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  1. If he is blocking people on Twitter simply because they question him (in a mature fashion, mind you), then he needs to man up and get some thicker skin. 
  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    My early money is on Oliver Vernon and/or Kevin Dodd with the 30th pick.
  3. There is a difference between insulting someone and giving constructive criticism---respectfully discussing an opinion, and backing it up, than gratuitous name calling and insinuation about one's life, character and integrity. That is what Nolan Nawrocki basically did to Cam Newton before he could even get in the pros.  That is disrespectful. If you are trying to tell me that every member of the media has disrespected Cam, I will tell you that's undeniably untrue.  As a professional football player in the NFL, like it or not, part of your job is to interact with the media with a certain amount of social decorum and professional interaction. This interaction (fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on one's perspective) is a big part of the reason why the popularity of the NFL has increased exponentially over the years. Media interaction comes with the territory, and sometimes everything said is not going to be agreeable to the player or anyone else. But that's to be expected. It's part of the job. Not only Cam, but any player is held to that standard. Needless to say, being called a "slob" or any other such unfounded and unnecessary foolishness goes not only beyond that standard, but also the standard of the Huddle (supposedly).     
  4.   No, it's called doing exactly what I've always said. You talk to me, or about me, with respect, and I will do the same.  I have told you this very thing (probably) years ago. So there is nothing hypocritical about it.
  5. Yeah, it was a response. I m not apologizing for being disrespectful after being disrespected.  Funny that someone else referred to you as the same with different language within the same 24 hour period. LOL
  6. No, what's sad is a grown ass man that calls other grown men names over the Internet, and otherwise generally punk people with smart ass comments as a matter of course. That's what's sad.   If I needed to be handled with kid gloves, then I wouldn't be here. As for Voth, I don't know the dude, and really don't care to.  He is going to reap what he sows. If he can't handle people respectfully disagreeing with him, then that's his issue. As a reporter, he puts himself out there, and that just comes with the job. If he has a bunch of smart asses on line making socially unacceptable remarks towards him via twitter, then he has a right to block them. 
  7. Bullshit! In African-American culture, men tell men to "man up" all the damned time, and if a men thought these men were questioning their manhood, then black on black crime would be one million times worse than it is.  Telling someone to "man up" and do their job, "take their medicine" or whatever is a normal event in the '"hood" (and elsewhere) that may cause some hurt feelings depending upon the situation, but a grown man calling another grown man a "slob" and insinuating something about being a "tough guy" just because he is on the Internet, in a way, is trying to question another man's manhood. It's basically trying to "punk" someone. Easy to try and "punk" someone over the Internet and then play the victim card when they get back at you.
  8. And, like I explained to you before, telling someone to "man up" is not akin to questioning their overall status as a man. Only the ignorant have such tunnel vision. The entire issue is not about Cam's manhood, it's about his professionalism when dealing with the media. Point blank!
  9. I wanted to draft him too, and I have supported Cam all along. I don't think SMF has been overly critical---or unduly critical---on Cam.  There were way more critical things said about Cam at that time, and some of these same people attempting to mock SMF, JOAT and others on here fed into that general anti-Cam sentiment before he put on the uniform.   As a fan, I don't believe that you have to "earn" the right to constructively criticize Cam. I feel that all the players are fair game in reference to their professionalism on and off the field. Truth be told, you don't have to "earn" the right to criticize him or any player at all (as we have seen non-fans do time and time again).  But, as a true fan, I think that it's in good decorum to criticize responsibly and respectfully. I feel that as Huddlers, we should treat other Huddlers the same way, but clowns---some of the same ones who didn't want anything to do with Cam then, are some of the same ones who "destuctively" criticize SMF, JOAT and others now---make it very difficult to be respectful now.    I don't have a problem with Cam not jumping on the ball. It's a judgment call that he had to make in the heat of battle. He wanted to keep the play alive in order to make a play, but the positioning of his body was awkward. End of story.  As for handling the media with a little more decorum and professionalism, I wish that he had. It's really an expectation of the job for all of the NFL. Cam is feeding the trolls and those other honest, decent and good reporters who are rightfully stating their opinion---one based on what is fairly obvious based upon the social and professional norms of interaction between the media and the NFL.
  10. Et tu, Bill?  You have now been cast out of Huddle heaven into Huddle hell where there is much weeping and gnashing of teeth.  Your sin? Failure to handle Cam with kid gloves.
  11. Getting Benji Back

    Gettleman is going to draft the best player available in each round. That's how he rolls. And for those of you that say it depends on his big board, but of course, but there is no way you're telling me that he will exclude WR from his board. The same can be said for any other position as well.
  12. God Damn theirs a lot of pent up Cam hate

    OK, seems like an appropriate time for this:
  13. I don't believe that Cam quit, I think that he froze and was trying to figure out if/when/where the ball was going to pop out so that he could keep the play alive. It was a judgment call in the heat of battle.  It's not as big of a story as this guy  and others are trying to make it.
  14. Arthur Blank.... Prostate Cancer

    The guy probably purposefully waited until the Super Bowl was over. That's a class move. Hope he gets well soon.
  15. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    Good point. He may not be really ready until October, though I suspect that he's working hard to get back ASAP. I am not going to make any predictions about departures. I will wait and see what happens. Gettleman has me trained to expect the unexpected. I wouldn't be surprised if both are axed, or both are here come training camp.  Experience and leadership on and off the field still have value. Cotchery made some good catches over the season. I'm not letting his sub-par performance in the Super Bowl jade his entire body of work.