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  1. Sure would be nice to see us defend a goddamn slant pass or curl route with any degree of competence or efficiency.
  2. We are ALL once again PATRIOTS!!!!

    The only thing I root for with a Patriots Superbowl is a Panthers shutout victory and 60 minutes of Bitchy Brady having the longest continued tantrum in the history of televised sports.
  3. I can only hope we draft a couple safeties and a corner or two, but I suspect that if we do anything in terms of FA, it'll be the same as ever...cheap bandaids.
  4. Karma is real

    I have Gamepass....will give that section in particular a quick glance.
  5. Falcons choke against Foles PIE thread

    Now hopefully tomorrow we see it on the smarmy faces of Brees and Payton.
  6. Star likely to test free agency this offseason

    two things: I actually bought his jersey the year we drafted him. Secondly, as much as I'm a fan, given his play this year I wouldn't be that hurt if we moved on since I saw him get pushed off the line too many times for whatever reason. I wasn't all that serious about that though. It'd suck to see him move on, but as someone else said, he hasn't been that much of a difference maker. Just so long as he doesn't go to NO, Atlanta, NE, Pittsburgh or Seattle....
  7. Star likely to test free agency this offseason

    I hate the salary cap. :(
  8. We ARE very Charlie Brown right now...
  9. Go Jags!!!

    Vikings or Jags.
  10. Sore Winners Fall Hard - Cam Jordan

    As we all well know, they know nothing of manliness.
  11. We owe them 3 next year. It's that simple. Give 'em hell, Vikings. Only fitting to see Saints get sent back to hell.
  12. I love Norwell, don't get me wrong, but if that money can go to patching up the wr corps and safety corps better, I'm okay with losing him. My major argument for keeping Star is that I don't see another nt on the roster who can do what he does and I strongly suspect we'll be moving on from Butler eventually anyway, to say nothing of the fact that Butler is more of a pass-rusher.
  13. heart beating so fast. shaking.
  14. Shameful, pathetic effort to this point.
  15. Way to be incompetent at practically everything today, guys. And the uncalled holds are really pissing me off.