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  1. ,,!,, Lil' D.  Clearly we need to score more points and allow less next time.
  2. Heavy d-line rotation, periodic stunts, man coverage with corners close to the receivers, jamming, a safety deep, the other a roamer who we're never quite sure where he's going to be.  I don't know that I'd even bother doubling Olsen since the run is just as much of a liability, so the safeties would have to be mindful of both.  Keep everything in front of you, make the Panthers do nothing but 3 to 4 to 5 yard plays at a time, don't allow anything deep, and hope for third and longs where you'd do zone blitzes, more stunts, the odd blitz.  The safeties and linebackers would also have to be mindful of spying Cam and then of course you're scared about Brown and Ginn's speed. Offensively, much the same idea...west coast offense by and large, deep shots if and only if they're there, do not by any means throw into windows where the pass isn't there, and typically the middle of the line of scrimmage is open due to zone deficiencies in McD's gameplan.  I'd only go after Norman with bump and go routes, things that make him pause a step or two, things that make him have to hesitate just a hitch.  By and large, as others have said though, you'd have to throw away from him and Coleman.  Obviously as a Cats guy I'm hoping we play Boston more as the playoffs happen... The biggest offensive key would be avoiding turnovers and third and longs.  Don't let the pass rush wake up.  The offensive bread and butter would have to be using the speediest rbs you have, counters, maybe a couple sweeps though that usually doesn't work very well.  Theoretically a few draws might work...
  3. Best ratings for thanksgiving 4:30 game in 19 years
  4. Skip Bayless

  5. Notes and Memos - Cowboys

    This is a gridiron exorcism of years of past failures and archrival fanbases.
  6. Before we get all happy

    Agreed with other posters.  I'm gonna choose to be happy that we won our first Thanksgiving game and that we demoralized Little D on their turf.
  7. Rodney Harrison

    this is where someone needs to insert that Patriots/Panthers Keep Pounding/Keep Pouting meme from a couple years ago!
  8. You're Welcome

    Never been prouder to hear Luke chants!
  9. That jersey is badass.  Good job, MonstaMom!
  10. Giraldo wasn't bad either.  Damn shame they're both gone.
  11. Soooo how many casual viewers became Panthers fans today?

    I welcome it, and cannot believe the ride this season has been.  I hope next season's even better and more fun!
  12. Luke Kuechly Interceptions in Photos...

    Pretty happy for our d overall....wish they'd've kept DallASS out of the end zone and Norman gotten an int though.
  13. 11-0 Pie

    I submit that this should be a blueberry/blackberry pie.  Fits our colors!
  14. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Bullshit flag.