snead would likely be doing more for us, even if only just on a relative basis, than what we are fielding right now.  That's not a difficult concept. It's not a stretch. It's not outlandish. Deal with it!
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