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  1. What's your plan for if your wife forgets where she put the key? you need one...
  2. What Cardinals Fans Are Saying

    Fitzona Carsonals? Play on both?   meh
  3. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    Forget the cleats, it's not even about that. It's about a team that we just beat, offering their own division rival assistance with game planning. Replace "cleats" with something else, like scouting report or strategic planning. It's just the fact that they would reach out to a foe and lend a hand, regardless of how miniscule it may seem.
  4. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    I would certainly respect that, if it were the case.
  5. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    I know that, they know that, you know that... that's not the topic.
  6. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    yup... on film.
  7. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    Of course, they do. I just found it amusing that a rival would try to help a rival.
  8. Seahawks provide intel to Arizona?

    I equate it to something like a Panther fan rooting for Atlanta to win the Superbowl. You just don't do it. But, I also feel like this validates where Carolina is at now. A legit threat to the NFC for the foreseeable future.
  9. I was watching Sports Center tonight and they interviewed a beat reporter with Arizona, at least that's who I think it was. They mentioned that the Seahawks called Arizona to report the size of cleats they had to switch to in order to gain good traction. They even showed each locker in the Cards locker room with the details of which cleats to wear, based on this information. As a result, Arizona is practicing all week with those size cleats. It's obvious that they will need to make adjustments, but how does a division rival help another? Is this a last stitch effort to "win one over" or perhaps it may provide a validation for a team's dismal season, IF a team from your division wins it all. As if to say, "Well our division is home to the current Super Bowl Champs, so last season makes sense". An excuse if you will. Or is this fear? Fear of a new NFC "Big Brother".... since apparently the role of the "Little Brother" has been us the last few seasons. Just trying to see how everyone else felt about this. Would something like sharing intel with our divisional rivals be acceptable? Thoughts?
  10. Panther fan assaulted by Cowboy security

    This was discussed ad nauseam in another thread.
  11. That's true, it's all about perspective and we do not know the entire story. Often the finger is pointed in the wrong direction and it's complete bullsheet. However, in this scenario witness accounts do support him as being non-combative. This is one reason why I support body Cams for personnel who could find themselves in situations like this.
  12. Jake, I feel like you're a bit off on this one. The fact that this is private property does not give the right for someone, employed by or the owner of said property to "assault" anyone. The same thing  that applies to Joe Public, would apply to a hired hand at a private venue. You may ask or encourage the individual to leave, but if they refuse your next move is to request assistance from the police. Now, if said unwelcomed guest becomes combative and you have a need to defend yourself, then its game on... entirely different story. Just like a Bouncer at a bar cannot physically remove you, they do not have this authority. They must request Law Enforcement for assistance. Problem there however, is usually the drunk becomes an ass and forces the bouncer to "defend" himself.
  13. Refs......again and again

    I noted the non-calls on holding against TD, a blatant pick on the dump off to the TN TE that set up their TD and the curious block in the back on Ginn's punt return. But I also noted the non-call on what should have been a personal foul on us for hitting Mariota in a slide. So I am not quite sold on the conspiracy that the refs are out to get us, but they certainly could do better. I really wish they would just let the teams play and not influence the outcome as much. Unless something is blatant and truly impacted the play, it shouldn't be called.
  14. Shaq Thompson!!!

    While I loved him putting the smack down on that hit, it was not quite textbook. It looked to me that he put his head down and I am surprised that he did not get injured during it. Not trying to be a downer, loved the bad assness, but it worries me when they drop their head like that. Same could have happened to him as it did Luke.
  15. New York bans Fanduel and Draftkings

    Government already has their hands in too much.., that is a horrible idea. Taxing it makes sense, but only if they tax all online transactions the same. A "Sin" to you, may be defined completely different to me. I don't think spending my money as I see fit is a sin.